Mobile Monitoring Software Makes it Cheaper to Spy From a Distance


Spying today isn’t about eavesdropping on a door or looking through walls to perceive information about someone. You don’t have to act like James Bond either. In the current techno-digital era, spying is more about snooping into tech devices whenever given an opportunity. However, with automatic passwords and lock codes to enhance user security, this technique often backfires.Mobile monitoring software makes it cheaper to spy

However, one trick that does wonder is, turning the target’s own smartphone into a spy. Do you think that’s impossible? WikiLeaks recently released some documents stating the fact that CIA, a U.S intelligence agency, is using spyware technology that turns the cell phones of the citizens into a bugging device. No matter how secure your cell phone operating system is, tech giants like Apple and Android are trying to scramble up the security loopholes.

So, it’s much easier to monitor someone than you may think. All it takes is a hacker to remotely connect with the target cellphone through the internet and execute commands through the spy app. As intrusive as it sounds, this technique ensures strict surveillance and has an ever-increasing demand in the business and household sectors alike.

With the global appetite for spy apps, there is a plethora of mobile monitoring software available in the market. The technology came into emergence with the inception of augmented reality that took over the smartphone sector. Today, Xnspy is dominating the monitoring spectrum due to its diverse uses and possibilities. It is incredibly inexpensive, thus leading the pricing competition. Based on its demand and functionality, we have curated for you a detailed review of Xnspy to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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Read further to get acquainted with Xnspy!

Get Started With Xnspy

Being a newer and much powerful app, Xnspy goes deeper into the content structure of a cell phone. The app is specifically designed for less savvy people. It has a user-friendly interface and a drop-down menu so that it is easier to navigate the app. The main aim of Xnspy is to monitor and report target activities undetectably, so once the app is installed, it will quietly run in the background of the target phone, without any interference.

Xnspy promotes covert monitoring, fulfilling the real purpose of spying. A web-based control panel, known as an online dashboard in Xnspy transfers all the target information to the user device in an intuitive style. This online console can be accessed anywhere, anyplace, thus ensuring remote monitoring. The app has simplistic features for user convenience which monitor the entire mobile contents of the target.

Though it promises real-time monitoring, this sometimes results in stealth being blown away from the target phone, casing the user in deep trouble. This flaw is often recompensed through remote and permission-less spying.

Installation and set-up

Xnspy is a cinch to install and set-up. All you need is to create an online subscription account to install and download the required spy program in target phone. Unlike other apps, it does not require any configuration process for verification during installation. It takes about 3-5minutes for Xnspy to be launched in a smartphone. To compensate the lack of free trial, instead Xnspy provides a clear set of instructions for the users to walk through the installation process through a Live Demo available on its website.

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The app is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones and is regularly updated to remain competitive in the monitoring arena. Xnspy has to be physically installed in all rooted and non-rooted android devices. Physical installation is also mandatory in Jailbreak iPhones. However, in non-jailbreak iPhones, only iCloud login credentials of the target are required. This hassle-free technique is best for users who lag behind in technology.

Pricing details

Pricing of a product has a strong impact on its rating. Xnspy is an affordable app that is used by wide range of people including parents, spouses, or employers. The app offers two spy programs: Basic and Premium. You have to select from the given subscription packages based on your monitoring requirement as both the packages differ in the set of features they offer. Billing payments can be made on the monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Pricing list is summarized below.

Xnspy BasicXnspy Premium
Monthly @ $49.99/monthMonthly @ $59.99/month
Quarterly @ $23.33/monthQuarterly @ $33.33/month
Yearly @ $8.33/month Yearly @ $12.49/month

The above break-down of prices depicts each term plan. One major limitation which is a major turn off for the users is stringent refund policies the app offers. No refund is given on the app after ten days of purchase. No kidding guys!

Some exciting range of features offered by Xnspy

Being a handy mobile monitoring software, Xnspy offers some state-of-the-art features to lure the customers. These features make the spying experience all the more fun and exciting. View the list of features below;

  • Monitor call logs
  • Read texts and IM chats
  • Track GPS location and use geo-fencing for virtual barricading
  • Record phone calls and surroundings
  • Use watch-list alerts on call logs, texts, and location
  • View email correspondence
  • Get hold of multimedia files like photos, videos, audio files.
  • Make remote commands like wiping target data, blocking apps, live screenshots, etc.
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In the case of spying, the trick is to always stick with the best. Xnspy is one trusted monitoring software that often keeps pace with the current dynamic trends. It is indeed a budgeted app that offers a good value for money while offering an extensive range of features. Therefore, it is a decent pick among plentiful spy apps that have emerged in the market.


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