Outdoor Event Space Ideas for Small Gatherings

If you’re hoping to take advantage of great weather and hold an outdoor event, you may be wondering how you can safely organize your event so that everyone invited to the small gathering stays safe and healthy.

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Whether you’re planning a small business reception, a wedding on a boat San Diego or simply an intimate family outing, it’s possible to hold an outdoor event safely if you carefully choose the venue. Thankfully, whether your tastes are more suited to open beaches, public parks or private boat charters San Diego, there’s a space idea right for your event. Take a look at some of the top options to consider.

Charter a Boat

If you want to add a special touch to your event that’s sure to leave a strong impression on your guests, consider getting a birthday party boat charter San Diego.

With the open-air setting and the fresh sea breeze, you can safely distance outdoors on the deck while still having a great time. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a wedding or some other significant event, a boat can add a unique twist while still allowing you and your guests to stay safe.

Pitch an Event Tent

Another option for hosting an outdoor event is to simply pitch a professional event tent and place chairs and tables inside spaced well apart from one another. Dress up your event with the right chair cover that will complement perfectly with your table to create an inviting ambiance and refined seating.

If you’re concerned about rain or other adverse weather events on the day of your gathering, this option provides you some shelter, while still allowing you to be out in the fresh air. With a tent, you can even decorate the space to match your theme! Some fun ideas include:

  • Setting up fall-themed decorations
  • Making the inside of the tent look like a picnic area
  • Getting some vibrant look by adding neon lights from the Neon Mama team.
  • Providing individually pre-portioned meals from your chosen style of cuisine

Because the tent provides some degree of closure, however, you’ll have to remind guests to distance themselves while within the tent. However, you can always rent some space near the tent to allow for the gathering to spend some time fully outside as well.

Rent a Public Park

Another option is to see whether there are any public parks in your area that you can rent out for your event. A park provides not only a safe outdoor setting but a peaceful vibe and a lot of natural beauty as well. Options for event activities could include going on a hike or birdwatching.

Consider an Empty Beach

Finally, if there’s a beach near you, you’re in luck. Consider looking into whether your town allows you to use part of a beach for your event. You can set up beach chairs or even just some towels and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

While hosting a small outdoor event while keeping yourself and all attendees safe and healthy may seem like a challenge, there are a few venues that make it possible. If you’re planning an upcoming gathering and you’re stuck for ideas on how to keep your event distancing-friendly yet still sociable and fun, consider booking one of these four venues that matches the vibe of your event. With the right space and enough precautions taken, you can enjoy company while staying as safe as possible.

So, be creative and think out of the box to surprise your guests for small gatherings. If you want to stay safe and healthy during this coronavirus pandemic, events arranged on luxury boats can be the best option. But make sure you still maintain the guidelines to avoid corona virus infection. Enjoy your time!

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