Smart Home Essentials for a Secure Home


Ten to fifteen years ago, home security meant that you had cameras that were hard-wired into a DVR. That DVT was full of hard drives and saved the footage of all the cameras connected to it. If you wanted to view the footage, you’d have to physically download it from the DVR.

Smart home essentials for secure home

Fast forward to today, and smart home technology has changed that quite a bit. Now your cameras are connected to the internet, and you can connect to them from wherever you are. Do you need the footage? It’s one press of a button away, again, from wherever you are.

However, it’s actually pretty difficult for homeowners to choose a good system of devices that are going to increase security without adding too many complications to their homes. Therefore, we’ll take a look at the basic devices you’ll want to get for your home, as well as how each one of them will help you quite a bit, especially when you compare it to its traditional, non-smart counterpart.

Surveillance Cameras

These are quite possibly the basic component of any home security system. A conventional camera won’t do much more than just record video and store it on a hard drive – we already spoke about this. And good luck getting to that video if you aren’t physically there.

How does a smart camera compare? Well, first, it’s going to connect to your home’s internet network, wirelessly. This gives it access to the internet, and even more important, it gives you access to the camera, from wherever you have an internet connection.

Now you can view the live feed even if you’re halfway across the world. You can also download any footage you need like this, too, and you could even change the camera’s settings.

Some higher-end models will also come with motion detectors built-in. Whenever you have someone, or something, moving in front of the camera, the motion detector will tell it to instantly start recording. This means that it won’t miss anything that happens, and will also send you an alert that something is happening. This can be invaluable when you want to react quickly and is the main benefit of having smart cameras installed in your home.

Secure Entry

The next thing we’d like to discuss is the way you enter your home. We would assume things are pretty traditional – you have a lock that you open with a key, and you have a conventional doorbell that guests can ring so you can let them in. Well, if you invest in some smart tech, those things can change a bit.

To begin with, you can get a smart lock. Compared to a conventional lock, a smart one makes use of a PIN or password to unlock, and some advanced models also have biometric security. You no longer have to carry a key with you, and even more importantly, you no longer have to keep a spare hidden outside your home.

If someone forgets their PIN, you can unlock the door remotely, using your smartphone. This technology can come in handy in a variety of situations, such as your delivery person getting you a package that you don’t want to be left outside.

And if you want to add even more security, you should combine that smart lock with a video doorbell that’s going to replace your conventional doorbell. Yes, it will still ring like a regular one, but it will also send an alert to your phone that someone is at the door, and will let you tap into its feed to see who it is.

This is excellent if you aren’t at home, but still want to know who’s outside your door. These doorbells also often have two-way audio, which allows you to speak to the person that rung the doorbell without getting anywhere near the door. Some higher-end models will even have motion detectors, so you’ll know someone is moving outside your door before they even think of ringing the doorbell.

The combination of a smart lock and a video doorbell pretty much ensures that you know who came at your door, whether they rung the doorbell or not, and whether they went inside your home, among other functionalities. You’ll know if your kids came home from school at the time they were supposed to by giving them their own PIN code for entry, and you can let the postman inside to deliver the package and leave it at a safe place.

If you were to invest in these couple of smart devices, you’ll notice that the security in your home is on a whole different level. They might seem like a significant investment, but it’s all worth it when it’s peace of mind you’re after.


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