Live Stream Cooking On YouTube For More Viewer Engagement


Seasoned YouTube chefs like Chef John and Joshua Weissman have been adding live streams to their channels for a while now, and it is a proven method to get more engagement from your viewers.

Youtube live streaming cooking tips for more engagement

Even if you aren’t going to cook on the Livestream, there is a clear benefit to this type of content, so consider adding it. Here are a few tips on live streaming on YouTube. 

Live Stream Tips to Increase Viewers Engagement on YouTube

Increase Your Viewer Numbers By Manipulating The Algorithm

Unless you’re already a highly successful YouTuber with an established fan base you probably need to increase the number of viewers on your Livestream. One easy way is to buy YouTube views so that the platform’s algorithm suggests you to more people and you can get more organic viewers.

Don’t think of this as cheating, because it is perfectly within the bounds of YouTube’s terms and conditions of use – so long as you aren’t using bots (which is prohibited). In short, you are using a service to make it easier to get organic traffic on your channel and your live stream.

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Search Engine Optimization Is Important Here Too

You may be thinking that since you’re going live, SEO isn’t something you should consider. You’d be mistaken. Before you go live, have the description and the title of your video ready, and keep in mind all the SEO knowledge you have so that you can use targeted keywords in them.

This will further help the algorithm in recommending your live stream to the right audience – one that will actually keep watching. 

Skip The Improvisation For Better Live Streaming

While many live streams look and feel like the person in the video is just naturally cooking and talking – that is far from the truth. It’s best to have a rough outline of how you want the live stream to go. You don’t necessarily have to script the entire video, but it helps to have a basic idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Also, take a tip from TV chefs, and prepare two (or three) portions of the dish ahead of time – so you can skip the waiting stage while live streaming. This is the part where the chef says “proof the dough for an hour” and then pulls an already-proofed dough from under the counter and says they’ve prepared one ahead of time. No one wants to sit idly waiting for your bread dough to proof. 

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The Bottom Line

There are many benefits to live stream because it will add to your fan base by helping you engage with them better. If you make a mistake while you are filming live, don’t worry.

It will actually humanize you in the eyes of the viewer and help them connect with you better. Live streaming is a lot of hard work, but it is well worth the trouble. Start live streaming on your YouTube channel now, and reap the hard-earned results of your efforts. 


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