Top Apps To Convert Your Voice to Text


Hello guys, what are you doing?Busy writing articles for your blog?

If yes, stop a while and read this article because this article may help you.This article is not only for bloggers but also who were irritated by typing.

Voice to text converter apps

If you are not interested in typing, then stop typing!! Yes, what you heard is right, stop typing, why we have to type when they are having a various number of apps which will do our type work.There are plenty of interesting apps which will convert our voice to text.Let us turn to our main content.

Speech Recogniser for Google chrome

Voice Recogniser is a google chrome extension, which is available at free of cost.This tool uses a microphone for voice input.Just open the tool and select microphone option and then language and then start your speech in selected language.To install this tool click here

“Any Do” App for Android

Not only for PC’s, there are many apps available in google play for Android users.Among them “Any Do” is a popular app, which is supported in Android 2.2 and above versions.The size of this app is 3.4MB.To download click here

Online Dictation

There is website, which will convert your voice to text.Just open the site, select text document and then select microphone option and start your speech then the site will convert your voice to text.To enter this site, click here


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