9 Tips To Improve The Speed Of Your Torrents

Torrents are one of the most common ways for people all over the world to exchange data with friends, family members, and strangers. It’s an excellent method to get stuff that may not be available in your nation or region.

Tips to increase torrent speed

You may have observed, though, that they occasionally take longer than intended. Nevertheless, by following a few easy procedures, you may boost the speed of your torrents. Here are some pointers to help you boost the speed of your torrent downloads.

1. Change DNS Settings

Your Internet Service Provider provides you with an IP address via DNS. If someone else has a quicker connection, they will most likely download the file first.

This may be changed by altering the settings on your router or by utilising OpenDNS addresses. This strategy is not always effective, but it is worth a try. Changing DNS settings on devices such as game consoles or phones is complicated, so proceed with caution.

2. Use RSS Feed

Using rss feed in the torrent client

A torrent client that supports RSS feeds helps you to keep track of when new files for your favourite shows and movies become available without having to check manually every day. This implies that they use less data when they aren’t downloading anything. This is the ideal option if you are a frequent torrent user and want to download anything you want.

  1. Use BitTorrent Over uPnP

Many routers include an automated port forwarding feature that defaults to routing all torrent requests to one device on the network. Because several customers are fighting for access to one other’s computers, using this function may result in faster download rates.

If you want even quicker rates, consider utilising multiple uploads with Ipchains or DHT support enabled, so that numerous peers submit files at the same time instead of just one. Furthermore, if you want to download authentic and high-quality apps for free, you should try going to proxy-rarbg.

4. Download At Night

Because there isn’t much traffic on the Internet in the middle of the night, it’s a great time to download any large files you need immediately during work hours. So, if required, remember to set an alarm clock. If people can stay up all night watching Netflix on their computers, why shouldn’t they be able to download some amazing torrents as well? And anyway, people in China and India have been using this strategy for a long time.

  1. Skip The Intro

When you start a torrent, it may automatically launch Windows Media Player or another media player to play the content. This will slow down your download since two things are happening at the same time instead of one after the other. To resolve this, go to uTorrent’s “Files” tab, then Options, and deselect Auto-Play. Now that you’ve done this, anytime a new torrent is uploaded, both the downloading and playing features will no longer be active at the same time, enhancing performance.

  1. Use Seeding

You may have heard the term “seeders” before but aren’t sure what it means – well, here’s the short version: Seeder simply refers to someone who keeps downloading after their own torrent has finished in order to continue sharing information with others who are still uploading/downloading from them, rather than closing off entirely as other users do after finishing their own torrent. The more seeders a torrent has, the greater its performance, so do all you can to help disseminate information and make your downloads run as quickly as possible.

  1. Avoid Multiple Downloads

If you’re downloading several files from one person’s account, such as all episodes of an entire season of a TV programme that they’ve posted, bear in mind that each item will take up space on your hard drive until it’s entirely downloaded. So simply wait till all of those individual episodes are finished before playing them or unzipping/unpacking anything, regardless of how many there were altogether ahead of time.

  1. Don’t Forget The Power Supply

You may occasionally download files at a far quicker rate than your computer can manage – even if it’s brand new and strong enough, with an outstanding internet connection that gives high speeds for most other online activities. This is due to the way computers are built to use energy more efficiently by slowing down while running on low power rather than risking overworking specific components, which might lead them to burn out or fail entirely. Keep in mind that torrenting may quickly drain your battery capacity, so make sure you have access to a power outlet before downloading anything large.

  1. Get Fast Internet Connection

Who doesn’t want a fast internet connection? If you’re currently utilising a wireless connection, consider upgrading to a wired one. Wireless connections are more susceptible to interference and are slower than conventional connections. A direct connection can help you speed up your downloads and typically provides the greatest rates for torrenting – it’s also quite helpful if you’re using a laptop or tablet with limited battery life.


To summarise, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for increasing the speed of your torrents. It will be determined by a number of criteria, including the seeders and leechers in the area from which you are downloading files, among others. The suggestions we’ve provided here should make the process easier. Still, ultimately it comes down to trial and error – run several tests with different factors until you discover something that works for you.

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