Solopreneur Life: Tools You Desperately Need for a One-Person Business


It’s never been easier to run a one-person business. Running one effectively is the challenge. The right tools and software are essential. Read on for more!Tools for solopreneur business

As a solopreneur, starting and managing a business is a tough task. Not only do you have to wear many hats but roadblocks you never envisioned will come up. As the workload starts to pile, bills will come rolling in.

With limited manpower, this is overwhelming even to the strong-willed. The good news is you can automate your one-person business and save money, time and headaches along the way. Most of these tools are free while others are paid.

Want to know more about the best and free business software for a solopreneur?

Read on and learn more about work from home apps.

Tools for Soloprenuer’s

1. Hootsuite

Want to find prospects and convert them into paying customers? Hootsuite is a platform that allows you to manage all your social media from a single dashboard. With Hootsuite, you can save time on scheduling your social media posts.

By doing so, you are able to curate content for your prospects and customers easily. That is not all. Hootsuite allows you to measure your social media results. This offers meaningful insight into your customers and social media marketing campaigns.

To get started with Hootsuite, try the limited free plan that allows you to connect 3 social profiles.

2. Square

As a one-person business, you are not constrained to one payment method. But you can manage all your payments from a single intuitive app. That app is Square which allows you to accept every payment quickly and securely.

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For instance, you can accept payments on your smartphone, tablet, on your PC and even your website. It gets even better. You get paid fast.

In fact, you can receive your money in your bank account within the next business day or instantly for a 1% fee.

3. Mint

Budgeting is critical even to a solopreneur. For starters, it allows you to create a spending plan for your money. This ensures that you get to spend your money wisely and avoid wastage.

Budgeting also keeps you out of debt or can help you manage your debt. One of the best work from home apps that can help you to budget is Intuit Mint.

With Mint, you get connected to almost every US financial institution. In minutes, you can manage your money in your bank account, and retirement accounts. This allows you to stay up to date so you know where you stand.

4. Zapier

Today, there are business apps for everything. For instance, accounting, calendar, CRM, email, marketing automation, and payment processing among others. Keeping track can be difficult as you grow your solo business.

The good news is, you have Zapier, a platform that allows you to manage all your apps under a single dashboard. For instance, you can use Zapier to manage Facebook, Gmail, Pinterest, Twilio, Google Docs, Zoho CRM and PayPal among others.

With Zapier, you can now concentrate on the important task of growing your business.

Learn more about this check stub maker at that ensures accurate calculations.

5. Skype

Skype is not only loved for its video capabilities but its inexpensive phone service. If your new business has attracted a few international clients, using Skype phone service can save you a lot of money.

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Apart from the phone service, you can send documents even when calling your overseas clients.

Document Management Software: For solopreneur who work remotely, a DMS system may be something to consider.

The software enables professionals to securely upload and share business documents via a centralized system. You can compare DMS software at TEC.

More Useful Tools for a One-Person Business

There are more useful tools for a one-person business. You have Evernote that keeps your notes organized and RescueTime which tracks time spent using websites and apps. Other useful apps include Google Analytics, DropBox, Wix, and MailChimp among others.

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