How To Install Disqus Comment System In Blogger

Comments are very important for a blog,because it enables us to interact with the visiters.To enable a visiter to comment we must have a comment system.By default blogger,wordpress,and some other have their own comment systems.But it is hard to moderate those comments by default systems and they have many disadvantages.

To overcome this problem,Disqus is a popular comment system around the web,because it is install and enables users to comment using their social profiles.
Disqus has advanced comment moderisation which reduces spam.

How to install Disqus comment system in blogger

1.First go to Disqus and sign up there.
2.Now,click on Dashboard
3.When you entered Dashboard,click on ‘add site’,then fill in details.
4.After filling the details,click on install.
5.Now,a page will appear which consists of different platforms,select Blogger.
6.Then click on add to your blog,then login into your blogger account.
7.Select a blog in which you want install,and click on install.Now you are done.
Now,import your previous comments from Tools>import.
If you have any queries about installation,feel free to comment.

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