How To Play NDS Games On PC


Technological advancements have made a major impact on the development of emulators which allows you to easily download and play NDS games tight from your PC. If you are gaming fun, then this is a great option to try out as it does not only allow you to run games on your android phones but also on your PC without any challenges.Play nds games on pc

Therefore, if you are wondering how you can download free NDS ROMS on your PC then you need to relax as this guide provides a step by step procedures on how to go about it.

Steps on how to run and play NDS games on PC

Download and install the DNS emulator on your PC

The first step is simply downloading the latest version of the DNS emulator and installing it on your PC. All you need to do is simply downloading the games on your PC from your google store. However, you need to be careful to download the games on the right avenues as some of the avenues are faced with legality issues.

Homebrew ROMs is a highly recommended NDS emulator to consider while choosing the NDS to install in your PC. We recommend you click on the site; for amazing games. The site provides you with a range of gaming options that you should try out anytime. You also need to avoid nightly build NDS games as they are termed to be full of bugs.

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Once the files are downloaded, you need to install them on your PC.

Play the Games

This is all you have been longing for and I bet it was not hard getting to this point. After installing the NDS games on your PC you need to click on the open icon on the saved folder to access the games. Immediately the game will appear on your screen and you will need to use some various keys to get control of the emulator.

We will discuss some of the major functions of the emulator and the key bindings to give you an idea on its role. These functions are contained in the control configuration on your gaming file.

Save State As

This is a function of the emulator file that allows you to save everything on the emulator just as it is to avoid losing some data for later continuation. This means that if you got held up you can save everything in the emulator as it is and later load the file to continue from where you left.

The Load State As

With this function, the emulator enables you to load the already saved files from the save state as.

Save State

This is a similar function to the save state as only that the save state function uses numbers to save files rather than using a specific name for a particular folder.


Cheats is quite a major function on the emulator as it helps you controls all the game movements on your PC.

Other file functions include saving file screenshots for future reference, audios and even saving videos on the emulator.

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On the View menu, you will have various options some of which includes changing the emulator size, rotating or separating your computer screen.

Once you get to understand all the emulator functions, you can go ahead and run your NDS games on your PC. The emulator enables you to have a great experience as you keep enjoying your games.

Playing NDS games on your PC is such a great experience. The process of downloading and installing the NDS games on your computer is also simple and no complications whatsoever. However, each player is required to master out all the gaming rules. This way you will be able to have an easy engagement on the game. You will not only have fun but also boost your creativity, improve your memory capabilities and also have the ability to provide solutions during difficult situations.

Therefore, it is important that you make use of this opportunity and download the NDS games on your computer for a greater experience. While downloading the games, romsmania site is such a great option for as it provides a range of games to choose from.


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