Coupon Chaska Review: Shop And Get Free Mobile Rechage

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Online Shopping is the trend now-a-days. Everyone wants to shop online and get their products delivered to their home. Before online shopping was introduced, people use to buy products by going to the shopping malls but now trend is changed everyone wants to shop online by sitting at their home. We can now shop online with just a click, then the product will be delivered at your doorsteps. This not saves a lot of time but also provides convenience.


As online shopping is trending now, people wants discounts on every product they want to buy online. There are various sites that offers coupons through which you can get huge discounts on all your products. One of such sites is Coupon Chaska which is the only site that offers discount coupons along with recharge. This makes Coupon Chaska stand out among the crowd. By using Coupon Chaska, you will get huge discount coupons along with recharge on every product you buy from Coupon Chaska. By buying product through Coupon Chaska you can get recharge upto 120 INR within 10 days of purchase. Lets get into deep about Coupon Chaska site.

What is Coupon Chaska?

Coupon Chaska is India’s first and only Coupon site which offers Mobile recharge along with coupons on each shopping. As the name implies Coupon Chaska is all about Coupons for the products you buy online. The best thing about Coupon Chaska is you can get free recharge offer upto 120 INR along with discount coupons. So you will get double benefit by shopping online using Coupon Chaska coupons. You can buy any product through any e-commerce shopping sites with discount coupons provided by Coupon Chaska. As Coupon Chaska is linked most popular shopping sites like Flipkart, amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, yepme and many other.It also offers exiting american swan coupons and fashionara coupons.

Why Coupon Chaska?

The answer to this question is very simple, Coupon Chaska not only offers you exiting Coupons but also provides you Free Recharge. While all other coupon sites will offer you only coupons to get discount on all products you buy. This makes Coupon Chaska different form all other coupon sites.

Does Coupon Chaska Offers coupons for products on all shopping sites?

Coupon Chaska is linked to almost all popular shopping sites like
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Jabong
  • Myntra
  • Ebay and many more.
Popular Online Shopping Stores on Coupon Chaska

How to use Coupon Chaska?

Coupon Chaska works in 3 easy steps
  1. Select an Offer or Coupon and fill your details such as Email and Phone number in the form.
  2. Visit your desire online store using coupon Chaska.
  3. Purchase your desired product and get free mobile recharge.

Steps To Shop On Coupon chaska

How to get Free Mobile recharge using coupon Chaska?

  1. First after entering to the Coupon Chaska site click on “Enter Your Mobile Number” Which is on the top-right corner of the site as shown in below image.
  2. Get recharge using Coupon Chaska
  3. Now a pop up will appear asking you to enter your mobile number and email, enter all details and even you can skip.
  4. Coupon-chaska-popup
  5. After that your mobile number will be saved and you will get free recharge on every product you buy through Coupon Chaska.
  6. Now goto your favorite site by click on “View Offer” as shown below.
  7. Coupons-on-Coupon-Chaska
  8. Now after entering your desired shopping site apply the coupon code at the time of payment .You will need to apply Coupon code within 3 days of your shopping.
  9. After your purchase you will receive an email or SMS regarding your recharge which will be activated within 10 days of your purchase.
Final words: Coupon Chaska is very popular site with a new concept "Shop and talk".Coupon Codes on Coupon Chaska not only gives you Coupons, but also free recharges and moreover makes your shopping with more ease.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Another Beast In the Row

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Here comes an alternate antecedent in the news of the extremely stunning and frequented Samsung's Galaxy S arrangement. The organization has dependably been among the most loved of its column in the clients. Individuals have constantly favored the new peculiarities being dispatched in the arrangement and it is difficult to disregard the one and move to another genera of organization.

Same in this series, the amazing specs and features which are about to come in this device are be of the follow types:

The Specifications and the Rumor around

As it is pretty sure that the new smartphone i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with amazing integration of software and hardware core. As per the rumors of Galaxy S7 by our very trusted sources suggest, we can see 4GB RAM and 5G features with a very nice and friendly user experience for sure. These are just not all what is in the row you will be able to get what you have till now not even guessed in the features and specification list of the Samsung's new beast Galaxy S7. Although there are many more exciting features in future in which some are stated below.

The brute additionally emphasizes a 4 GB ultra extensive principle memory which we typically indicate by saying RAM. Presently you can envision what is the extent of your smart phone/ desktops RAM and where the organization will lead this mammoth Samsung Galxy S7 to rank upon.

Albeit in the current preparing Right now, we don't have any data about the processor overhauls for Galaxy S7 yet most presumably it will have 64-bit Exynos processor with 3.5 Ghz handling force. We can appraise this due to the last patterns which organization has constantly given in the points of reference of the arrangement. In this way, all you parents over yonder be prepared for the extremely quick multi-tasking and quick preparing Smartphone in the column, which is certain to hypnotize you in the go.

On other hand, as we examining there must be something captivating in showcase diagram of Samsung Galaxy S7 and yes Samsung would take after the objectives of individuals. You can expect 4K showcase or adaptable presentation from next Galaxy S approach PDA. Only two years previous, in Smartphone industry HTC and LG were two savage to experience the 3D showcase in their mobile phone, however the reaction were not in moving in viewpoint of the 3D blocks in the presentation and now who knows whether Samsung will bring some high determination, low utilize and best 3D presentation as a part of phones.

Some unique specifications

  • Genuine Octa-Core 3.x Ghz processor
  • 3D 4K determination show or 2k adaptable presentation measuring 5.2 inches
  • 4GB RAM
  • 20 MP ultra low light affectability sensor
  • Ultra Fast Finger Print criminologist Sensor
  • A small scale Projector
  • Superfast charging battery (Charging time 5 Minutes)
Surely, a surprise is needed in cell phone industry and one year from now is going to be amazingly stunning for us. HTC is calm since long in the business part and distinctive makes are similarly going to holler uproarious and going to welcome 2015. Furthermore it is important to talk about the budget too soon, because all-in-all it is your pocket where the smartphone will fit itself.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

Although the Official releasing date of Samsung Galaxy S7 for India is not yet declared by the company. However, According to our estimate Samsung Galaxy S7 is likely to get released in early or mid of 2015 in India.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price In India

The same spec as always that the Official Price of Samsung Galaxy S7 is not yet released by the company, but there is availability of approximate prices as always. We set the approximate prices according to the specs of the smartphone and noticing the trend which the company follows:
  • India : Rs 60,000
  • Canada: $999
  • USA: $999
  • Denmark : 6000 Danish Krone

Samsung Galaxy S7 Final Review

This high-end rumoured concept smartphone (called the beast of all times) with an S-OLED screen from the Samsung Galaxy array consists of a smooth and beautiful design which is quite wider and thinner than its predecessors. Having a very good and its OLED screen and such exciting features, you will not only be buying a phone but also a fully capable pocket-tablet merged in a unique hardware. A highly recommended Android beast for those who just can’t get enough of whatever they already possess and want so much in the going row.

Access Your Friends WhatsApp Account on Your Phone

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Hello everyone, I’m back with the most exciting WhatsApp trick. This trick will explain you how to access your friends WhatsApp from your mobile device.

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Just follow the step-by-step procedure for complete trick. So let’s get started.

1. Uninstall WhatsApp from Your Mobile Phone or device

In this step you need to uninstall your WhatsApp completely, but don’t worry we will install it again. But uninstall it completely by clicking on clear data and then uninstall.

2. Obtain Your Target Friends Phone

We need to have an access to your friend’s mobile phone or sometime to complete our process.

3. Find you’re and Target Phones MAC (Medium Access Control) Address

The MAC Address is a unique Identifier assigned to your phone or device and used for online identity.MAC Address may be a pair of letters or numbers separated by colons. Just note down your friends MAC Address. To find the MAC Address just follow the instructions.
  • On an Android, Go to settings>About Phone status>Wi-Fi MAC address.
  • On an IPhone, Go to settings>General>About >MAC address.
  • On a Windows Phone,Go to settings>More info>MAC address
  • On a Blackberry, Go to Options>Device>Device and Statuses info>WLAN MAC
Just note down your mobile device MAC address and target phones MAC address.

4. Change Your Phone’s MAC address to Your Target

By changing your phone’s MAC address to your target’s phone MAC address will make WhatsApp that you are target when you login.
  • On an Android Phone, You need to install BusyBox and Terminal Emulator. In the terminal, type “ip link show” to see a list of interfaces. Identify the one which has your MAC address.For example, in terminal type “ip link set eth0 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX” “ip link set eth0 broadcast XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”. Where eth0 is the interface which you have identified and XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is your target’s MAC address.
    To check whether you changes your MAC address successfully enter “ip link show eth0”.
  • On an Iphone, install a MAC spoofing app like MacDAddy or WifiSpoof to change your Mac address.

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Get unlimited Recharge

Install and Configure Your WhatsApp on Your Phone

After installing your WhatsApp, just enter your friends or target mobile number rather than your number to receive their messages. Now a confirmation message will be sent to your target’s phone. Now you need to access your target and enter that code and delete that message.
Now you can able to recieve all your target phone's messages and even reply them!
If you no need to access your target mobiles WhatsApp,just follow the same steps above to set your mobile MAC address.

Trick to Open Google Cached Pages in Chrome

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Google cache is the most powerful features offered by Google search engine. Google cache stores a copy of web pages, so if you want to open a website which is currently down or takes a lot of to respond, then this simple trick will let you open cached version of a webpage directly from Google severs.

The link for Cached pages will be visible on Google search results only when you hover your mouse over the link in search results

How to Open Google Cached pages

If you are willing to access the Cached version of a web page, then there are two possible ways to do it.
  1. Just go to and type cache: in the search box then Google will automatically detects the special operator “cache” in your query and directly shows the cached copy of the web page.
  2. For example, you can type as
  3. This is the easiest way to open cached version or copy of any web page directly from Google chrome. If you are using the Google chrome, then just type “cache:” before any web page URL and hit “Enter” then that will take you to cached copy of that web page.

Hope you enjoyed the article,feel free to share it.

Coolmuster Review-Best Android Assistant For PC

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Hello there,i'm back with a best Android Assistant from Coolmuster.Are you using an android device?If yes then this post is exclusively for you.There are some situations,Where you want to backup all your android device data including contacts,Media files,SMS and other files into your PC.So fo this we need a File manager to do this job which is Coolmuster Android Assistant.This will not only help us to backup your android device data into your PC but provides various functions such as
  • You can Mass Text your people from your computer very easily using Group Texting function
  • Effortless Installation and Uninstallation of Apps
  • Import and export apps very easily and many more features
  • Supports all major operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS
  • Supports all kinds of Anroid devices with ease
Let get deep into everything.

What is the need to have a Android Assistant in PC?

All the softwares in the market are developed from a need and to save our time,make our work easy and provide efficiency.This is also same in case of Android Assistant.There may be situations where your Android smart phone will not have enough memory to store more data which you love the most,the only way to free your memory is to delete some data in order to allocate new data but this will never solve our problem.There is another case,when you have a fear of lossing your mobile phones data or when you want to switch from one android device to another and want to have all data of your previous device.To solve all this problems you must need a File Manager which is Coolmuster Android Assistant.

1 click Backup Everything from your Android Device to PC

By using this File Manager you can easily backup everything from your Android Devices such as smart phones and tablets and manage all your data from your computer itself.
  • Easily import and export all your data such as contacts,SMS, media files and all other files from your android device to pc.
  • Restore all your lost data from the PC
  • Use backup data on all your Android devices such as Smart phone and tablet very easily

Contacts and SMS Assistant

  • Easily import or export all your contacts through vCards,Windows Address book,Outlook and Windows live mail.You can add,edit and unduplicate all your contacts from your Computer.
  • Easily import or export SMS messages by saving all your contacts as .xml and .txt file.
  • You can send bulk number of messeges to multiple people from your Computer which will save your time and effort

Install/Uninstall and Organise All your Apps from PC

If you are instrested in downloading and installing various apps such as games,softwares etc.You can do all these thngs from your PC itself.
  • You can manage all your apps in your computer
  • Download unlimited number of apps from playstore to your PC and then install in your Androd Device
  • Share apps with your friends through SMS,Fcebook and Twitter

Final verdit:

As Coolmaster has a lot of powerfull features which every Android user need.We recommend to have this Android assistant your PC.You can Download Coolmuster Android Assistant Trial version or Buy it for $35.95.

Magic Recharge: Get Unlimited Free Recharge Very Easily

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Hello reader, I’m now sharing an exclusive Android Application called Magic Recharge through which you can earn unlimited recharge for free. If you are an Android user you may heard of free recharge app such a Freecharge and many other apps which will give some recharge by entering some promo codes. And also there are some apps such as Wechat, Line and other apps through which you can earn recharge by sending stickers to your friends daily but all of this apps will give you a limited recharge and some may even require codes to get recharge. So don’t worry Magic Recharge will solve your all recharge problems with simple process and give you unlimited recharge.
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Magic Recharge Android App

How to Earn Unlimited Free Recharge from Magic Recharge?

Magic Recharge is an exclusive application for android users through which you can explore some cool apps and earn unlimited talk time. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to start earning unlimited recharge.
  1. First Download Magic Recharge
  2. After installing the application,open and it will show some applications to install on your android mobile.Just install them to earn some talktime which depends on the application.
  3. Apps For Download In Magic Recharge
  4. Now invite your friends to download this application and earn talktime each time when your friend downloads this.
  5. Invite Friends In Magic Recharge
  6. You can even earn by inviting your friends to download some recommended apps and earn talktime for each download.
  7. Invite Friends To Download
The Best part of Magic Rechrarge is you can also recharge your mobile as well as your friends mobile.Select "Self" to Recharge your mobile and "other" to recharge your friends mobile as shown below.
Magic Recharge Redeem Talktime
Hope you like this post,Why waiting start earning unlimited talktime.