Have Fun With Water Toys For Babies While Growing Their Skills


Utilizing several chosen baby water toys for encouragement, stimulation, and fun is often an overlooked method of enhancing infant skills development. Many babies adore bathtime, while for others, it is a less fun activity, and they simply tolerate it.

Water toys for kids

And others completely dislike it. It can be beneficial for parents and babies alike to make bathtime a fun exercise and safe, of course. With the aid of the right aids and tools, bathing can be transformed into a learning and skills development exercise too.

Making Bath Time A Fun Experience

In some cases, an adapter or small baby bath for a standard bath can be an excellent way of making bath time more acceptable. Before we talk about incorporating baby water toys, consider buying an exciting and brightly colored baby tub first. It could be one that fits into a standard bath or a stand-alone tub.

Getting Started With Incorporating Baby Water Toys

So what must the first toys be like? Here are some ideas that can work very well.

  • Educational water toys for babies that are made from non-toxic materials can offer plenty of fun and perceptual stimulation. You can opt for letters that are inserted into puzzles that encourage shape and letter recognition. Some of the available choices are quite unique and offer an excellent educational opportunity. Check out Mr Toys Toyworld for a broad selection of educational toys for kids of all ages.
  • Squirt toys are always a hit with the little ones. When you squeeze these colorful and cute characters, they squirt water. It has been the norm for most parents for generations to buy squirt bath toys for their toddlers or baby at some point to make bathtime a more fun experience.

Tips For Making Water Time More Fun

Before diving into baby water toys shopping, think about the changes that you can immediately incorporate to make bath time more enjoyable, with the focus being on having fun. Create a build-up for bath time before getting involved in the fun.

Splash the water a bit, tell your little one a story and just relax and have fun. Also, allow your baby to explore which things are more fun to do in the water. For example, incorporating nesting cups, pressing squirting toys underneath the water to let out a funny burping sound, etc.

Other Water Activities And Aids

There are so many things in and around the house that can be utilized in making bath time more fun. Simple household items like beakers, spouted jugs, empty shampoo bottles, and cups (made from unbreakable and safe materials).

Pouring, filling, and emptying them in the bath can fascinate and entertain babies and toddlers alike. Foam shapes and sponges can make fun bath play items too, under adult supervision, of course, since it can get saturated and release water. A kitchen strainer is an excellent object that can be used in the bath since the shower like effect can pose a lot of fun too.


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