Efficient Necessities And Usage Of A Word Count Tool


When a document is created it is must for us to know the number of words to complete that particular document or article. To proceed with this process there are many websites to know the number of words in a particular article.Necessities and usage of word count tool

There are free online word count websites to determine the number of words. One of the famous websites that give the word count is wordcounttool.com which is available on the internet. It is free of cost.

As like it, there are many websites that determine the number of words in the article or any other texts. This post lists some important information about word count tool.

Need of a Word Count Tool?

Generally, a word count tool is used for giving the number of words for the particular paragraph or sentence in a particular document. These like word count tool websites are freely available on the internet. The wordcounttool.com is not only used for counting the number of words but it may also some information that is necessary for us to use that particular website.

Ways To Count The Words In A Document?

How to Show Word Count in Google Docs?

Here are some of the steps are mentioned which are used to count the number of words in a document

  1. If the people are required to count the words in a document, then open the document and type the words in Google Docs.
  2. After the creation of the document, If they are willing to know the numbers of characters, pages or word then click Tools > Word count option at the top of the specified document page.View word count in google docs
  3. Suppose if they want to know the number of words in the document while typing itself, then check the option Display word count while typing and click OK.Show word count option in google docs
  4. In the specified document page click on the word count box at the bottom left to know the number of characters with spaces and without spaces.Word charachers window in google docs
  5. After this process, if we want to hide the word count then select word count box > Hide word count option at the left bottom of the page.
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How To Get Word Count In Mac Notes?

Macintosh OS is the most costly software now. If an article is created using Mac notes software, then follow the below-mentioned steps to get the word count.

  1. Click view in the toolbar.
  2. In the specified option choose word count tool.
  3. Then that specified tool appears at the bottom of the page.
  4. Then click the right side button of the word count tool option to get the number of words and characters.

Tips To Remember While Using Word Count Tool

  • And it is important to remember that before checking the word count it is must to select a particular portion in the document. Or else it gives the word count for the whole document.
  • If there is no any word count checking tools are available and then use the free online word count website.
  • Follow the steps properly in using this corresponding tool or else it may display errors and do not shows the correct word count.


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