Top Home Security Systems You Need For a Safe Environment


The need for home security systems is high due to the higher crime rates around the world. Initially, there was no such thing as a security system it was all done manually by using security guards or by using biometric devices.Top best home security systems

But the evolution of technology has impacted the field of home security in many ways. Apart from just providing better protection it also simplifies the lives of the people.

Many security systems now come with more convenience features which simplify their lives. The newest advancements in this field are the app-based security systems which allow you to secure your home using the smartphone.

Top Best Security Systems

Here is a list of a few top security systems you should look at :

1. MyGate

MyGate is an app-based security system which allows the users to provide security as well manage their community with ease. It uses the notification-approval method for managing security in the communities. The best part is that this can be accessed from anywhere and at any time using your smartphone. It offers several features that aim to provide security in every situation and in every use case. Following are the products offered by MyGate

  • Security Management – child security, staff management, visitor management etc.
  • Community Management – helpdesk, booking amenities, easy payments etc.

2. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe offers DIY wireless home security systems that connect to a central monitoring system. The systems can be accessed and controlled using a single main system like a smartphone/tablet/laptop. It offers various types of systems for multiple security needs. It allows the homeowners to take control of the security of their house. Following are a few products by SimpliSafe

  • Build my system – you can build your own home system based on your security needs
  • Haven – for water and fire accidents protection
  • The Knox – for larger homes
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3. Frontpoint

Frontpoint provides security devices like surveillance and smart cameras, home automation, sensors and many other smart devices. They aim to provide a smarter, safer and simple home security system to its users. Frontpoint is known for its excellent customer service that responds and solves your query or issue in no time. Following are a few products by Frontpoint

  • Premium Indoor Camera – for monitoring your house
  • Smart Door Lock – to smartly lock and unlock doors from anywhere
  • Garage Door Sensor – senses if the garage door is open for too long

4. Nest

Nest is a DIY home installation system devices serving every security purpose of a home. It allows you to integrate with third-party devices for better usability to the users. They provide doorbells, security cameras, alarm systems, detectors etc. They provide professional installation option as well in case you cannot do it on your own.

5. Zicom

Zicom offers electronic surveillance systems and serves 4 countries and 1023 cities. It uses cloud technology to provide security. It is preferred for its good quality and reliable systems. It offers access control systems, CCTV systems, Fire alarm systems etc. Following are a few products offered by Zicom

  • IP Cameras
  • The biometric access control system
  • Intrusion detection system

6. ADT

ADT is one of the popular names in the field of home security because of its great service and reliable products. It offers devices like motion sensors and keypads which alarm and help you to stay alert in any case of emergency. It allows you to monitor and automate everything your smartphone. Following are a few products offered by ADT

  • Home security system keypad – allows you to monitor and automate your home using a smartphone
  • Glass break sensors – senses and alerts if any burglar breaks the glass window
  • Key FOB panic button – you can alert any ADT monitoring centre if in any case of emergency
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