Is the Udemy Clone Suitable to Build an Education Platform?


What do you need for your education website to be powerful like Udemy and Coursera? Absolutely a clone script of Udemy and Coursera. This article will help you step by step to build platforms with the help of Udemy clone.Is udemy clone good for education platform

If you search for any courses online, there are millions of search results available and the top ones will be available from Udemy. It has a clear target of providing the tutors and instructors by giving a lot of features in its marketplace. It sells online courses from thousands of tutors and instructors on its platform.

Udemy has more than 40000 courses, 12 million learners, and available in more than 190 countries. You must be wondering how Udemy makes money. Let’s understand the Udemy business model.

Udemy business model

The basic operational approach of Udemy is providing online courses to learners. It has a partnership with many individuals, institutes, and corporate experts who can sell their courses on Udemy’s marketplace. The tutors pay commissions for each sale of courses via Udemy’s platform under their terms and conditions.

Though there are many revenue channels on different websites like Coursera and Edx, Udemy follows the commission model as its major source.

You can generate revenue by providing the unique courses to your users at a price you set for. You can also earn money through subscription via consumer subscription to many articles and videos. You can also collaborate with different institutes and organizations to promote similar interests by putting banners and Ads. You can earn money through a paid-per-click through advertisements.

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The two key partners Tutors and Students manage their own learning process by the features provided by Udemy like tracking, assessing, regenerating reports, etc. There is a separate system that manages the admin-tutor partnership with the help of commission management, integrated admin-tutor payment system, and affiliate marketing, etc.

So, do you think Udemy’s business model is the right approach for starting similar websites that provide online courses like Udemy? Let’s know quickly about how Udemy clone scripts will best suit for your own cause and requirements.

Different Ways of Building Online Platforms

Before moving on the Udemy clone scripts, let’s know what are the different possible ways to build an online platform.

As we know, the e-learning websites provide the professionals to learn new course programs in an engaging way. It also provides a place for instructors and subject matter experts to bring their expertise and provide it to the interested fellows.

Therefore, building an online platform is the preliminary step to create an online platform. There are different ways to build your own online marketplace.

  • Code from Scratch
  • Use Self hosted turnkey solutions
  • Use SaaS-based readymade solutions

Why Udemy clone script?

The Udemy clone script helps in offering online courses that can help the interested learners for the best results in their own subject field. These are considered as the most efficient to create an e-learning platform.

The premier clone script will ensure you to design and develop your own platform. You have total control over the prices, commissions, and courses offered to your customers. You can customize as per your requirements with these e-learning websites. It would be more efficient if it is bought readymade in spite of designing an Udemy clone script.

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What would be an Udemy clone?

The Udemy clone script must have some necessary prospects. The Udemy clone runs as a website builder used to set up an e-learning platform with some iconic UI, revenue channels, and extra features as well. This also provides a medium of connectivity between tutors and learners.

The Udemy clone script must allow the following aspects:

  • A website admin to set commissions on the basis of sales
  • A tutor to create and sell the courses online
  • A learner to buy the online courses

Features and Functionalities of websites similar to Udemy

The websites with the Udemy clone script have many features that are essential for selling courses in an online marketplace. They provide interactive course design and online selling of the courses with a lot of functionalities. Let’s have a look at different features.

Dashboards and analytics: There are separate dashboards for both admin and tutors. It allows both of them to manage their tasks in a dynamic control panel.

Integrated payment: These websites provide flexibility in choosing payment methods. They can choose any payment option without any restriction.

Cross-platform compatibility: The more you make the website friendly, the more the successful it would be. The design of Udemy vs Coursera and many other popular websites prove this with their UI and UX for websites and mobiles. There are many Udemy open source models that provide online platforms with great features. The script is also dynamically responsive for the web as well as native mobile apps like Android and iOS.

There are other features highlighted as well, they are as follows.

  • Marketplace course listing management
  • Rating and Review management system
  • Coupon management System
  • Integrate Facebook Messenger live chat
  • SSL compatible
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Many websites use developed and advanced technologies which will definitely leverage their output. The developed technologies used by many of the website builders for creating such scripts are:

  • MySQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • Angular JS 1
  • Redis cache
  • NGINX web server
  • JQuery
  • Angular JS
  • Core PHP
  • Laravel 5.3
  • Bootstrap

The learning experience of Udemy like websites

A website like Udemy should provide an outstanding e-learning solution just as Udemy, Coursera.

LMS: Learning management system (LMS) manages the workflow and helps how to create courses, how to navigate a course lesson, how to edit, etc. It provides the website simple and user-friendly by offering courses for visitors.

Udemy and Coursera have their own LMS. However, many clone scripts also have exceptionally good LMS which will enhance your learning experience.

Certification: The students will get an online certificate for successfully completing a course. In MOOC, the certificates can be free or paid depending upon the programs. Such certification based model is based on mostly Coursera revenue model.

Content: The only way to make people learn is what is being taught via text and video lectures. Content is the path where people understand the learning process more practically with different approaches. They can also understand the different curriculum structure, quizzes, lesson plans, etc.

To Conclude:

Keep a pace with modern standards loaded with unlimited features, you choose a suitable Udemy clone script to establish your Ed-tech platform. There are many websites providers that provide the readymade script with cutting edge technology and expert coding. You can also choose the SaaS vendors websites for mid-scale business. Make sure you get a competitive experience while choosing a suitable clone script of Udemy.


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