5 Simple Ways To Fix Your Computer Postures


It is quite common for desk-based office workers to have poor posture. They spend hours neck bent and head-down towards a computer to finish their work.Simple ways to fix your computer postures

It is difficult to resist the temptation of sitting and slouching, however, it is important to know that continuous strain in the back muscles can result in misuse and overuse. In the long run, his bad habit will result in worse back conditions.

5 Simple Ways To Fix Your Computer Postures

1. Setup The Workstation At The Right Level And Distance

Putting the computer monitor too low will strain the muscles in the neck. The best monitor height is at eye level with a distance of an arm’s length. This way, you don’t have to bend down your head and your eyes can easily scan the rest of the screen.

2. Roll Your Shoulders Back

When seated, people tend to slouch after a few minutes. Rolling your shoulders back is a very simple and easy way to exercise your back and improve your posture. To do this, just simply stretch your shoulders towards your ears and roll them backward gently. This will loosen any knots on the neck while strengthening the muscles on your shoulders.

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3. Do Stretching Exercises

Many people forget that the best way to improve posture is by stretching. You don’t necessarily have to enroll in a yoga or Pilates class for this. Stretching can be done while sitting at your desk.

4. Keep Your Feet Flat On The Floor

Aside from the computer being at the right height, your chair should be at the right level as well. This way, you can easily sit with your feet flat on the floor and avoid crossing your legs. Sitting with crossed legs is affects your posture and could make it worse. The pressure on your hips and lower back is increased and may even cause sciatic nerve damage.

5. Wear A Posture Corrector

Posture correctors help greatly in re-aligning the back and shoulders to its right position. It can be worn underneath your clothes in the office. The crossed strap at the back pulls your shoulders gently and supports it, keeping your body in an upright posture without discomfort. Since there are a lot of posture correctors in the market, Mattress Battle came up with a list of the best posture correctors to make it easier for you to choose.

Benefits Of Good Posture In The Office

  1. Blood circulates better, delivering oxygen throughout the body without any problem. This will also keep you more awake with less carbon dioxide in the brain.
  2. Because the back muscles function normally without additional stress and strain, back pain will decrease. Allowing you to work more comfortably.
  3. You’ll have more energy to work throughout the day. Your muscles are used efficiently without exerting extra effort that can cause fatigue.
  4. It increases your productivity. Because there is no uncomfortable pain, you can do more work without any interruptions.
  5. It gives you more confidence. Because practice makes perfect, you can stand or sit with proper posture, not only inside the workspace but in the outside world as well.
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Other Things To Avoid While Working On A Computer

  1. Avoid sitting slumped in just one side. This will result in a bent spine that would cause pressure on the hips and pelvic area.
  2. Don’t sit for a long time in the same position. It is important to change positions and take a break as well.
  3. Avoid crossing the legs and the arms while sitting. This position often leads to a strain on the hips, pelvic area, and the back muscles.
  4. Don’t sit without proper back support. Sitting without back support can put more stress on the spine.
  5. Avoid bending the neck to look at a document or computer monitor for a long period. Straining the neck will cause muscle pain.

While poor posture can result in poor health, it is not impossible to reverse it. Follow these 5 easy ways to fix your computer posture to get back on track!


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