How to Buy Best Gadget Online Which Fits Your Needs


Are you planning to buy a new gadget online in next few days?If “YES“, then you are in the right place and if the answer is “NO” then you will find this post helpful while you buy any gadget online.

Finding the best gadget online is a not so easy thing because we only able to know if a gadget is best fit for us by seeing its images and user reviews. But we really can’t go through every review of every product to choose the best one. So, we finally end up buying a gadget which your friend suggested and will be disappointed after sometime.

So, how to find a best gadget that fits your need?

Well, it’s not that easy but not even harder if done correctly. Don’t get confused. I will explain you the best way you can follow to find the best gadget which fulfills your needs.

Now let’s take a real time scenario where I want to buy an earphones under Rs.2000 with good sound quality and comfort. So, I headed to amazon and searched the earphones but ended up with many earphones and I started to read review of some good earphones based on rating but I unable to find the best earphones which fits my need. So I was totally confused and don’t know which is the best.

It’s not your fault mate…These days buying a new gadget is not so easy because there are various models released daily and which offer various specs.

So, now let me tell the best way to find the best gadget for your needs.

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Let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever used a price comparison site? I think the answer will be yes from many of you but wait have you ever used an aspect comparison site?

Unfortunately, most of the answers will be “NO” but don’t worry.

What is an Aspect?

According to dictionary Aspect meaning is “a particular part or feature of something”. Here Aspect refers to a features of gadget.

There is a site called AspectWise which lets users to make best purchase decisions by showing them good and bad aspects of every gadget. It will show the rating for each aspect of the device and filter and order the gadgets according to the best rated aspects of the you chose and you can quickly see reviews for each aspect based on the selected reviews from the online shopping sites.

AspectWise uses Artificial Intelligence which will grab the reviews from online shopping sites and group them according to aspects and it will filter the useless reviews from all reviews. So you will get handful of reviews needed.

If you wish to buy comfortable earphones under 2K with good sound quality and comfort then head over to AspectWise and then choose any gadget tab. For this I will choose “Headphone” and set a price range and select the aspects (features) which you prefer most and Hit “Find Best Headphones For Me!”. You can see the below screen for reference.

AspectWise Home

AspectWise Search Page

Now you are able to find the headphones based on the aspects you selected and all the results are sorted accordingly and now you can browse through all the reviews grouped according to the aspects rather than all reviews.

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Now i like the first result “Sennheiser CX 275s In-the-ear Headset” and i will click on that result and see its reviews and decide whether it fits my need.

AspectWise Product Page

The most interesting thing you will notice is all the reviews shown are based on the aspects you selected which will make you feel comfortable in choosing the best gadget you love.

AspectWise Reviews on Gadgets

So I think now you can find the earphones which fits your needs.


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