How to Fix Corrupt or Damaged Firmware?

Unable to figure out how to fix corrupt or damaged firmware? This post sheds light on how professional data recovery services can get you out of such a data loss situation when you are worried about data and want to recover hard drive data in any case.

How to Fix Corrupt or Damaged Firmware-

While booting up, your hard drive access firmware to operate correctly before executing instructions from the PC / Laptop. If the firmware is corrupt, inaccessible or damaged, the hard drive will not boot and this may lead to data loss. Further, it’s one of the reasons that lead to hard drive failure. That said, it is imperative to have a backup of your important files to restore them under such data loss situations.

Firmware is Required to Operate Device Properly

Firmware is a group of modules written in integrated chips in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and is responsible for the proper functioning of the hard drive. We can say that the firmware, such as the tape and reel process when it comes to component packaging, is the Operating System of the hard drive and think of HDD as a computer because when the hard drive is powered on, it first boots its own internal program and that internal program is its firmware. If the firmware boots up properly, it executes all commands and passes all self-check-tests so that the hard drive is ready for read/write operations.

On the other hand, if the initialization procedures fail due to some reason, then the hard drive is not detected in CMOS and gives an error message stating that the hard drive is inaccessible.

Reasons for Firmware Failure

If the firmware is damaged, corrupt, or inaccessible, then the data stored on the hard drive becomes inaccessible; hence, it is recommended to always backup your critical data. When you experience such situations, it is necessary to fix damaged firmware in order to resume your work. In layman’s words, if you’re unable to boot your computer, you won’t be able to proceed with your work.  That said, the reasons which result in firmware failure are as follows:

  • Power Surges and electrical spikes may damage your hard drive
  • The hard drive’s platter is damaged
  • Insufficient power supply
  • Abrupt shut down of your PC/Laptop
  • Interruption of firmware update
  • Burnt/Damaged Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Symptoms of Firmware Failure

When the hard drive’s firmware gets damaged, the following symptoms occur:

  • Your PC/laptop will not recognize the hard drive upon connecting it (external hard drives)
  • For the internal hard drive, your system will not boot up
  • If the firmware is corrupt, your computer’s performance deteriorates and runs slow or stucks in between
  • The hard drive will stop executing commands from the computer
  • HDD being recognized by its family names instead of the model number

How to Fix Corrupt or Damaged Firmware?

When firmware failure occurs then the hard drive becomes inaccessible which in turn makes the data stored on it inaccessible as well. Therefore, the First thing, you should not try to recover data using the software as the hard drive will not boot and any software will not yield the desired result.

Firmware failure is a physical error and calls for a professional data recovery services provider to recover data from the affected hard drive and that’s when Stellar Data Recovery comes into the picture. It requires a controlled environment to recover data from the affected hard drives and to cater to that request, Stellar has the professional data recovery lab i.e. Class 100 Clean Room which is a mandatory controlled environment where external factors such as chemical vapors, dust, airborne microbes, etc. are at a minimal level to prevent hard drives from further damages.

In addition, Stellar Data Recovery ensures that your privacy is not breached and maintains transparency throughout the recovery process. With 2 million+ satisfied customers and 8000+ partners worldwide, Stellar is proving Data Recovery Services since 1993 and has 15 data recovery centers, where you can submit your affected device.

Stellar provides accurate, efficient, and reliable data recovery services. Besides, it also provides a free pick and drop facility.

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