3 Thrilling Things You Can Do Online During Quarantine


Everyday life is mundane, because, well… it’s mainly the same thing day after day. It’s routine. If it were highly unpredictable, then things would get stressful awful fast. And, while most people appreciate a comfortable existence of consistency, feeling secure in the predictability of it all, it can get boring, quick. The days begin to resemble each other and the past seems foggy and like one big blur.

Things to do online

Thus, we all need to break out of our patterns and feel some excitement now and again. To get that rush that tells us that we’re alive and that there are things to look forward to and fun to be had. Excitement is the outcome of an unusual interaction between our minds and new experiences taken in from the outside world. It can come in many forms, but it’s always accompanied by a degree of enjoyment.

The key to good mental health is to find little things to get excited by and get regular thrills. If you learn how to experience joy from the simple things in life, you’ll never run out of positive moments and emotions. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, today you don’t have to walk to a place to be animated or amused, you can do it from the little device in your hand, one that can provide that little thrill jolt that’s needed.

3 Interesting Things You Can Do Online

1. Play Roulette

James Bond is one of the most exciting characters in literary and film history. If roulette is enough to stimulate and grip him, it should do the trick for you too. Nowadays, you can easily pick from one of many great online casinos and enjoy not only playing against the platform’s software but against a live dealer, who’s shacked up in a studio on the other side of the world.

Explore places online

Even better, you are not limited to just the classic game of Roulette everyone knows about, you can pick from many of its variations, European, American, French, and more. Whichever caters to your taste and style. So, if you feel like this is something that can get your adrenaline pumping, maybe you should play Indian roulette games online. All you need to do is keep in mind to play responsible and set a budget before playing.

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2. Talk to a Stranger

Just think about it. You get to converse with someone with a whole different perspective on the world and life. You don’t know who you will bump into, from where, and at what age-range. There are many sites which have thousands of people online at any given moment, and pure randomness decides who you will be matched up with. You can narrow it down by specifying an interest or topic that you would like to discuss.

You can make good friends and pass some time over there. Though, if you hit it off, maybe things can move in that direction. But for now, it’s best to stick to the thrill of not knowing who you’ll meet, and what kind of insight they can provide. If you don’t like where the conversation is going, you can immediately disconnect and be reconnected with a new person. The switch occurs in mere seconds.

3. Explore Places

No, not by Google Earth View, Maps, or Street View. But admit it, you thought that was where this was going. No. Explore Places by looking at high-resolution photos. Again, don’t get ahead of yourself, we’re not talking about the ones you can find on Google images or sites like Pixabay or Unsplash, we’re talking about panoramic photos whose resolution measures in gigapixels.

Play games online

 In 2018, Chinese company BigPixel released a photo taken from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. And, appropriate to the company’s name, the photo did contain a lot of pixels, 195 gigapixels to be exact. And, it was a panorama. You could move around the city and zoom in on almost everything, from people to trash cans. You could see it all. It was immediately viewed by millions who dove deep and explored the photo and the city itself. Others like it are available online, all you need to do is search gigapixel panoramas, and get lost in them.

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