What’s new in Samsung Galaxy S6?

It seems that people have made a love hate relationship with Samsung. On one end of the spectrum, you will find people who would happily rush to the stores to buy latest top of the line galaxy devices and then there are other kind of people who have started to hate the brand absolutely. The reasons are obvious. They are innovative when it comes to technology and features. each flagship device would bring something that you won’t find on devices of other manufacturers but then the second type of people hate them because despite the huge price tags, the devices look and feel cheap.

Samsung Galaxy S6

What is the deal with plastic devices? Moto X is made out of plastic and no one is complaining. Nokia has been making devices out of plastic and no one said a thing. LG is doing the same thing. So why is Samsung getting all the beating? Well it is more than just the use of plastic. There are more than enough examples mentioned to support the point that people don’t hate the use of plastic. They hate ugly devices with cheap looking shiny backs. On top of that all the devices launched around a flagship device will look like it. For many people picking high devices, the device is more of a premium accessory than a smartphone. They wouldn’t want their 40K worth device to be mistaken for a Galaxy Grand or something that comes at a third the price.

The Motorola Moto X is made out of plastic but it is solidly built and is really nice to hold. On top of that other manufacturers have kept evolving with time but Samsung has been two stubborn in giving up things like physical home key in favour of on screen keys or removable back panel for a better unibody design. Yes we get it that practicality is also important but little compromises can be made. Samsung received criticism for Galaxy S5 as well and it didn’t sell in numbers as good as its predecessor. So this time when they went to the drawing board, they decided to do things differently. We take a look at the Galaxy S6 and tell you what new it brings to the table.

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Unibody design

Oh yes you read it right. Samsung has finally dropped the idea of a removable back panel and instead they have packed the device nicely. Yes you will have to go to a Samsung service centre when you need a battery replacement but that is not going to happen for at least a year or so. And even when it does, the service centre guys aren’t going to take ages to replace the battery. However there is a downside to it as well. Even with unibody devices, most manufacturers try to keep the battery easily accessible when the device is opened. The S6 packs in a lot and that is why the battery is a bit hard to access once you open the device. One would have to remove the cover, the middle frame, wiring for NFC and the motherboard to gain access to the battery. Lot of effort to reach the battery, isn’t it?

Metal design

Metal design

After a very long time, Samsung has got a device that really looks impressive. It has got Gorilla Glass 4 on front and back. The built quality is much better than past Samsung devices and the device looks premium for sure. There is aluminium alloy frame running around the device which looks and feels really nice. This is something Samsung fans have been demanding for ages. The design is an evolution of the design that we saw on recent Samsung devices like Galaxy Alpha and Note 4. The typical Samsung shape is retained and the device is like a rounded rectangle. Not complaining here at all. We are happy with the improvements here. The downside is that the device is no longer waterproof like the Galaxy S5.

Quick charge and wireless charge

Like many other high devices, Samsung has also given the option of quick charging here. The Note 4 came with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 charger which will work with the S6. Quickcharge will give you 30 percent of battery life in just 30 minutes. It also has wireless charging feature built in. they will soon be selling their own wireless chargers though like most other devices, it will support chargers from other manufacturers as well.

Optical image stabilisation

After the addition of OIS on Note 4 and Note Edge, they have added it on the Galaxy S6. Coupled with the excellent camera software, this would result into some really impressive images. The camera has 16 megapixel resolution but the lens has got wider aperture as compared to S5 and many other mobile cameras thus allowing more light. This should result in better camera performance overall, especially in low light conditions.

Samsung pay

Earlier Apple came up with something called Apple pay. Apple pay would allow you to pay at NFC based payment systems and authorise using the fingerprint scanner of your device. This would simplify the overall process and you don’t have to swipe a card and key in passwords or pins to complete the transaction. And this feature brings more safety to the transactions. As you would have guessed, Samsung Pay is Samsung’s version of the thing explained just now. They recently acquired LoopPay technologies and that helped them set up the fingerprint scanner for making mobile payments.

QHD display

QHD Display of Galaxy S6

They should have done this with the Galaxy S5. By the time S5 was launched, devices with QHD displays were around and the S5 was expected with the same. Sadly it came with a 1080p display only with 5.1 inch display size. The size has been retained but the display resolution has finally gone up to QHD. Not that it is going to make a huge difference but Samsung is a manufacturer that likes to be innovative so lagging behind wasn’t justified.

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