LG G5 : Marvel Of 2015, Specifications, Price And Release Date

Our tech world is busy in producing another gem,technological gem that will be present before our eyes by the next year.Yes we are talking about the LG’s to-be-launched G5 ! It has created a new buzz in the tech world and tech geeks are also desperately waiting to know more about this super smart smartphone.

Like other top notch companies,LG has also been able to make space for it in this tech world and has always proved itself to be satisfactory in front of its users. That is the reason why the rumors of a smart phone whose release date is a year away,has already started making the temperature hot with its few speculated features.

LG g5 Review

These days LG is busy in producing another smartphone which is supposedly going to be a gift for the tech lovers in 2015 or could badge the status of a ‘revolution’ which is so far been attached with Samsung’s upcoming smart phone S7. Whatever would be the situation in the future, LG G5 will be equal to that revolution or next to it,for sure. What do guys think?? Hasn’t LG always made you happy with its smart phones!!

Wanna know how LG G5 is going to surprise you ?? Let’s what are they planning to give you in their upcoming smartphone!!

Specifications And Features Of Lg G5 :

The following are specifications of LG G5

  • Expanded battery power is something that is really the most expected thing from LG G5.
  • LG is planning to introduce its G5 with a provision of Ultra power saving mode which now you can save your battery for some urgent call or message in case you have forgotten to carry your charger or you couldn’t for any reason.
  • According to tech experts , LG’s regular consumers should expect a widening of its next smart phone’s display. Isn’t it a justified expectation!! After all a smart phone can’t advance without enhancing or upgrading its basic features,but we are sure LG will fulfill this demand of its lovers for it never disappoints them.
  • Another gift is waiting for you which will certainly boggle your mind..!! It is the camera of this upcoming smart phone which is expected to give you high picture clarity.Though we yet don’t know what mega pixel camera is going to be of but we are sure it won’t be a disappointment.
  • Though we are not sure of the memory house that is going to be offered to you in LG G5, but we guess it won’t be less than 32/64GB with an option of pulling it to 128 GB with a SD card.
  • A body guard has been installed within your smarter phone with a technology called water proof and dust proof technology.

Expected Release Date And Price:

So did it sound cool to your ears? Have we pumped up your enthusiasm? We are sure you are filled with equal enthusiasm as us..but you have to go a long way to enjoy its fun as it won’t mark its appearance before next year December. Yes LG G5’s launching date is expected to be in the last quarter or December of 2015.
Now what will it charge you?? Its going to fall in between Rs.60000 -75000 INR. We know its little to high but we are sure LG won’t charge you wrong because it never does.

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