Why does an employer want to use Employee Monitoring Software?


As an employer, you probably have a natural impulse to control the activity of employees. Do not worry, this is quite normal, and there are a lot of valid reasons why you may want to keep an eye on what your team is doing.Employee monitoring software

For example, one day, the employer found that an employee was exploring the shopping site during work time.

Order to avoid this kind of thing happen again, the employer can block and filter the website, this configuration can be used for a specific employee, as well as all employees.

Is it legal to monitor the employee’s computer during work time?

Of course, it’s legal for an employer to monitor an employee’s computer. Some employees often do some things outside of work during work time, such as watching the video, surfing the Internet, doing other works, etc.

Even some employees are filtering the information from the company. In order to protect the benefits of the company, they can monitor the work environment of employees on computers to ensure effective work results.

Most computer monitoring equipment allows employers to monitor without the knowledge of employees. If an employer monitors the employees’ computer without their notification, the employer will know the real work status of their employees in the daily work. Thus, improve effectiveness and save employee productivity, like Monitask.

When an employer lets employees know they are being monitored, employees will work deliberately hard sometimes. In this way, you can also achieve good job results.

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With Employee Monitoring Software, which consists of a monitor and agent program, you can collect all agent information from all monitored computers.

And deploy the configuration to all agents at once. The majority of the company can manage its employees in a comprehensive and simple way.

According to computer monitoring, employers have the right to supervise the activity of employees in many situations.

These are some of the things you are allowed to do:

  • Monitor all computers and Internet activities during work time
  • View several live desktop computers such as CCTV and Remote Control
  • Filter and block some specified sessions
  • Set up real-time alerts and keyword alerts


1. Time Tracking

Employees using Monitask can easily start tracking by clicking on the tracking button of a particular project. Employers have access to check their employee timers very easily.

2. View Activity

Employers can login and check various employee activities to better understand their employee’s and implement better practices. An employer can view an employee activity from project level to application usage level which gives the employer a good idea.

3. Generate reports

Employers can even generate complete reports of employee’s project activity and many others. This can be done just by selecting dates.

In general, a company which is choosing to install this type of software to protect their information security does not blindly monitor the behaviour of employee records. Maybe it’s best to say that both sides have the benefits of Employee Monitoring Software.


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