Most Effective Ways To Overcome Wireless Car Charger’s Problem


People are creating unnecessary speculates on the technology called wireless car charger. Have you ever noticed why false statements come in front to criticize wireless devices?Ways to solve wireless car charging problems

Depending upon themes, usages and wide ranges, it is compact in a secure zone. But some realize it is no longer safe. Although there are some critical problems originated in wireless technology, it can be resolved with just simple efforts or consciousness.

The people who are having a problem with Wireless Phone Charger for Car, they must go through this article in order to avoid any complexities while their phone is going to sleep.

Effective Ways To Avoid Wireless Car Charging Problems

1. Position of your Smartphone

The major drawback while using wireless car charger is your unconsciousness. In a hurry, you drop a phone on charging mat to get a green signal but you might forget to consider it has to be properly over an enclosed electronic device.

The electromagnetic field is the basic principle based on which wireless charging has come in range. Under this, the transmitter coil exists in the charging mat transmits the signals to the receiver coil which exists at the back of your mobile phone.

Your smart device must have to lie within the EMF for effective charging at the minimum time zone. This one alternate to over the wireless charging will make you smile.

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2. Avoid Using When it’s Charging

Another point which can be considered to overcome the wireless charging problem is your habit of using a cell phone when it is placed on the wireless charger.

If you are expecting impeccable charging you need to avoid such practices. As it will create problem in charging your smart device as well as take longer hours to charge the battery.

3. Airplane Mode Saves the Day

To distract all the issues of wireless car charging, turn on airplane mode of your handset. As it will tackle the problem like low charging efficiency. With flight mode, the phone easily gets charging signals to light up the green shade in the battery box.

4. Avoid Fake Chargers

Maintain a dignified distance from the fake charger. This is a big problem these days that some manufacturers are using the Qi logo to promote their low-quality wireless charger. They are doing so because they have used low components to develop the wireless charger and they are taking the Qi brand to enhance their market status.

It is very substantial to inquire about fake chargers. There are a few tests that help you to examine whether the available charger is Qi certified or not.

As we have mentioned, fraud companies are using Qi logo to increase their selling rate so it’s better to turn on towards another test like ask the manufacturers to show the issued certificate.

Additionally, try to track the encoded URL mentioned on the issued certificate. With this, you can redirect the database and you will get an opportunity to cross-check your purchased charger with the data mentioned on the website. Re-evaluate the brand name, product name, and type number.

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The Wireless Power Consortium is the real manufacturers of Qi wireless charger so there is no chance it can be failed in any way. The Qi-certified charger has gone through laboratory test and it has proven as an accurate charger and its good to say that it has the power to cope up with low battery issues because of its special features such as:

  • No over-heating
  • High durability
  • Convenient

Nowadays, new car models have in-built charging pad to make your life flexible.

The Bottom Line

The problem can be easily pulled out of the range with the right use of technology.


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