4 Tech Innovations That Will Change The Way You Travel

In this fast-paced world, all of us indulge in some sort of travelling whether it’s a trip to foreign lands for leisure and business or simply commuting from one city to the other for personal or professional reasons.

tech innovations that change the way you travel

For some people, traveling may seem like a difficult endeavor to indulge in but technological advancements are now helping us overcome that barrier. Innovators and entrepreneurs today are constantly coming up with new ways to make traveling easier. Moreover, there are various traveling options such as planes and jets depending on the needs of the individual. For instance, whereas commercial planes are incredibly convenient, when it comes to business travel, sometimes a private jet is more appropriate.

Additionally, there are some brilliant travel cards nowadays which are specifically for people traveling on jets – these cards make the entire travel experience very smooth and surprisingly affordable. You can compare jet card pricing options online to learn more about these cards. For now though, we have tried compiling a list of the best travel tech from around the world that’s helping to shape our travels.

1. Face Recognition Technology for Seamless Check-in at Airports

Facial recognition technology has grown tremendously in the last decade and efforts are now already being taken to use this technology at airports now. US-based Delta Airlines now becomes one of the very first aviation company that allows checking in kiosks which comes with facial recognition to match people with their passport picture.

With the use of this new tech, there will be no more hassles of standing in queues and long lines for passport and visa verification. One can now easily check in at airports and board flights with just a biometric check.

2. Wearables that Help Translate Different Languages

Well, all of us at one point or the other faced a culture barrier arriving at foreign lands and not being able to converse in the local language. This is soon going to change with a new tech. An Australian based tech startup has come up with a device called the One2One, a wearable gadget that translates conversations within seconds.

The device can currently speak up to 8 different languages like Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German etc. The One2One doesn’t need Wi-fi or Bluetooth which means minimal possibilities of lagging

3. Glasses that Lets you Shoot Videos

The tech from James Bond and Sci-fi movies has finally made its way into real life with glasses that now have the capacity to shoot HD videos. Epiphany Eyewear plastic and titanium frames allow you this unique experience now which comes with a built-in HD camcorder.

This comes in two variants, the 8Gb model and the 32 GB model that allows you to shoot videos in 720p resolution.

4. Digital Bag Tags for Travelers

How often have people faced the ugly problem of losing their luggage while flying international without a hint of an idea as to where exactly your luggage went. All this thing will be in the distant past now with the coming of age digital tags. An RFID tech developed by SITA can now keep track of your luggage in real time right from your check into your flight arrival time.

The idea remains the same as check-in tags with a slight twist wherein the barcode is integrated with an RFID chip that will help keep track of your bags without needing to scan them.

So there we have the 4 tech innovations that are changing the face of travel tech. After all, a simple hassle-free travel experience is all that we crave for.

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