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Instagram in recent has evolved to become an exceptional tool for marketing. Gone are the days when it was personal, only for posting with family and friends. It still is widely used for this purpose, but this social media platform has a LOT more to offer. With around 80% of Instagram users following at least one brand, it becomes obvious that Instagram is here to stay.Engage with your instagram followers

Instagram boasts of having a million active users daily, which makes it a wide market for any product, business or brand.

But it’s certainly not a cakewalk to generate revenue or drive sales from Instagram with the competition that prevails in today’s gen!

It’s all about Engagement!

All the social media platforms are about engagement, and when we talk about Instagram – it’s all that matters! Your potential to generate your desired revenue highly and mostly depends on your level of engagement.

In other words, your revenue and profit level is directly proportional to your level of engagement. A higher level of engagement means that you are more likely to generate high profits.

When you have just begun, followers might be too hesitant to hit that follow button – so for a kick-start, you can consider buying real Instagram followers from an authority website. It helps you rise past the number ‘zero’ in the start.

But again, this is no layman’s job. You need patience, hard work, and determination. So, here we are to give you some tips on increasing the engagement levels of your Instagram profile:

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A Call to Action is a Must

While you are posting on Instagram, you cannot be too blatant or too direct in your approach – a call to action works wonders here. It helps you to communicate with your followers without being too obvious and straight forward about it.

A very good example which would explain to you what it is would be, adding a special discount coupon or code, which your followers would be to able to avail on the products or services you are offering. It is a great way to motivate potential customers and guide your prospectives to sales.

Organic Posts are a Winner

Just posting pictures on Instagram is not enough, your posts need to generate activity for you to be more visible, which in turn would lead to higher levels of engagement. And for you to gain more activity your posts need to be more natural rather than forced.

An example would clear the air above – say, if you are a brand selling clothing apparels, then a post of your product wouldn’t attract as many eyes as a post that depicts your shirt worn by a model. The basic idea is, your posts need to be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

Craft your Captions Well

You can’t undermine that captions certainly have the ability to enhance your posts. They talk to the audience in literal terms and make them aware of your intent. Thus, it increases activity, boosts engagement and ensures instant responses.

If you craft them well with the desired time that it demands, they would give you benefits in the future. Captions could be anything, ranging from general statements, jokes, quotes or just a layer of information about your post.

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But yes, you have to keep a few things in the head while drafting the perfect caption for your post. One thing is, maintaining the same tone in all your posts. It should suit your brand, business, and product.

Consistency is The Key

Wouldn’t it be confusing for your audience to perceive two posts with two totally different interpretations? So, make sure all your posts reflect a consistent message, and yes, of course, you need to be extremely particular about your posting schedule.

I know it’s a lot of work but believe me, it has a list of benefits to offer. Among its numerous benefits, one is, it will make you look dedicated and committed towards your work as well as following. This would help you engage your followers and establish a name in the industry.

Now that we have come to an end to this article, you would have understood, that irrespective of the efficacy of your posts, if you do not follow the right approach, all your effort would be for nothing.

Lastly, remember that it all scales down to your patience, hard work, and effort. There’s no way in the world, you can cut slack on that and survive.


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