Mass Effect Andromeda: List of Weapons That Could Come In


It has been quite a long while that we have been receiving news and updates regarding the probable features of the game Mass effect 4. And now with the official release date of the game already announced, things are going to get much more exciting for all the fans who have been eagerly waiting for some official news on the game. Hence, before the fans can get access to the gameplay of the game Mass Effect 4, let’s have a look at the weapons which will probably come in the game.

Mass Effect 4

The weapons

The first in the list of weapons that might be provided to the gamers is the M-8 Avenger. The concerned rifle is one of the most popular weapons among the gamers who engage in playing the game Mass Effect Andromeda. It is an automatic rifle which is also regarded as one of the most reliable ones in business as it seldom fails to have an effect on the target.

After the M-8 Avenger, we have the M-920 Cain which is regarded as one of the most lethal in business. It can wreck havoc only with one shot. Even if the target is not hit properly, it will slowly die down. Such has been the capability of the M-920 Cain in inflicting destruction at one go.

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The M-96 Mattock has been one of the most popular weapons that have featured in the Mass Effect franchise. The semi-automatic rifle appeared on the scenes in Mass effect 2 with high accuracy. It has got a low recoil rate. One of the advantages of possessing the M-96 Mattock is the fact that the non-automatic setting enables the user to prevent false auto firing when the soldier is under stress.

Also, expectations are there that the Arc Projector is set to make a comeback onto the scenes after having received good reviews in the game Mass Effect 3. The weapon works really good aginst shielded opponents while the one cannot hit the teammate while playing with this weapon. Another such weapon which works well against shielded opponents is the M-5 Phalanx and it will be really incredible for all the gamers if this one ends up in being one of the available weapons in the game Mass Effect Andromeda. The players can have more impact on the opponent with the aid of these weapons without having least effect on the teammate. That sounds really incredible for one who is planning to get hold of the game Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Other than all these there are also a number of weapons which might feature in the game Mass Effect 4. This list includes the likes of M-98 Widow sniper rifle and M-22 Eviscerator which is employed in order inflict mass killing. Chances are there that the M-300 Claymore will also come in as one of the weapons besides the Sync Laser which is regarded as one of the underperforming weapons.

This list of weapons sounds really interesting for all those who have kept an eye on all the developments regarding the game Mass Effect Andromeda from Bioware. The game will be released on March 21 with versions compatible with the Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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