LG G5 :Killer Smartphone with True Octa Core And 4K display

After LG G4 release, we get more chance to talk about LG G5. It is not going to exist soon in the market but still we are taking initiatives through murmuring about the phone. So how can we talk about booking the phone at this early stage? All tech enthusiasts will certainly adore the fact that in coming years LG will do grand jump and will compete Korean rival Samsung.


We are hoping the bookings of this phone will commence pretty before its actual release and the advance bookings aspirant will outnumber the people. It will have something to compete with other manufacturers who are already best.

With time the demand of smartphones is increasing day by day and if there will be lengthy interface in a device then surely no one will admire the phone. G3 is the best smartphone of the 2015 according to the MWC as it offers simple interface along with the Phablet. LG G3 carries what people want from their phone and its unique features made various people long for it. We are expecting the same and more from LG G5.

LG G5 will really do something extraordinary in smartphone industry with its multiple internal storage and color range, better battery backup, powerful processor and bigger screen with high quality display. With these rumors, we are predicting that there will be improved camera, high RAM, good sound quality and waterproof and dust-proof body.


LG G5 Features and specifications

Specification of LG G5 will allow the users to have Octa-Core processor clocked at 2.9 GHz. It could be possible of providing 32GB internal storage that will be expanded up to 128 GB through micro SD card. LG G5 boasts 20 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP Front Camera and the battery may go beyond 3300 mAh along with RAM upto 5 GB. There is multiple Color Variants like Silky White, Metallic Black, Steel Blue, Gold, Copper etc and high resolution (1450 X 2570p) LCD display and will be loaded with latest Operating System Android Milkshake.

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LG G Series

It is supposed to be released in 100plus countries roundabout, if you are looking forward of pre-ordering LG G5 later.

Note: Pre-order price is expected to remain between 47K to 50K.

The G5 is having 5.5 inch 3840 x 2160 pixel display (POLED) and 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 128 GB of ROM. There is a Snapdragon 820 14 nm processor at its core and a 21.4 MP back camera with OIS and dual LED flash. It has stereo sound in the mix, with dual speakers which is offering 1 watt of power each.

Eventually, LG G5 offers a 4000 mAh battery that can be fully charges in 1 hour and it will cope to measure just 6.4 mm in thickness. There is an USB type C Port and a fingerprint scanner equipped in the back between the volume buttons.


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