What Has Blogging Got To Do With Losing Weight


At first glance, one might wonder what blogging has got to with losing weight. After all, the case of these two is not even one of comparing apples and oranges, but one of apples and constructing buildings. However, a closer look reveals that these two may have more in common that one would think. In fact, it turns out that this analogy is not as far-fetched as one would imagine and more useful than one would think it would be.

What has blogging got to do with losing weight

It takes persistence, time and effort

Most are well aware how many books are published narrating the tribulations of losing weight and going on diets. The enormous difficulties associated with the task of losing weight and keeping it off are only too well known. Similar is the case of carving out one’s own digital mind-space in a scenario where the market is deluged with information in every area imaginable. It takes an enormous amount of persistence, time and effort to be constantly reviewing which posts strike a chord with the audience and which don’t and adapt accordingly. It’s only this kind of persistence that could ultimately pay off in terms of getting interest from investors, customers and advertisers.

Merely going with the herd will not help

Just like how going for that latest North beach diet just because your neighbour may not work out, hosting your own blog just because “But, everyone has one” is not going to work. Some thought should first go into gaining answers to the questions “What do we need a blog for?”, “What kind of content are we looking to put out there?” and “Who are we trying to reach?”. These answers will constitute the fulcrum of decision to go for starting the blog or not.

Every mile takes a million baby steps

The evolution of most of the top-earning blogs speak of the time-tested, 1-step at a time philosophy. Such blogs almost always were started off by an expert as a no-frills site with a domain-name/hosting package with regular posting of quality content. As the blog gains more traffic, ad links start generating some amount of revenue. Once the blog gains a good amount of traffic and a reasonable amount of ad revenue starts getting generated, the blog typically moves to a more fully-featured platform with increased opportunities for user interaction, downloads, newsletters and services/products/reports for sale. From here on, the growth path of the blog would depend on the vision of the founders and the market environment.

A flood of diets and a flood of information

Just like there is a diet coming into the market every day, ranging from Paleo to South Beach, the amount of information in the market regarding the right approach to successful blogging is endless in itself. Only if a person or organization has clarity on the purpose of the blog, one would be well-placed to sift through this information to decide upon one’s own approach to blogging success.

Are you doing well? Numbers matter

The modern-day obsession with metrics and data also extends to web-publishing and blogging. The basic blogging metrics include Peak user load, Number of hits-overall, Article-wise hits, Blog availability and Comments statistics. All these metrics are closely monitored to build a complete picture of how the blog is currently doing. They would indicate the extent to which the blog has gained a mind-space in the market. This is very similar to how numbers are of key importance in weight-loss. These includes standard workout parameters such as Current weight, Last weight, Time of current run, Distance covered in current run, Weight being lifted, Number of strokes made, Calories burned (Current workout) and Current workout time.


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