Top 15+ Best Email Tracking Tools Which Works in 2022

15+ email trcking tools

Do you want to track your emails and know when the Email was read and track everything like links clicked, IP address, Browser, Operating system, Location, etc. about your email, then this post is for you.

There are many free email tracking services and even premium out there which can help you to track your email, but it’s hard to decide which one to choose.

Some tools are available for free, and some are premium with excellent features that can be useful for your business and increase sales. So here is the list of best email tracking tools, just read and choose the best suitable one for your purpose. You can spy emails you send easily with these tools.

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How Does Email Tracking work?

Email tracking is basically done by adding a few image pixels with the email you send and when the receiver opens the email you sent, that images attached with the email will be loaded and tracking is done.

This concept is used by all the email tracking services or email tracking software both free and paid. The only difference you notice the accuracy of tracking like who opened the email, location, browser, attachment tracking, etc. Some Email tracking software may or may not provide all the features depending on the type of service you choose i.e.., free or paid.

Everything has a limitation, sometimes email tracking services or email tracking software also fails because of various reasons. Such as.

  1. Unable to load the tracking image due to adblocker.
  2. Unable to load image due to the user settings like load images on demand.
  3. Due to the security system that blocks the tracking of emails.

Best Email Tracking Tools

1. Yesware

Yesware free email tracking

Yesware is the most powerful which has full-fledged with email tracking and reporting features. It not only tracks the emails which you send, but you can also schedule your emails for sending them later and it can be easily integrated with any CRM like Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.

It completely integrated with Gmail and Outlook. So, you can download Yesware for Gmail and outlook. Yesware email tracking works great.

It gives all kinds of information you need to know about an email that you send such as when the email was read and how many times it was read, links clicked, attachments downloaded, the device from which email opened along with IP address and more.

It also has a mail merge feature that allows you to quickly send personalized emails to up to 200 people at once.

The free version of this tool gives you the capability to track 100 emails per month and if you want more, you can upgrade. For new signup, you will 30-Day free trial of the enterprise version. You can check yes pricing here.

Add Yesware to chrome

Pricing: Free and premium plans.

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2. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is another best email tracking tool that is quite different from all the tools listed. Newton mail is an email client which has a mail tracking mechanism and some other cool features.

The best thing about this Newton mail is it can be used across various devices like Android, iOS, Mac, and windows.

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The cool features of Newton Mail are as follows

  1. Snooze emails: This lets you let emails be popped up in your inbox at a specified time and you can even prioritize.
  2. Read Receipts: This will let you know whether your emails are read or not by showing a blue double tick on any device even smartphone which is a great thing.
  3. Senders Profile: You can see who is behind an email you received. It will grab information from various sources to show information about the sender.
  4. Connected Apps: You can connect Newton mail with various popular apps like Evernote, Pocket etc and save the email content to these apps right from Newton mail.
  5. Send Later: You can schedule emails in Newton mail which is a really handy feature all the time.
  6. Undo Send: You can undo sent email within the specified time interval.

Wait, Newton mail is really cool but it’s not FREE and it will cost you $49/Year (1999 INR/Year)and has a 14-day free trial. It is worth that price especially for those who totally depend on emails as it has a cool minimal design and it’s innovative features. If you are in doubt then just try their 14-day FREE trial and decide yourself.

Pricing: Premium ($49/year) (14-day Free trial)

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3. SalesHandy

Saleshandy email tracking

SalesHandy is the only Sales Engagement Platform that provides free email tracking without any limitations.

One can track emails from both Gmail and Outlook using the SalesHandy email tracking plugin.

Apart from letting you know if recipients have opened your email and how many times they have viewed it, it also provides Email Scheduling with TimeZones, Attachment Tracking, Template Sharing, File link Sharing and Bcc to CRM.

Users can send personalized emails up to 200 recipients using the Mail Merge feature. SalesHandy provides a 14-day Trial Period of Enterprise plan to new users. After that, users can only use the Email Tracking feature using the Free Plan.

Add SalesHandy to Chrome

Pricing: Free and Premium

4. MailTag

I liked MailTag because of various reasons. This is the best email tracking which provides various features in the FREE option itself. You can track unlimited emails, link clicks, upto 3 ping sequences (Follow-up) per email and email scheduling in the free option. If you need unlimited pings and other things then you can upgrade to their Pro plan which is very affordable.

mailtag options

Once you send an email using MailTag, you will receive a push notification in your browser once your email is read. You can also check email status by visiting sent emails in Gmail.

email status in mailtag

You will also have access to MailTag’s beautiful and minimal dashboard which will give the overview of email sent, opened, link clicks, etc. You can also check the email sent and pings in the dashboard itself.

mailtag dasboard

Add MailTag to Chrome

Pricing: Free and premium plans.

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5. Bananatag

Bananatag is a chrome extension that can be used with Chrome and Firefox. It provides complete tracking reports for all emails you send using Bananatag. It notifies you when your email was read, links clicked, the device used, location, etc.

It can be integrated easily with all email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and many others. You can only track five emails/ day with the free plan and increase this by using premium plans.

Add Bananatag to chrome

Pricing: Free and premium

6. Mail Track

Mailtrack free email tracking

Mail Track is a fascinating free email tracking software tool you never saw before. The amazing feature of Mail Track is it gives you the indication by “Double-tick” marks.

Mailtrack interfaces

A single tick indicates your email has been sent and double-tick indicates your email has also been read shows number of reads when you hover onto the double-tick mark. It’s very easy to use and thoroughly integrates with Gmail so that you can track emails in Gmail. Do you remember Whats App double ticks, it’s the same as WhatsApp. It comes with a free plan which is free forever with limited features that can track emails sent from Gmail.
Add Mail Track to chrome

Pricing: Free and Premium plans.

7. Boomerang

Boomerang is simple to use chrome extension with has features for email tracking, reminders, and follow-up when your email has not replied. It can also integrate with CRM like Salesforce so that you can track emails in CRM. It comes with a free plan which can track 10 emails per month.

Add Boomerang to chrome

Pricing: Free and Premium plan available.

8. Sidekick

Sidekick email tracking

SideKick by Hubspot is another fantastic tool with a great set of features. You can download sidekick for Gmail and outlook also.

Sidekick email tracking has the following features.

  1. Information about your contacts and their history.
  2. Know when someone opens, clicks email and also provide information about how many times, where and from which device your email is read.
  3. Email scheduling for sending them later ( Comming Soon).

Pricing: Free

9. Rebump

Rebump comes with a unique concept which the name indicates. It has a feature to track emails, and the most interesting thing is it sends follow-up emails for the emails which are not responded for a specific number of days so that you can get a fast response rate. It gives a 30-Day free trial and after you need to upgrade. It has a single premium plan.

Add Rebump to chrome

Pricing: Premium plans ( 30-Day free trial for every plan ).

10. Contact Monkey

Contact monkey email tracking

Contact Monkey is another email tracking tool that has the capability to notify you when your email was read, how many times it was read, links clicked along with device

and location information from which your email has been read. It is very useful for salespeople who want to know their email engagement and prepare plans accordingly. It also can be integrated with Salesforce and can use Salesforce right from your inbox. It has a free plan which can track 100 emails per month and upgrade later.

Add Contact Monkey to chrome

Pricing: Free and Premium plans

11. FollowUp

Followup is an excellent tool which has the feature to get you notified when the email is read, and it also has another unique feature which allows you to set reminders for yourself and also can be made to remind the person who didn’t respond to your email after few of reading it. It tells the other person as “We are waiting for your reply.”

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You can even schedule your emails for sending them later. Unfortunately, there is no free plan or free trial available for using this tool.

Pricing: Paid plans

12. Right Inbox

Right Inbox is very simple to use. It seamlessly integrates with your Gmail and provides two options which are “Send later” and “Reminder me.”

These options are very simple to use and more efficient. The only thing Right Inbox lacks is it doesn’t have a feature to track when and how your email read.

It has a free plan which allows you to track only ten emails per month with limited features and depending on your need you need to upgrade.

Pricing: Free and Premium plans.

13. mxHero

mxHero is a great tool that tracks your sent emails, and you can select options such as attachment track, self-destruct, private delivery, send later, Reply Timeout and much more. If you choose to self-destruct then, your email will be destroyed in 5 minutes of reading the email. This tool is a free email tracking service with fully loaded features.

Add mxHero to chrome

Pricing: Free plan

14. Streak

Streak track emails gmail crm
Read Receipts in Streak

Streak is a chrome extension which can track emails in Gmail. It shows an eye icon which may be green or grey which indicates whether the email was read. It also gives information about the device, location from where the email was read and notifies you when your email was read. This tool is similar to “Mail Track“. It also integrates with CRM.
Add Streak to chrome

Pricing: Free and Premium plans available

15. GetNotify

GetNotify is another different and free email tracking service. It doesn’t have any plugin which you need to install. All you need is to signup for GetNotify and when sending an email just suffix to the email address of the sender which will not be visible to the sender. It notifies you when your email read, links clicked, IP address, location, browser, and OS used and also shows how much time your email was read.

Example: [email protected]

Pricing: Free

16. DidTheyReadIt

DidTheyReadIt will work the same as GetNotify but the only difference it has a free trial feature that will expire after some days, and you need to upgrade. It has some fewer features compared to GetNotify. First, you need to signup for a free account and then when you send an email just attack as a suffix for the sender’s email address.

Example: [email protected]

Pricing: Free and premium plans available.

17. Track emails with Google Analytics

It is not a tool nor service, its a google script developed by Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration. The working is simple, all you need to do is compose an email but before sending open this Gmail tracking script and select your email and enter your Google Analytics id and send the email. To know the status of your email just open your Google Analytics and go to events and you will find the real-time status of your email.

Pricing: Free.

Have anything to add to the list, just comment below 🙂


  1. Awesome list. I would like to add SalesHandy to this list. SalesHandy provides unlimited email tracking for unlimited users. AND It's free.

    • Hi Karan,

      Glad you liked the list and we may include once we have gone through it. Thanks for the mention of a new tool.

  2. Hi Harish,
    I really like Mailboost as a free option for making my Gmail a little less scattered. I can schedule emails to send later and set reminders for myself. Helps me stay on top of everything!

    • Hi Ariel,

      Thanks for the recommendation. We will definitely go through Mailboost and try to include in our list of email tracking tools.

  3. Great article, Harish! Simple yet comprehensive.

    Our office is a big fan of Yesware. We actually integrate it with our phone system via a CTI called Tenfold. Unifying the two systems made our tasks easier and made our team more efficient.

    • Hi Rich,

      Good to know that you liked the list. Yesware is really a good email tracking tool and made to #1 position in our list.

  4. I suspect that MsgTag is no longer in operation – such a shame since I have had wonderful use of it
    (after donating several times to add my support), but recently the servers at the MsgTag centre seem to be not responding and I have not had any responses to my request for support emails for over 12 months now.
    MsgTag seemed to be working until today (15th Feb 2018) when suddenly the system starting sending back "wrong password or userid" alerts to my Windows 10 system. It appears that the servers are now not functioning, and I am receiving "bounces" for any support emails I send (previously they just went unanswered). Does anybody know anything about this?

    • Hi Kris,

      Yes, most of the users are also facing it. You need to use any of the alternatives mentioned above. 🙂

      • As a follow-up, strangely the servers started working again and worked fine most of the time from early March 2018 until 4th April 2019 (about 5 weeks ago). I have searhced high and low to see if there is any way to contact whoever can "check the servers" (including a search for Fisher & Young who was (at one time) the owning company.

        • Strange that it worked again. I think we can't use MSGTAG anymore but let's see. Will update the article if i get any info. Meanwhile, you can try other tools. 🙂

  5. hi kris…
    > I suspect that MsgTag is no longer in operation

    ya… it looks like msgtag has gone into the black hole but the website is still up so i have hopes. i have a status2 acct and i've been with them for years. i've emailed them at least 5 times but no replies. too bad, it's a nice simple no frills tracking app. nothing is forever…

    • Hi Norm,

      Yes, as Kris mentioned, most of the users are also facing it. You need to use any of the alternatives mentioned above. 🙂

  6. This article has been very useful in describing the various email tracking tools available on the internet which anyone can avail. With tools like Boomerang, GetNotify, DidTheyReadIt, SalesHandy, Yesware etc. people can track their emails easily with the kind of plan they choose.

    • Yes, I Loved MsgTag as well.
      If any company if bright enough to create an application that performed exactly the way MsgTag did, they will be on to a winner! I am sure everyone who has ever used MsgTag would pay to use such a service, even if it was on a subscription basis (I know I would pay up to $100 per year). Oh well, I guess it will now disappear into the midst of history…. 🙁

      • Hi Chris, I am "John" who wrote the MSGTAG contribution, below. I now use an email program called Outlook Express Classic ( ) which works well for old timers like me who believed absolutely in Microsoft Outlook Express ! For me the dream solution would be for Outlook Express Classic (OEClassic) to incorporate a clone of MSGTAG into OEClassic… The ultimate dream would make the new combined product capable of restoring old Outlook Express back-ups into OEClassic… OK, I'll dream on!

  7. I understand that MSGTAG closed down because it was not (sufficiently!) profitable. I used it from "day-one" and now I feel lost without it! It was run as far as I know out of New Zealand where another software company there MAY take it over… In the meantime what is nearest alternative program to MSGTAG??

    • Well, i don't see any nearest alternatives but you can try Newton mail if you are looking for email client which can track emails or use others like saleshandy or mailtrack.

  8. We are really grateful for your blog post. You will find a lot of approaches after visiting your post. I was exactly searching for. Thanks for such post and please keep it up. Great work.


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