5 Trends Defining the Future of Web Designing in 2019

Trends in future of web designing

What is the future of web designing? Read this guide and learn the trends that are setting the pace for where the industry is going.

The thing that makes technology dynamic is that it experiences a certain degree of change every year. For players in the industry, it’s important to always keep updated with the latest trends so they can increase their knowledge and skill set as well as stay above the competition.

The world of web technologies is the same as no one in the nineties would have thought the future of web designing would be what it is today. Good developers must adapt to emerging trends, so they seize the opportunities that become possible. This guide will help you learn the trends that are setting the pace for where the industry is going.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is no longer a feature we see in science fiction movies but a part of our reality. AI has changed the digital space providing many web and IT solutions to a lot of industries, especially in the infrastructure sector.

The application of artificial intelligence in web design promises great returns to investors and business owners on the web space. AI is evident in the use of chatbots that help in customer service, search predictions on search engines, and virtual assistants such as Cortana, Siri, and Alexa.

Progressive Web Apps Are the Future of Web Designing

Progressive Web Applications are the next technological breakthrough in the web programming industry. They use progressive enhancements that offer features like a smartphone app such as live notifications.

If you’ve been prompted by a popup message to ‘add to home screen’ then you’ve encountered a progressive web app. When you agree, it will download and install itself in the background offering you the same experience as a usual mobile app. Some progressive web apps even provide offline access to content that the user would otherwise have to access using the internet.

The Role of Virtual Reality

Although it is not new, virtual reality technology is only just paving its way through the mainstream market. There are web browsers that are compatible with VR devices such as the JanusVR. This browser creates a virtual lobby that you use to pass through different doorways to experience different social media websites, online games, and web development blogs among many more.

The best web development tools for virtual reality include Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Blender and SketchUp.

Motion User Interface

The application of Motion UI is one of the most notable web design trends in 2019. Through interactive web design, this technology offers cool animation and amazing graphics that heighten the user experience. Motion UI can help developers animate content, therefore, making it easy for the developer to narrate a visual story digitally through live infographics, illustrations, and interactive content.

Internet of Things in Web Design

The Internet of Things has had an impact on various industries and consequently, there are many devices in the market such as fridges and cameras that are used through smartphones. These devices require backend and frontend development as well as web security to avoid data hacks.

If you are a developer offering web development services then you need to expand your understanding from just phones and laptops as people will start to use other devices to access web content.

The Future Is Here

The world of web design and development creates new advancements through modern designs and frameworks to keep up with the growing demand and use of technology. It is important to keep up with the latest trends if you want to be a leader in this industry.
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Update (April 2020) : Apart from the listed tips, graphic design will also play an important role. You need to be updated with all the latest software; you can check out this post on best graphic design software by Pixpa for more information.

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