How To Install IntenseDebate Comment System In Blogger Blog


Recently I had posted the procedure to install Disqus comments in blogger. Now, I am with an ew post which explains about how to install a IntenseDebate comment system in blogger because comments are most important for any blog.To know more about this comment system lets go into deep.

What is IntenseDebate comment system?

We all know about commentluv comment system and its use.But we cant get a commentluv comment system for Blogger, so there is only solution is using IntenseDebate comment system, which is commentluv for blogger blogs.

What is the use of commentluv?

By using commentluv, the commenters will get a Dofollow backlink and it identifies recent post of the commenter and places it below their comment.

How to install IntenseDebate?

I will clearly explain the installation procedure.Before proceeding i recomment you to backup your template. If you follow procedure perfectly, there is no need to backup.

  1. Go to IntenseDebate site and signup or if you have a wordpress account you can login with it.
  2. Now, fill all your details in the form provided and click on “I want to install IntenseDebate in my blog/website” and click proceed.
  3. Now provide your blog/website URL and click on next step.
  4. After that choose your platform i.e., blogger.
  5. Now, goto your blogger account, click on template and backup/restore and then download your template and upload it here and click upload
  6. Now, you will enter a page, remember not to leave this page now.Copy the entire code in the text box by clicking on it and press Ctrl+c.
  7. Goto Blogger > Template > Edit HTML and select entire code by pressing Ctrl+A and paste the copied code in the above step and click save template.Now you are done.
  8. Now proceed to next step in IntenseDebate website and activate commentluv.Now the installation was successfull.



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