Will Facebook bring virtual reality to Mobile Devices?

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Virtual reality has remained in the sci-fi movies so far. However,it is finally going to arrive on our smartphones with the leading social networking service. The past years have seen Facebook gaining a foothold in the Internet world.  We all know that the social media giant is greatly inclined towards virtual reality. Facebook has certainly been successful in entertaining people worldwide with its amazing concepts and applications.

Facebook brings virtual reality for mobile devices
This time the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has announced to bring Virtual reality to mobile phones. In fact, this is the perfect time to grow your business with the use of smartphones as the world is going mobile. Facebook Inc. is constantly working on a standalone video-app that will support a 360-degree view of the video running on mobile application.

During the announcement of the launching of VR (Virtual Reality) to smartphones, Facebook expressed the reason behind putting across this new functionality saying, “Our goal at Facebook is to connect you with the people and things that matter, every single day.” The company executives also mentioned, “Over time, we've seen that people enjoy more immersive content in their News Feeds. This is one reason video has been so successful on Facebook, and we're excited to take it a step further with 360 video.”

Since its inception, Facebook is the most outspread social media platform that retains maximum active user base and gains over a billion new users every month. As of 2015 second-quarter, Facebook accounts to 1.49 billion monthly active users. For this technology-driven project of VR, Mark Zuckerbergis hoping a significant support from Oculus (parent company of Facebook). Oculus is expected to host useful experiences in the virtual world for mobile users like fixing your appointment with a doctor, getting you seats for concerts and sports events in your city.

The Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR is going to bring a positive change in the current usage of the application. The CEO seems excited as well as sanguine about the whole VR project. The team feels that it will show a bombastic start with hard-core mobile gamers who are ready to invest in 3-D gaming on high-performance desktops.

While Oculus has already announced a virtual reality head-mounted display with name Rift, both companies are foreseeing the Facebook VR for mobile devices to be a much bigger and wider deal. Rift’s first consumer version will be launched in the market by the first quarter of 2016.

Both Facebook and Oculus can take the advantage of their core competencies to build an entirely avant-garde service for professional and personal usage. Facebook’s Connect platform will be helpful for users to move their real-world entities and friend networks into this virtual world. Similarly, the existing VR product of Oculus will also benefit the company to apply the functionality and core concepts.

Apart from Facebook, other tech firms invading the virtual space are Google Inc.,Microsoft Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Corporation and AltspaceVR that recently launched Virtual Tabletop Game Space.

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Top 10 Online Shopping Android Apps In India

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The digital era has changed life by leaps and bounds for good. Surviving without our phones is next to unimaginable. Right from the alarm that wakes us up to apps which put us to sleep! It indeed has become our master. That is exactly why it's necessary to find out the 10 most popular and handy shopping android apps.

1. Myntra

Myntra android app

This will come as no surprise. The e-commerce giant with plethora of options and humongous fan following has only made things much simpler with its app. This is one must have.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart android app

Easy categories, more choices, reliable reviews, all this and more. Flipkart app has changed lives of shoppers for better!

3. Amazon

Amazon android app

This is no brainer either. Open the windows to global shopping with the much loved Amazon shopping site.

4. Jabong

Jabong android app

Huge variety and many brands, all under one umbrella. Who wouldn't want that? All this just an app-installation away!

5. Paytm

Paytm android app

Paytm is not just shopping, it's inclusive of all the hassles such as recharge and timely bill payments. This is one multi-tasker which deserves a place ion your phone.

6. Ebay

Ebay android app

After winning hearts abroad, Ebay has established a strong foothold in India with its user-friendly interface and amazing deals!

7. Uber

Uber android app

Need an urgent ride? Install Uber and derive the pleasure of speedy travels at cheaper prices. They are now present across all the major cities in India. So you can rely on them to ride in style at a much less price than auto rikshaw.

8. Oyo Rooms

Oyo Rooms android app

It is innovative and a fast-catching up trend. Need a room last minute which while it meets your requirements at lower costs? Oyo is the answer to your qualms. Oyo Rooms has many attractive offers to those who want to stay when not at home. Enjoy them!

9. Yepme

Yepme android app

This is for the young trendy squad with a flair for fashion! The best of branded clothes and style at prices which will give even street shops a run for their money!

10. Shopclues

Last but not the least, it's extremely handy and easily navigable. Shopclues is all desi with your favorite brands under one platform.

Shopclues android app

Apps is definitely one of the most useful and feasible products as a result of technology. When technology is providing you with such a big boon why not make the proper use of it? Install them now and watch your shopping experience take a completely new turn in your favor. You can thank us later!

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Sravanthi works at GrabOn. She is good at list making, writing and surfing the web. She believes that there’s really no such thing that is IMPOSSIBLE! You can find her writings on GrabOn blog and various other blogs and website.

How To Improve Battery Performance In Your Android

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Are you like many of the smart phone users who are frustrated with the short battery life of Android? I seriously can’t blame you for your frustration but believe me when I say that I will help you to remove this frustration. I will share with you, the secrets to improve battery performance in your android. When you are using your smart phone, you have to be smarter than it, to keep yourself away from worries. As I already have discussed about Hidden Android Tricks in Lollipop, JellyBean and Kitkat versions, here I am presenting you with many ways for improving battery performance in your Android. Good news for you is that these ways are extremely simple.

Improve Battery Performance In your Android smartphone

How To Improve Battery Performance In Your Android?

1. Reduce the level of brightness

I think this is the most common way to improve the battery performance in your android. As you keep on increasing the brightness of your screen, your Android starts sucking more battery to illuminate the screen brighter. The solution to save this battery life is to reduce the brightness to 50% or lower than that. Never keep your brightness level of the screen to 100%. It is neither good for your eyes nor for your Android. Or you can choose ‘Adaptive Brightness’ option available in Android, to automate the brightness adjustments for you.

2. You don’t need all the widgets

Widgets are great because they enable us to see all the information by just one glance on thebackground. Did you also know that widgets are even great in consuming battery? It is the time to say goodbye to your unused widgets. Do you use a weather widget who keeps on updating itself after every minute when you don’t even need to know about the atmospheric condition? If yes, then remove it coz it is doing you no good. There might be many such widgets running in the background which might not come of any use to you. Clear them all and you can experience improved battery performance.

3. Turn off the Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and WiFi

We all know that we don’t need Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and WiFi all the time. And when we know that we are not using it, what is the logic behind keeping it on? The answer is there are no such reasons/logic's. You won’t gain anything from keeping them on but I can surely say that you will lose a lot of battery to keep them working. To improve the battery performance in your Android, simply switch them off.

4. Ever heard about Clean Master?

I know there are many junk apps available in the Google Play which claim to boost the battery life, but do nothing. Still I am suggesting you to go for this app- Clean Master. Do you know the reason why? It is because I have used it and I have seen the result. Clean Master really improves battery life in your Android. You can see all the running apps of your Android device in Clean Master. Once you have seen it, the only thing that you need to do is ‘Kill’ or ‘Stop’ the apps that you aren’t using.

5. Update all your apps

Do you know what an updated version of an app means? It means that they are giving you the better version of the app and when you are getting better stuff, you should grab it quickly. The updated apps will save memory in your device and apart from that it will also improve the battery life in your Android. So, once in a while keep on updating the apps of your device. And of course, in some cases, updates also ruin the performance. But, the developers will soon recognize it and give you a new update as soon as possible. So, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I have provided you the five simplest ways to improve battery life in your Android. You don’t need to search for any other ways because the ways that I have provided you is sufficient to improve the battery level in your Android to a considerable amount. Try the above mentioned ways and do let me know if you see any improvement in the battery life of your Android device. There are also few tips to improve battery performance on Windows 10 laptops, as I can see many users frustrated with their laptops running on Windows 10. Do let us know what you think in the comment section.

The Super Intelligent Train App - RailYatri.in

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RailYatri android app is by far the most feature rich app for managing your train travel. Here you really find everything about your train travel under one roof, except for ticketing which we all know can only be done through IRCTC due to licensing reasons.

Rail Yatri
Rail Yatri
The app embraces some of the latest and greatest design fundamentals laid out of Android in it's recent Lollipop version such as material design and card layout. This gives the app a new and modern look and also allows the user to get additional and related information than what he just asked for such as near by stations, alerts, directions, maps etc.

First look at the app and you can tell that is is not the run of the mill train app with a bunch of menu icons. While the menu is nicely tucked in the slide in left panel, the home screen has a set of cards that are related to your upcoming trips and your location which means that the home screen has different custom cards for every user which is pretty neat.

The other impressive thing about the app is the way it integrates and supplements additional helpful information with basic queries that the user may not have asked for specifically but is sure helpful. You'll get a sense of this as I describe the features below.

Planning tools:

1) Trains Between Stations

It's a standard search to see a listing of all trains running between two station and see what days of the week they run on. The search results can be narrowed down by days of the week that the train runs on.

2) Time Table

The standard time table comes with some nice bells and whistles. You can view the route of the train on a map. You can also save the time table for offline viewing and save on your data costs. If there are any alerts in the near future related to a particular train such as the Cancellation of the train, New Stoppages being added on the route etc, you see it nice then and there. The time table also lists the platform number for different station on the route. This seems to be crowd sourced information and any user can contribute to this information. This is a nice way to organize a rather unorganized set of data.

3) Seat Availability

Seat Availability comes with this sweet little value added information that can be as helpful as a guiding light in a dark forest. It shows you the 'confirmation probability' i.e. the chances of your ticket getting confirmed if you were to book it at the given wait listed status. This can really come in handy when you are weighing your options and given the scarcity of confirmed tickets. The same applies to

4) Fare Calculator

Traditionally, we are used to providing 4-6 different inputs such as Train number, date of journey, class of travel etc to see that final number called total fare. You can take it easy with RailYatri's own fare calculator. Just provide your train no./ name and see the fare for the entire route. Here, you can easily toggle all your options and the fare is recalculated in a snap. Easy Peasy. Also, it provides you a detail break up of what you are being charged for, as granular as Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch etc. Excellent!

Travel Tools:

1) Live Train Status

RailYatri.in claims to be using their in-house algorithm to predict the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and claims to be much more accurate than any other source. This they do taking into account the GPS location they've received from their 1+ million users around the country, historical performance of the trains and other such information. If this works, this could be path breaking.

2) GPS Train Locator and Speedometer

This is perhaps the most interesting and innovative feature to come out in the app world recently. If you are on board a train, it just takes your location and tells you exactly where you are with respect to the past and next station on your route. This just beats every other source of information out there and is supplemented with other information like distance in kilometer for the stations, status of the trains etc. Similarly, you can also check the speed at which the train is running and how is it with respect to it's designated speed (too slow, too fast, normal)

3) PNR Status

Just like seat availability, PNR status shows you the confirmation probability (low, medium, high) if you have a wait listed ticket. Other useful information such as seat layouts, basic rail maps of major cities etc. can be found here. The app auto-tracks your wait listed PNR and send you push alerts on every status change. You can also subscribe a few phone numbers to receive PNR update alerts for free.

4) My Trips

This is the umbrella that covers all the other features we've covered so far. Simply put, it is an excellent way to organize your train travel and keep it simple. No more scrambling around the menu, remembering your PNRs, switching between apps, typing train numbers. Once a trip is added, you've a one-click access to everything you'll need for managing your trip. You should definitely check it out and you'll be amazed. The app also auto detects SMS from IRCTC and adds the trip for you. Just another great convenience. You can also share a copy of your trip with your loved ones so that they get the same convenience using the RailYatri app.

5) RailWisdom:

Another uniqueness! All kind of travel trivia from places to visits, what to eat, contact numbers for station masters, how to book a retiring room, availability of wheel chairs parking, ancient stories about a place etc. is collectively called RailWisdom. This is again crowdsourced by RailYatri.in and apparently from frequent travelers on a particular route. This just opens up your door to a sea of knowledge and can make up for a good read during your journey. Many of them are accompanied by interesting images and Food Wisdom could be particularly interesting.

Local Trains:
RailYatri.in is the only app to include information on local trains for 11 cities which not only includes all the metros such as Mumbai, Kolkata but also a few tier 2 cities such as Ahmedabad, Katra. It allows you to save one or multiple routes (Ex: From home to Work) and consistently shows you the next three upcoming trains for that route. A very handy feature for daily commuters taking local trains to and from work.

Food and Taxi booking:
A great addition to the gamut. This sounds like an end of your woes about crappy pantry food and haggling with auto / taxi drivers. RailYatri.in has partnered with names like TravelKhana for food delivery and Taxi for sure besides other vendors for food delivery and taxi booking respectively. All you have to so it to share your phone number and the vendor call you to provide you required details and book your order. These services are cash on delivery.

IRCTC ticket booking:
Although RailYatri.in doesn't book the tickets, they still provide a one click access to IRCTC website so that the users can get be spared of remember a few URLs.

A great app that seems to be improving with every release. The kind of data they've exposed to the user such as RailWisdom, Platform Numbers, independent ETA algorithm etc. gives them a leap so far ahead that no other app even comes close.

How To Reset Forgotten HP Windows 10 Login Password

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I have an HP Envy computer (27-K119) with Windows 10 and have been locked out of my computer – it does not accept my windows password to log into the desktop.So now I am stuck. I cannot back up my data and I am being told by HP that I have no choice but to perform a factory-reset and wipe-out all my existing data.
Incorrect Password Screen
It is really a big trouble if you forget your sign-in password. You are prevented from accessing Windows. If you need the computer to do homework or other subjects urgently, you can follow the advice contained in this article. It shows you three basic methods for resetting HP Windows 10 password.

Note: Windows 10 features the option to sign to your computer using either a Microsoft account or a local user account. Therefore, please be sure what type of account did you created.

Tip: The methods explained below are applicable for all windows 10 PC's and Laptops

Method 1. Resetting your account password using a password reset disc

This method applies to local account only, not for Microsoft account. And the password reset disc must have created when you can access into your PC before.
  1. Turn on the computer and attempt to enter the sign-in password at the Windows sign-in screen. 
  2. If the password was entered incorrectly, a message displays stating the user name or password is incorrect. Click OK. 
  3. Insert your password reset disc, and then click Reset password.
  4. The Password Reset Wizard displays. Click Next.
  5. Select the password key location from the drop-down menu, and then click Next.
  6. In the spaces provided, type a new password, type it again to confirm, and create a password hint to help you remember the password in the future. When done, click Next.
  7. If the password was reset successfully, click Finish.
  8. Use the new password to sign in to Windows. You do not need to create a new password reset disc for the new password. 
If your account is Microsoft one, there is no other option. You can search the internet for password recovery software. Such as Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate, it can recover Microsoft live account password.
Windows Password Recovery Tool
Windows Password Recovery Tool

Method 2. Using an old password

Many users upgrade Windows 10 from Windows 8 and then lost login password. If you still remember the old password you have used in Windows 8, you can restore the system back to a time when you were using a password that you remember.
  1. Turn on the computer and immediately press the F11 key repeatedly to open HP System Recovery. 
  2. Under I need help immediately, click Microsoft System Restore.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore the computer to a previous state.

Method 3. Using local store password recovery service or online password recovery software

If you have never created password recovery disc before and you have forgot the old one too. The three options may be helpful.
  1. Perform an HP System Recovery. To be honest, this is not recommended for it will erase all files, including local password information. It is the final choice if there is no way available. 
  2. Call local computer repair and service stores. In general, it takes around $200 to fix it.
  3. .Using password recovery software. This is much more economical. In general, $20 can help you work out everything. Take Windows Password Recovery Tool for example, the most expensive version is $44.95. It can recover local/domain/Microsoft account by creating password recovery CD/DVD/USB. If you only need to recover local account and your computer have CD/DVD drive, the Standard version can help you fix all issue with only $17.95. Other software is also available. You can choose it according to your requirements.

TinyOwl App- An App That Every Foodie Wants

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TinyOwl application which was dispatched a year over from now is an incredible nourishment application for sustenance requesting. It was at first dispatched for administrations in the city of Mumbai and has in the long run developed out to give its administration system to couple of enormous city urban areas of India which are Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon. The execution and prominence of this sustenance application has seen gigantic development which is apparent from its extension in a short compass of time. This nourishment requesting application is enormously well known in the city of Mumbai and has now extended operations in the city of Pune as well. Proficient Food Delivery Pune is the new focus for the application.
TinyOwl App
TinyOwl App
TinyOwl application keeps running under TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd. furthermore, is claimed by Harshvardhan Mandad. This sustenance requesting application offers an extensive variety of components to its clients around the city and keeping in pattern likewise makes accessible numerous nourishment coupons that bring markdown at whatever point the application clients arranges accordingly. TinyOwl food ordering application is must to have application for every one of the foodies who affection to investigate the enjoyments from distinctive eateries or who basically think that it’s hard to mastermind sustenance at the fancied time. TinyOwl application has effectively led its operations in the urban communities of Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Hyderabad and now it is swing to change the nourishment requesting background with its sustenance conveyance Pune.

Elements of TinyOwl App

TinyOwl nourishment requesting application is certain a paradise for a foodie. Notwithstanding for a standard individual, this application has real advantages. One can get the advantage of burning sustenance in a matter of seconds conveyed comfortable doorstep. The sustenance application is super simple to download and introduce on a Smartphone and obliges no exceptional interface.

Straightforward User Interface that accompanies Location Detector

Staying consistent with its statement, the TinyOwl application is a magnificent application in the matter of convenience and suddenness. Without any irritating promotions, the application makes utilization of a straightforward and liquid interface so you can make nourishment determination in a jiffy.

How this application functions ponders for its clients is by making a careful evaluation of the area of its client through their signed in record. By recognizing your present area, the application basically shows a mixture of choices of nourishment joints in your territory.

Decisions of Restaurants & Flexible Payment Options

Decisions of Restaurants & Flexible Payment Options The application lives up to expectations in an astounding approach to give you the choice of all accessible sustenance joints from where you can arrange nourishment. In this way you get the advantage of decision. To guarantee that your whole sustenance requesting background is a wonderful one, the application additionally permits you to choose different installment choices among charge card, platinum card, net keeping money, PayTM wallet and money down. You can even search for Best restaurant deals from this app.

Great Customer Support

The TinyOwl application tries to upgrade your involvement with the sustenance conveyance. Consequently it keeps a track of the status of your request and keeps you redesigned about the same. This is accomplished through the fabulous client bolster administration of the application.

Last Words

TinyOwl is an astounding new measurement to the procedure of nourishment conveyance. Be it a sustenance fan or not, the application has conveyed extraordinary worth administration in a short compass of time. Nourishment Delivery Pune that has been dispatched as of late has additionally turned into a tremendous achievement.

15+ Best Email Tracking Tools

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Do want to track your email and know when the Email was read and track everything like links clicked, IP address, Browser, Operating system, Location etc about your email, then this post is for you. There are many free email tracking services and even premium out there which helps you track your email but its hard to decide which one to choose.
15+ email trcking tools
Email Tracking Tools
Some tools are available for free and some are premium with excellent features which can be usefull for your bussiness and increase sales. So here are the list of best email tracking tools, just read and choose the best suitable one for your purpose.

1. Yeswave

Yesware is the most powerfull which has full-fledged email tracking and reporting features. It not only tracks the emails which you send, you can also schedule your emails for sending them later and it can be easily integrated with any CRM like Salesforge, SugarCRM etc.
It completely integrated with Gmail and Outlook. It gives all kinds of information you need to know of an email which you send such as when the email was read and how many times it was read, links clicked, attachments downloaded, device from which email opened along with IP address and more.

It also has a mail merge feature which allows you to Quickly send personalized emails to up to 200 people at once. The free version of this tool gives you a capability to track 100 emails per month and if you want more you can upgrade.For new signup you will 30-Day free trail of enterprise version.

Add Yeswave to chrome

Pricing : Free and premium plans.

2. LiveHive

LiveHive is another amazing tool which is perfect for bussiness. It has all the cutting-edge features which fulfill the needs of your bussiness. It helps you increase the productivity by tracking emails which shows you the engagement statics which includes where your email is forwarded, number of clicks on links and number of attachments downloaded etc.

It has custom email templates which can increase your sales. But the only disappointing thing is it doesn't have a free plan but you can try any plan for 14-days with full features. If you have a bussiness and want to skyrocket it then LiveHive is best for you.

Pricing: Premium plans (14-Day free trail for every plan).

3. Bananatag

Bananatag is a chrome extension which can be used with chrome and Firefox. It provides perfect tracking reports for all emails you send using Bananatag. It notifies you when your email is read, links clicked, device used, location etc. It can be easily integrated with all email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and many other. You can only track 5 emails/ day with free plan and increase this by using premium plans.

Add Bananatag to chrome

Pricing : Free and premium

4. Sidekick

SideKick is another amazing tool which has the following features.
  1. Information about your contacts and their history.
  2. Know when someone opens , clicks email and also provide information about how many times,where and from which device your email was read.
  3. Email scheduling for sending them later ( Comming Soon).
Pricing : Free

5. ToutApp

ToutApp is best and complete sales acceleration solution. It manages repetitive tasks very easily. It has all email tracking features and Salesforce integration. The most unique feature is its real-time tracking reports, get real-time statistics of all your sent emails. This tool is mainly designed to streamline and standardize your sales and close the deals very quickly. It doesn't have any free plan but you can try this for 14 days and upgrade later.

Add ToutApp to chrome

Pricing : Premium plans (14-Day free trail for every plan)

6. Rebump

Rebump comes with a unique concept which the name indicates. It has a feature to track emails and the most interesting thing is it sends follow-up emails for the emails which are not responded after specific number of days so that you can get fast response rate. It gives a 30-Day free trail and after you need to upgrade. It has single premium plan.

Add Rebump to chrome

Pricing : Premium plans ( 30-Day free trail for every plan ).

7. Contact Monkey

Contact Monkey
Contact Monkey
Contact Monkey is another email tracking tool which has capability to notify you when your mail was read, how many times it was read, links clicked along with device and location information from which your email has been read. It is very usefull for sales people who want to know their emails engagement and prepare plans accordingly. It also can be integrated with Salesforge and can use Salesforge right from your inbox. It has a free plan which can track 100 emails per month and upgrade later.

Add Contact Monkey to chrome

Pricing : Free and Premium plans

8. FollowUp

FollowUp is an excellent tool which has the feature to get you notifed when the email is read and it also has another unique features which allows you to set remainders for yourself and also can be made to remind to the person who didn't respond to your email after few of reading it. It reminds the other person as "We are waiting for your reply". You can even schedule your emails for sending them later. Unfortunately their is no free plan or free trail available for using this tool.

Pricing : Paid plans

9. Right Inbox

Right Inbox is very simple to use. It seemlessly integrates with your Gmail and provides two options which are "Send later" and "Reminder me". These options are really simple to use and more efficient. The only thing Right Inbox lacks is it doesn't have a feature to track when and how your email read. It has a free plans which allows you to track only 10 emails per month with limited features and depending on your need you need to upgrade.

Pricing : Free and Premium plans.

10. Mail Track

Mail Track is very interesting free email tracking software tool you never seen before. The amazing feature of Mail Track is it gives you the indication by "Double- tick" marks. Single tick indicates your email has been sent and double-tick indicates your email has been read also shows number of reads when you hover onto the double-tick mark.
Read Receipts in Mail Track
Read Receipts in Mail Track
Its really very easy to use and thoroughly integrates with Gmail so that you can track emails in Gmail. Do you remember Whats App double ticks, its same as Whats App. It comes with a free plan which is free forever with limited features which can track emails sent from Gmail. Add Mail Track to chrome

Pricing: Free and Premium plans.

11. Boomerang

Boomerang is simple to use chrome extension with has features for email tracking, remainders and follow-up when email is not replied. It can also integrate with CRM like salesforge so that you can track emails in CRM. It comes with a free plan which can track 10 emails per month

Add Boomerang to chrome

Pricing: Free and Premium plans available.

12. mxHero

mxHero is great tool which tracks your sent emails and you can select options such as attachment track, self destruct, private delivery, send later, Reply Timeout and many more. If you select self destruct then your email will be destroyed in 5 minutes of reading the email. This is a free email tracking service with fully loaded features.

Add mxHero to chrome

Pricing: Free plan

13. Streak

Streak is a chrome extension which can track emails in gmail. It shows an eye icon which may be green or grey which indicates whether the email was read. It also gives information about the device, location from where the email was read and notifies you when the your email was read. This is similar to "Mail Track". It also integrates with CRM.

Read Receipts in Streak
Read Receipts in Streak

Add Streak to chrome

Pricing : Free and Premium plans available

14. GetNotify

GetNotify is another different and free email tracking service. It doesn't have any plugin which you need to install. All you need is to signup for GetNotify and when sending an email just suffix .getnotify.com to the email address of sender which will not be visible to the sender. It notifies you when your email read, links clicked, IP address, location, browser and OS used and also shows how much time your email was read.

Example : haishkumar@tricksladder.com.getnotify.com

Pricing : Free

15. DidTheyReadIt

DidTheyReadIt is also works same as GetNotify but the only difference it has a free trail feature which will expire after some days and you need to upgrade. it has some less features compared to GeNotify. First you need to signup for a free account and then when you send an email just attack .didtheyreadit.com as suffix for senders email address.

Example : haishkumar@tricksladder.com.didtheyreadit.com

Pricing : Free and premium plans available.


MSGTAG is completely different from all email tracking services. It is a software which you need to doenload and install on your system and which can switched on/off from your system tray. It supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Netscape Mail, Eudora and Pegasus Mai. It notifies you when the email read. In free version MSGTAG it will place a MSGTAG Footer and to remove it you need to upgrade and free version has limited features.

Pricing : Free and premium plans available

17. Track emails with Google Analytics

This is not a tool nor service, its a google script developed by Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration. The working is simple, all you need to do is compose email but before sending open this Gmail tracking script and select your email and enter your Google analytics id and send the email. To know status of your email just open your Google Analytics and goto events and you will find realtime status of your email.

Pricing : Free.

Have anything to add to the list, just comment below :)

Nitesh Logos – The New Trending Project in Bangalore

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Located in downtown Bangalore within the prime area of the respectable Abbas Alli Road, off MG Road, residences of Nitesh Logos distinguishes itself because the richest and spectacular address in Bangalore. The residents can have the convenience of luxury hotels just like the Taj Residency and the Oberoi, and alternative world category searching at the side of a number of the best banks like Deutsche Bank, HSBC Bank and Citi Bank. They're all close to a number of fine restaurants and bars which most residents enjoy visiting after a long day’s work.

Nitesh Logos

The residents at Nitesh Logos Bangalore can get pleasure from outstanding amenities, privacy and distinctive style options thought through well by Warner Wong, Singapore’s interiors designer, and  Belt Collins, Singapore’s designer for landscape and CNT.

Nitesh Logos elevates luxury living to a brand new level of sophistication in Bangalore. With extraordinary finishes, features, focused facility management group and dramatic landscaping providing seclusion, it makes these singly carved residences the city’s most fascinating place to measure.

The facilities and independence one enjoys in such surroundings is big. At Nitesh Logos one will discover a lifetime of best luxury, unflawed exactitude with a personal pool, French windows and a zealous caretaker service. The residents at Nitesh Logos will get pleasure from pleasing home with styles done by foreign architects who translate the state of art technology into lavish areas packed with life. The homes are singly carved  and improved to produce seclusion for every apartment.

Nitesh Estates is an integrated property development company headquartered in Bangalore, India. From 2004, it has grown up into a corporation celebrated for its stylish developments in developing Buildings, Residence, Hotels and Malls. Among few years of its origin, Nitesh Estates has brought over twenty million area unit of house below development as premium living, working, and leisure space - an outstanding growth fuelled by the resolute and dynamic leadership of its introduction director, Mr. Nitesh Shetty.  These days the corporation may be a listed entity on NSE.

Driven by its dynamic management, Nitesh Estates needs to credit a series of firsts: the primary win of India's largest company public housing (ITC Limited), one amongst the primary few to draw in FDI in assets (Och Ziff and Citigroup) and contains a distinguishing of transfer to Asian nation the world Luxury Chain - The Ritz Carlton and fitting its first property in Bangalore.

The Company is ruled by a collection of Senior Eminent Board of administrators. The agency overlooks the operations of the corporation. Nitesh Estates is India's most recognized Luxury assets completion, and is to blame for several of South India's most recognized developments. Superior quality, attention to details and demanding perfection are always the standards that Nitesh Estates demands throughout its projects - from homes to offices and from buildings to malls. The expertise of owning a Nitesh Estates property and living the Nitesh mode is unequaled. One will sense the Nitesh completion in each facet of the properties that bear its name - from the look driven, leading edge facades creating effort with the world's best architects, to the unflawed interiors - no detail is unnoted. With every piece of its properties, Nitesh Estates is working hard and smart to boost the bar of super luxury living systematically.