Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Release Date And Features

Samsung is getting more and more popular today because of its amazing Smartphone. More and more people are switching to Samsung because of its giant and powerful Smartphone. Note 4 have been launched recently by the company and it has started working on Note 5. There is no news or reports from the Samsung office but lots of heated gossip and rumors are going on regarding the new launch.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to be the next launch. Note 4 is having quite impressive features and still selling like hot cakes. If you have patience and want to get note 5 then you will have to wait till its launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Expected dates

There are no official announcements so it is hard to tell the exact date of the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. But according to the analysis of the previous series launch here are some expected dates of the launch of Note 4.

  • In India, I is expected to launch in September 2015
  • In US- September 2015
  • In UK- September 2015
  • Sri Lanka- September 2015
  • In china-September 2015
  • In South Africa – September 2015

Details that are speculated regarding the release date of the note are interesting and it is also expected that the price of the. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to be thousand dollars. Have a look at the expected features of the Smartphone. This will help you in knowing that the price tag decided for September 2015 is fair or not.

Features of the note

The features are the most important things when it comes to purchasing gadgets. All of us want to have great features because the device which we carry in our hands, pockets and bags are not juts mere telephones but a device that is also a status symbol for some of us. Thus, it is important that the device we carry should be packed with features that can impress people near us. Note 56 are expected to have some impressive features.

  • Camera: – 18-megapixel primary camera and five megapixel front facing camera.1/3 inch sensor camera with 4k recording and F2.0 Aperture.
  • Display:-5.9-inch screen with four K super Amoled and 600+ pixels
  • Body: – aluminum and metallic curved body
  • Latest version of android
  • Security: – heart rate sensor and Knox security
  • Three variants; 16GB, 64 GB, 32 GB
  • Compatible gear 4.0 and stylus S pen
  • Wireless charging and battery saver mode
  • Scratch proof, dust proof, and water resistant
  • Octa processor, Exynos variant, quad snapdragon 808 variant

These are the some of the amazing features that you are going to get in thousand dollars price tag. All the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are interesting and worth the money you are going to pay. The only bad news is that you might have to wait till the starting of 2016. There re no announcements from the company about its launch. According to the rumors, the note might be launched in the late 2015 or early 2016. Till then we will keep on updating you with its features and specifications.


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