Reward Your Employees with These Unique Incentives That Work


Theoretically speaking, incentives are one way to fuel employee’s motivation. The promise of a reward for a job well done can spur them to work hard. However, not all rewards are created equal. Some are more effective than others to empower those to reach their full potential.

Reward your employees with incentives

With every employee having different ideas of what constitutes an incentive, it is a challenge to set up a scheme that works for all. If you are the employer, you have to work within a budget and refresh the package often to generate continual results. Otherwise, the pattern becomes predictable, such that when one does X, they will earn a Y, so the thrill fizzles over time.

The goal is to come up with incentives that will pique the interest of your team and encourage a stellar performance. While cash is good, these alternatives may be better.

A Work-from-Home Day

This survey notes that a quarter of the respondents had to quit their jobs because of commuting. A work-from-home day or the flexibility of not going to the office (and getting relief from the morning rush) is a worthwhile incentive. You can arrange for the person to accomplish specific goals to ensure all deliverables are met.

A No-Dress-Code Day

It can be a Monday when some don’t feel like dressing up,  the middle of the week, or a Friday when the weekend vibe intensifies. For that day, lose the dress code so employees can show up in casual or comfortable attire. If your workplace has no dress code, to begin with, you can probably arrange a “dress as your inspiration” day.

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A Free Lunch

Food always brings everyone closer, especially after days or weeks of hustling for an important project. Treat your team to a delicious meal on your tab. They’ll appreciate the food, and it’s one less day to worry about lunch.

A Netflix Gift Card

Giving gift cards is traditional enough, but no one will pass up a Netflix gift card. A $30 card can provide entertainment for a month or two, depending on the subscription plan. Imagine the number of movies, documentaries, and shows that one can stream for free because of the gift card.

A Custom Box of Goodies

Present your hardworking employees with a box of coveted goods. The box can be filled with healthy snacks and drinks, makeup items, stationeries, pet supplies, and more. Have your employees fill out a survey on what they’d like for their “subscription” box, of course.

Start with the boxes; make sure you know the right custom packaging that aligns with your company’s brand.  Every day feels like Christmas with a box of handpicked presents.

A Personalized Note

Handwritten notes and letters are hard to come by in this digital age because they require you to sit down and ponder what to write. A simple “Good job!” tacked on a sticky note with a latte and donut can make your employee’s day.

A Gadget for Work and Play

While you can say it with flowers, giving your exemplary employee a functional gadget for work and travel is a more lasting memento. If your intended recipient deals with many peripherals, consider buying them a USB adapter. It expands the number of ports for memory sticks, external hard drives, and memory cards. Check the model of the laptop first to ensure its compatibility with the adapter.

Employees door

Incentives for Employers like You

When your employees are happy, your business gets the perks of a performing workforce. The incentives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Retain people who add value to the company.
  • Have reliable and sustained productivity levels.
  • Create a positive working environment for all.
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What your employees do during their own time is their business for as long as these activities don’t affect their work performance. Still, you have the discretion to establish safeguards to protect your business and its people.

Drug testing is one way to check on your employees as the need arises. Urine drug tests are standard, although mouth swab drug tests are becoming an inexpensive and less-invasive option.

Employees are well aware of the consequences and do what they can to pass screening tests that are used to detect substance use. They may look into facts and products to eliminate toxins and steer clear of using substances that can hinder their performance. May your employees’ efforts and yours be rewarded.


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