How To Make Your Post SEO Friendly

I’m back after a long gap,today i will explain you the best ways to optimise a blog post.Before this going to our topic i will clarify the doubt which you have about the title,SEO friendly doesn’t mean that you must write the post for robots.The post you are are writing must be first user friendly then SEO friendly,because users are our major source of traffic.By not wasting much time lets jump into the actual topic.Follow all the steps which is presented below,then you will definately improve your traffic by optimising your post.

Attractive title

Select a small and unique title for your post.The title must be attractive,so the title must create eagerness in the reader to read it.Small title are alwys user and SEO friendly.

Optimising links in the post

There are majorly two types of links which we use,they are external and internal links.External links are the links which points to other sites and internal links are the links which points to posts and pages of our blog.You must differentiate these two types of links from each other.First comming to external links,use must use rel=”nofollow” in the anchor tag bacause if you link an external site from your blog without using nofollow relation then your PageRank(PR) juice is fed to that site indirectly.If you have a guest post from other site then use rel=”Dofollow” only in author bio.Second comes internal links,it is very good to use internal links because it makes user to navigate from one post to other easily.Use rel=”Dofollow” for this kind of links.By using rel=”Dofollow” you can inject your pagerank to the other posts constantly.By internal linking of posts will improve your traffic.

Optimising images

Usage of images in posts is a good practice but dont use more number of images unnecessarly.This will increase your blog load time.Use alt attribute in image tag with a good name and use some keywords in it.Search engine always look for alt attribute in images because they don’t understand what your image is about,so give a correct description to it in alt attribute.

Proofread your post

Always proofread your post before posting it.Use correct grammer with simple words,dont use complex words it makes difficult to user to understand.Check for speeling mistakes properly.Proofread your post for atleast 2 to 3 times before publishing it.

Usage of keywords

Before writing a post research for appropriate keywords for your post.Choose high density keywords,which means that the keywords which are searched the most.For example,in this post i’m using a keyword “SEO”,which has high density.Don’t use huge number of keywords in your post because it may be treated as spam by google.By using keywords you can get search engine traffic.You can use keyword generator tools for choosing a best keyword.Remember don’t repeat the keywords more number of times.

Use header tags

Usage of header tags in posts has greate impact on blog SEO.Use <h3> or <h4> for headings in your post.It will both user and SEO friendly.

Final words

Remember one thing if you have unique post in your hand and by followed above tips then you be the king in search results because content is always king not anything else.Happy blogging.

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