Vibosoft DR. Mobile Review: Best Data Recovery Tool for Android


Smartphones are now became integral part of our life because it has various features. We capture everything and store it on our smartphone but what we actually won’t do is backup of all your smartphone data. We have plenty of files such as images, videos, documents, contacts, test messages and many other important files stored in our smartphones. In this busiest world we don’t even have time to backup those files but imagine what if you suddenly lost all your data in your smartphone including your contacts?

Don’t worry about losing of smartphone data from now even if you don’t have a backup. To solve this kind of issues we have a powerful data recovery tool called as Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android. DR stands for Data Recovery. Vibosoft DR. for Android is known as most powerful tool to recover all your lost data on Android smartphones.

Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android will scan your Android phone completely including internal memory, external memory (SD card) and even SIM card to recover all your lost data. Not only this, Vibosoft DR. has various features which makes our tasks easy.

What is Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android?
Vibosoft DR. Mobile is a powerful data recovery tool for Android smartphones which will completely scan your smartphone memory including internal memory, SD card and SIM card to recover all your lost data. The following are some features of vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android.

  • Thoroughly scan the SD card, SIM card and the internal memory of your Android phone.
  • Restore lost photos, videos, contacts, text messages, documents, etc. from Android smart phone.
  • Retrieve deleted Android data with simple operations.
  • Compatible with all Android phones and tablets like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, etc.
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Now lets get into deep to know more about these features.


Deeply scans memory and display lost files with clean arrangement

You may questions like How to recover SMS from Android Phone? and How to recover contacts from your Android phone ? etc. This questions will be raised because you may think how it get the data which is lost from SIM card?

No worry about recovering contacts, SMS and all your media files because Vibosoft DR. will perform a deep scan and recover the lost data from external memory, internal memory and even SIM card.
After completion of scan it displays all recovered files in menu with relevant details and lets you select what is to be recovered.


Ease of data Recovery

Vibosoft DR. Mobile is easy to use with user friendly interface. Just connect your Android device and the tool automatically scans your smart phone.
After completion of the scan it will organize all your recovered files into different folders which makes us to recover selected data easily.
Note: You must root your Android device to use this software.


Selective recovery of lost data

This Vibosoft DR. will help us to retrieve selected data or entire files in an easy way.
If you want to recover only some files among the entire list just tick the files which you want to retrieve and click on “Recover” button.
If you want to recover all files at a time just tick all the files and click on “Recover” button.

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Other amazing features

  • Compatible with all kinds of Android phones and tablets like Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola etc
  • All lost contacts and SMS can be recovered to your computer which makes ease of editing.
  • Take a backup on your PC.

Final verdict:
Vibosoft DR. for Android for Android is a powerfull data recovery tool which has various amazing features. We recommand vibosoft DR. mobile for all our readers. Why waiting just Download vibosoft trail version for limited period of time or Buy full version at $39.95.Follow Vibosoft on Facebook


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