Best Way to Create Backup of Gmail Email Account to Hard Drive

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Gmail email back up is becoming a common practice for the Gmail users because sometimes user forget their gmail account details and face problems to access emails. So, in that case if user have a backup of Gmail emails, then after configuring Gmail account with any other email client application such as Outlook, Thuderbird, etc. user can easily create a backup of Gmail account to hard drive or any other format to avoid such situations.

Take local backup of your gmail account

As we know that Gmail is the web mail service provided by Google. It’s becoming a leading mail communication platform for the people these days. Mostly 70% of the mid-size company use Gmail web service as their email services in the organization. In uncertain situations the email account could get hacked or terminated.

In order to avoid it to take backup of Gmail emails is the best and safest solution. It could prove handy for the users in the near future. We will discuss all the best solution to take Backup your Gmail with manually and third party tool. It can also be handy if the user wants to switch the account to the other service.

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Methods to Backup Gmail to Hard Drive Manually

Here are some of the methods to backup the Gmail account manually:

1. Accessing Gmail Settings

In this first user must login with the Gmail id and go to Settings menu. Then, click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option under Settings. Then, select Enable POP for all mail option and click on Save Changes at the bottom. After the Email client has been configured to download the email, user should always remember to open that email client for periodic backup.

2. Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is one of the best solution provided by Google to create backup of Gmail account to hard drive. Using this method the Gmail user can select the data and items they want to download from Gmail like mails, contacts, calendars, journals etc. Here, are the following steps to make backup of Gmail emails using Google Takeout:
  1. First, user must login to the Gmail Account.
  2. Second, go to
  3. Third, select the data to download and click on Next button option to backup the data.
  4. Fourth, then select the file type and the delivery method and finally click on Archive button.
  5. After that, an Email is received by the user for the same with the backed up data.
Google Takeout generally backup all items in the Gmail user wants to.

3. Download Gmail Backup

In this method Gmail users need to download Gmail backup which allows users to restore and backup all the contents of Gmail. It is the project which contains the source code of Gmail backup that is licensed under GNU GPL v3. Now install the Google backup using this link and then, Run the program and replace dir with the directory name and the users email address and password.
Gmail backup using gmail backup tool

The requirements for the Google Backup are:
  • Download Gmail backup.exe file on the system which is having Windows operating system and .tar.gz for linux and Mac Operating system users.
The following commands must be used to backup Gmail data using Gmail backup code:

1. For the full Gmail backup in directory dr use the command:

gmail-backup.exe backup dir [email protected] password.

2. To take the backup using specified time interval Gmail users can add date in format YYYYMMDD. In this the second date can be removed in which the case backup is from the first date till now. The command is:

gmail-backup.exe backup dir [email protected] password 20100708 20160905

Note: The Gmail user can perform multiple backups on the same directory. The label.txt file will be updated according to the new Emails which was not backed up previously.

3. If the Gmail user wants to restore the Gmail data use the restore command. In order to restore the Gmail data from the previous directory dir use the command :

gmail-backup.exe restore dir [email protected] password

4. To clear the Gmail data the Gmail users can use clear command to delete the entire data of the Gmail account. Use the command:

gmail-backup.exe clear [email protected] password

Note: This program will continuously ask for the username and there is a chance for the user to avoid mistakes.

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Gmail Backup to Hard Drive using Third Party Tool

Gmail Backup tool is one of the best, reliable and easy method to create backup of Gmail's data to local drive and in multiple fomats. This tool is beneficial than the manual backup methods because the complete Gmail backup couldn’t be done with the use of manual methods. 
Gmail backup using systools

There are certain ways this software backup all the data with ease. The features provided with the software are:
  • Backup all mails, contacts and calendars
  • Multiple Gmail account access
  • Uninterrupted Backup of complete data.
  • Converts it in the required format.
  • Back up is supported to all mail clients available.


As, we discussed why backing up the Gmail data is becoming necessary for the Gmail users these days. In addition, we discussed all the manual solutions that are available to backup the Gmail data. Plus, we also recommended the tool to backup the Gmail data. Then, we discussed about the use of the Gmail Backup tool which is one of the best solution available in the market. It has various features which can easily backup all the data with ease. It also has rich UI.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Everything You Need To Know

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The new Android phablet smartphone produced by Samsung is Samsung Galaxy Note7. It is the first android smartphone with an iris scanner. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is revised version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and it has inherited some features of Samsung Galaxy S7. Nowadays, everyone uses their smartphones for both i.e. commercial and personal use thus security is the major issue in all smartphones. This problem is solved in Note 7 with its built-in feature i.e. iris scanner. Iris scanner will scan users eye retina before unlocking the phone. Samsung is having its designing as a dual sided curve. At the time of launch, Galaxy Note 7 was in very high demand. It has broken all the pre-order records in the South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Launching Details:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched on 2 August 2016. It was officially released on 19 August 2016. Note 7 has come in the market as a successor of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Operating System:

Galaxy Note7 runs on Android v6.0.1 (Marshmallow) platform. Marshmallow is the sixth major version of Android operating system. Its primary focus is on providing an easy-to-use platform to users, better than Lollipop. They are also planning to upgrade it to the latest version of the android i.e. v7.0 (Nougat)

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Hardware Specifications:

Following points are the hardware specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

1. Processor:

The processor of Galaxy Notes 7 is Octa-core Samsung Exynos 8890 or quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, which provide better functionality than other processors because it provides multitasking within it. It also improves the power performance of the system.

2. Iris Recognition System:

Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner
This is an automated tool, which is used to scan the human eye’s retina with help of mathematical pattern recognition system. The pattern of every eye retina is unique. Therefore, it is used to identify this unique eye retina to unlock user phones.

3. Dimensions of Phone Display:

Note 7 is having maximum screen space over the body with a 5.7-inch screen. It is having the high resolution of 1440×2560 pixels that provide a better picture quality. Touch screen is made up of corning gorilla glass5, which makes the smartphone water resistant

4. Camera:

The Front camera is of 5MP. It is having auto HDR for better picture quality and users can use it for video calls also.

Rear (back) is of 12MP which, can be auto adjusted. LED flash is present with this camera to take pictures in the dark. Below-mentioned bullets demonstrates some features of this camera:
  • Face/smile detection
  • Panorama (which is like a moving picture) image recording, 
  • Feature to adjust focus of the picture, as per requirement.

4. Memory:

Internal memory is 64GB to store data like contacts, photos, videos, etc., on the phone.

RAM: Note7 is having 4GB RAM, which helps in running processor fast. This will resolve issues, which makes the smartphone hang again and again.

External Memory: Its external memory can be extended up to 256GB by using a micro-SD card.

5. SIM:

There are two models of Galaxy Note7 that are based on SIM slots and those are mentioned below:

Single SIM: This model is having a single SIM slot with different SD-card slot.

Dual SIM: In this smartphone model, there are two slots for SIM. One slot is for inserting a SIM and another slot can be used as SD-card slot or SIM slot.

6. Battery:

It is a having 3500 mAh battery and it is not replaceable at all. If users want to change the battery, then they will have to contact to phone technician.

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Other Specifications:


  1. WiFi: It is having one additional feature i.e. it allows a user to connect with local area network.
  2. Bluetooth: To exchange information over a short range or small coverage area there is a feature named as Bluetooth.
  3. GPS: It is used to find current location, places, etc., when connected to the internet. A user can share their location via the internet.
  4. NFC and USB-C: In Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there is a new feature that users can connect their pen-drive with smartphones also. This will help in transferring data in a convenient way.


Following are the dimensions and weight of Samsung Galaxy Note 7:
  • Dimensions: 153.5 (H) x 73.9 (W) x 7.9 (D) mm
  • Weight: 169g

Features In Galaxy Note7 Over Other smartphones:

  1. S-pen: Note 7 is having better quality than S-pen of Galaxy Note 5. It is having Smart Select and Screen write features that are same as Note 5. Other than these features, all the other respective features are different.
    Galaxy Note 7 S-pen
  2. Iris Scanner:  New and catchy feature in Galaxy Note 7 is iris scanner, which is used for unlocking screen. It will scan human eye retina before unlocking the smartphone.
  3. Finger Print Scanner: Like previous Samsung phones, Note 7 is also having fingerprint scanner for security reasons.

Outlook Repair Tool – Fix Error in PST File & Recover Deleted Emails

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Unintentional data deletion is one of the most common reasons, which can land a user in the possession of a corrupt PST file. Deletion of emails when it comes to Outlook is one of the most common reason of PST file corruption. Whereas soft deleted emails can be recovered easily from Deleted Items folder, recovery of hard deleted emails, in not possible. This is due to the fact, that the hard deleted emails are erased from the client side permanently and manually retrieving them from the server is not possible. Therefore, in such instances, deploying third party tools is the only option that a user can go for. Outlook repair tool is one such breakthrough in the data recovery domain. This review discusses about the same based on the performed testing of software.


Outlook PST repair tool helps to repair and fix the corruption in PST file and store it in desired file format, i.e. PST, EML, and MSG accordingly. Adorned with advanced features like dual scanning mode, multiple output options, mail filtering and many more, the software is one of the most efficacious software to work with.

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Quick View

Developer MS Outlook Tools
Functions Repair corrupted PST file
PST Type Supported Both ANSI and UNIODE PST
Resultant PST Type UNICODE PST
Current version 4.5
Size 23 MB
MS Outlook installation required No
Windows Supported Windows 10 and below versions

Versions of Outlook PST Repair Tool

  • Trial Version: In order to get a trial or demo of the working of Outlook PST file repair tool, you can download the Demo version from the company’s website. However, the trial version may have some limitations over the license edition of the application as you can preview the recovered data and export 25 items per folder.
  • License Version: The license version of Outlook repair tool can be purchased from the company’s website to perform Outlook PST Recovery. It has no limitations as the demo version and ensures full-featured tool. You can recover and convert unlimited files to desired file format.

Striking Features of Outlook File Repair Tool

1. Deleted Mails Recovery

PST repair tool facilitates to repair Outlook PST files, which are corrupted. In addition, can quickly retrieve all the PST data that are permanently deleted. Users need to utilize the advance mode to retrieve permanently deleted emails.

2. Advance Scanning Options

Advance Scanning Options

It offers Advance scan for perfect data recovery from PST file. The default scan recovers and fix data from minimally corrupt PST. Advance scan is enabled for recovery of hard deleted emails from Outlook PST file.

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3. Three Export Options

Three Export Options

Outlook PST file repair tool offers three file options to save the data recovered from PST file- PST, EML, and MSG. Users can save the data in any of these files as per their need that makes easy for them to open and view the data accordingly.

4. Mail Filtering Option

Mail Filtering Option

The mail filtering option enables the users to recover and convert selective emails to output formats. When the “To and From” dates are selected, the PST repair tool only converts the emails that lie in the defined date range.

5. Split PST Option

Split PST Option

In case the user is converting the recovered data in PST file, the Outlook repair tool provides an option to split the output PST file into multiple PST files of same size. As it is easier for them to manage the PST file accordingly.

6. Naming Conventions

Naming Conventions

or naming the output EML and MSG files, the PST file repair tool offers the option of naming conventions that enables the users to name the EML & MSG files based on different parameters like subject, subject + date, etc.


  • Recovers permanently deleted data from PST file.
  • Option to split output PST file into multiple parts.


  • No preview of media files is generated.
  • No support to convert bulk PST files.

Final Verdict

Considering the working performance of the Outlook repair tool, it can be rated as 9/10. Outlook PST repair tool is one of the most efficacious software available for recovering and converting PST file data to EML and MSG file formats. Although it does not support processing of multiple PST files, it does recover and convert permanently deleted emails in bulk. It is a reliable solution and can be deployed without any second thoughts.

Best 5 Home Gadgets You Should Own

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Who don’t want to live the smart life? With smart life I mean the smart way with the smart you at smart home…While no more introduction is needed for the hard work we do at our workplace, which turn out to good salaries but actually that is senseless if you need to get up for making your bedroom’s lights off. In 2016, Many Smart Home Gadgets has been introduced which will surely make your home a bit more smart. The operating of these home gadgets will only need your IOS or android app. From your comfort to security requirement these gadgets will take care of everything. Here are some of best Smart Home Appliances of 2016.Get Pepperfry Coupons and save more on these gadgets.
Best 5 Home Gadgets You Should Own

1. Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

The Thermostat is basically controls the temperature of the room by sensing with the air temperature, How you would make sure whether all your rooms of your home are getting properly heated or cooled. Well thermostat will make sure that the heating and cooling power of the room is as per the adequate measure when it found the room getting too heated it will automatically turn off the heating and start chilling to adequate measure set into it. So there is no worry to turn off ac by spoiling your shut eye mode as thermostat will take care of the temperature smartly. Fabfurnish promo code will surely help you to get amazing coupons in one take.

2. Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker

The new generation Smart Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker in general which plays its base role very well as this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers. Along with speaker it has Voice enabled features which allow you to speak out to search online things, Purchase your apparel, Control the other home gadgets; it will provide you the weather news or everything. What about asking for headline in morning? Check Out homeshop18 deals to make yourself owner of the speaker in very reasonable price.

3. Video Monitor

Video Monitor

Girls are you listening? So gone the days when it was about to wait for someone who can take your picture and make videos of moment. Video monitor records the video in one take at one moment all you need to do is establish it to a perfect place and it will cover all your moment with 1080 Pixels. Video monitor can sync with other home gadgets too as the matter of controlling.

4. Smart Home Lock

Smart Home Lock

No logic of gadgets invention if No gadget which can keep you and your home more safe has been invented. Thus Smart Home Lock provides you the facility to use your old keys if you want to apart from it, You need to enter two random digits before the actual password so that any person cannot make an false attempt to get in your house, once someone break entering ideal the procedure the alarm will be turn on to fulfill security.

5. Smart Cookware

Smart Cookware

Whenever I need to go outside the home the main concern is to have outside food as sometime it can happen you get late. So A Big No to restaurant food when you can cook your own even if you are away from your home. All this you can do by the smart cookware, in this smart cookware you can control by the android app, get updates about your dish, set cooking time, adjust cooking temperature, set timer and get your food ready when you are arrive at home.

We are sure these gadgets has been made you take that home, But without discount nothing is carrying on to be best so visit and Get Best Deals offers at home gadgets. Get Flipkart Big Billion Day Offers at

Reliance Jio Announced: 10 Most Exiting Announcemnets Made at AGM

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Reliance Jio is finally announced at Annual General Meet (AGM) of Reliance Industries Limited. Reliance Jio is a true 4G network which is totally future ready and more exiting offers along with the announcement. Reliance Jio sims will be available from September 5th 2016. Check the list of most important things announced in AGM.

Reliance Jio Announcement

1. Free Voice Calls forever

This is the biggest announcement which claims that you will no longer get charged for calls. All your calls to any network will be free forever by using jio sim. They also claimed that calls will be high quality and this is also true because all the calls will use VoLTE (4G LTE). They also said you will be only charged for data but not for calls.

2. Affordable 4G Data plans ever

Reliance Jio 4G Data plans

Have you remembered the revolutionary 1paise/second plan from Docomo? Decomo really changed the way calls will be charged and all the operators followed Docomo. But now Reliance many a dream like announcement about 4G data plans. Reliance jio will offer you 4G data at very affordable price as low as Rs. 50/GB which is 1/10 of the charges other operator charge for a 4G plan. This is really a game changer in the mobile network industry. They posted some of the plans ranging from Rs. 149 to Rs. 4999 which includes free voice calls/sms and unlimited 4G night data.

3. Exiting Jio Welcome Offer

This is one of the major highlight in the announment where Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced that “Jio sims will be available to the users for free along with free calls/data/sms and all jio app services until December 31st 2016”. This is really is booming introductory offer ever introduced.

4. LYF Smartphones will be available starting at Rs. 2999

They not only announced the best plans but also announced that LYF mobiles with 4G LTE and VoLTE support will be available at very lowest price of starting Rs. 2999 which also includes a Jio Sim with all its advantages.

5. JioFi devices starting at Rs. 1999

JioFi is wifi hotstop using which you can connect upto 31 devices which offer maximum 4G speed. Before this announcement JioFi is available at Rs. 2899 but now we have even cheaper option ranging from Rs. 1999 and you will get double the data you get for normal Jio 4G data pack and also includes the Jio Welcome offer.

6. Jio Student Offer

Jio Student Offer will get 25% more data

If you are student here is good news with Jio student offer all the students will get 25% more data than the traditional data plan which all the regular users will get. To claim your student offer you just need to submit your valid Student ID.

7. App subscription worth Rs. 15000 for free

Here comes another surprise from Jio which offers 1-year premium Jio services which includes JioPlay (or JioTV), JioOnDemand, JioDrive, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioSecurity, JioNews, etc will be available for free to all its users. You just need to download Myjio app on your smartphone which includes a bundle of all above mentioned apps and enjoy Jio services for a year.

8. Aadhaar based quick signup

Now availing Jio sim will be easy by using your Aadhaar car. Just walk in to nearest Reliance Digital store with your Aadhaar card and get Jio sim within 5 mins.

9. No More Blackout Days

Blackout days are those where our current voice/SMS packs will no longer work on those days. Now with Reliance Jio you will no need to worry about those blackout days because they claimed to have no extra charges on blackout days.

10. Jio Fibernet and Hotspots

Reliance Jio is also working on placing Wi-Fi Hotspots with name JioNet across India and will be available to the users. They claimed that they will be placing 1 million hotspots by the middle of 2017. They also announced that they are also working on Jio Fibernet which will offer intrenet speeds at 1 Gbps.

Below is the video of entire forecast

How To Crack Civil Service Exam In First Attempt

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Everyone is well aware of the fact that, the Union Public Service Commission (Union Public Service Commission) initiates the renowned Civil Services exam on a yearly basis to recruit civil servants for various posts lying vacant at the state and national level. The most important vacancies available include the Indian Administration Service (IAS) and Indian Forest Service (IFS).

crack civil service exam

The value would quantum jump for a candidate who has cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam among his friends as passing such an exam is a remarkable achievement. It also implies that the candidate has done a monumental effort to clear the exam. However one has to realize that mere luck or plain hard work would not help one to clear the exam .

The Time table has to be drafted by the candidate in a sophisticated manner while being easy to implement as well. This would certainly be one of the important factors that determine whether the candidate clears the exam in the first attempt or not. The below mentioned points might be helpful to help a candidate crack the civil services exam in one attempt.

Check the UPSC Notifications

It should be noted that, the candidate has to give importance to the notifications issued by the UPSC on various aspects of the exam like UPSC Syllabus (Prelims Exam & Mains Exam). The ideal way to remember the syllabus would be to keep a printed copy of it besides one’s desk for quick reference.

Know the important exam dates

The candidates have to remember the important exam dates beforehand which would help them to tweak their timetables as per the exam demands. The advantage of this would be that the candidates could prioritize on subjects of prime importance and so on.

Understand the Syllabus Well

It would be really worthwhile if the candidate has a clear and precise idea on the contents of the UPSC exam syllabus as it covers each and every subject at both the prelims and mains level

Create a structured and simple time table

A candidate has to have a clear idea about the syllabus and craft a time table accordingly viz. to create a sophisticated as well as simple time table which implies that it should contain every subject and easy to apply. It should be noted that due care should be taken to not make the time table not too tedious and not too simple and remember balance is the key here.

Work with sample question Papers

To clear the civil services exam, the easiest and fastest way would be to work with sample question papers from previous years as they are nothing short of a duplicate of the UPSC question papers. The sample question papers would give a glance of the question pattern followed by the UPSC and provide an idea about it to the candidates on how they should prepare for the exam. Also you can check for UPSC Mains 2016 Test Series only at Byju’s.

From the above mentioned points, you might have understood as to how important the UPSC preparation is. There are various institutes providing coaching for IAS/ IPS exam and the one of the pioneers in this field Byju’s classes are heard to set a new trend in UPSC coaching owing to their quality of teaching provided in this domain. Byju’s have been heard to provide a section in their site titled Free-IAS-Prep which would relieve the burden off from the aspirants. The Free- IAS- Prep section is heard to consist of video lectures, sample question papers, test series, topic- specific articles etc. which would help the candidate immensely for his/her preparation for the UPSC exam.

SQL Data Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt SQL Database [Review]

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SQL Server is a relational database, which stores the information that can be regained by the application when required. However, similar to other databases, database of SQL server is also prone to corruption that results in inaccessibility of data residing within database. Now, the question arises how to repair corrupt SQL database? One such solution to overcome from this situation is to use the third party utility, i.e. SQL Data Recovery Tool, which retrieves the inaccessible SQL database. This review discusses about the same based on the performed software testing.

SQL Data Recovery Tool

Introduction to SQL Data Recovery Tool

The tool helps to repair corrupt SQL database (MDF and NDF file) and export it into SQL Server database. It recovers both primary as well as secondary database in exact form. It is designed in a way that previews all the scanned database items. It automatically detects the SQL Server edition of MDF and NDF file.

Quick View

Developer SysTools Group
Functions Recovers server database
Current version 6.2.1
Size 6.4 MB

Versions of SQL Data Recovery Tool

The tool is available in two versions, i.e. Demo and Licensed. User can choose any edition accordingly.

1. Demo Edition
The Demo edition is fully free to use by simply downloading it from the company’s official website. As it is a free version, so it has some limitations that it allows users to preview all the recovered components but cannot save and export them.

2. Licensed Edition
It is a paid version of the tool, which can be purchased from the official site of the organization. It permits users to recover, store as well as export them into SQL Server Database.

Needed Features of SQL Data Recovery Tool

The tool recovers the corrupt MDF and NDF file and export them to server database. There are some of the features of the tool as mentioned:

1.  Auto detects Server Edition

The utility is programmed in such a way to detect SQL Server edition of MDF file. However, it is recommended to check the suitable SQL Server edition manually in case if user is well alert of edition of SQL Server.

Auto detects Server Edition

2.  Previews all Data items

Software previews all scanned and recovered database items such as column, keys, indexes, triggers, tables, procedures, and functions with item count. It makes easier for users to confirm if the resultant contents are similar to original data.

Previews all Data items

3. Supports all Windows Versions

The tool supports all Windows based Operating system to perform the operation. It is compatible with all edition of Windows such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. It also supports both 32 as well as 64-bit edition of Windows.

4. Export SQL Selective Files

SQL Data Recovery tool exports the selective data items from NDF and MDF file and store it. It helps to save users to save time and effort as user gets the desired data after performing the operation of recovery.

Export SQL Selective Files

5.  Perform Quick & Advance Scan

The application is designed in way that it provides two modes of scanning of data before performing the operation. Quick scan option is for normal database corruption and Advance mode is for file corruption of server database.

 Perform Quick & Advance Scan

6. Supports Advance Data Type

SQL Data Recovery Tool supports the advance data type to perform the recovery of database. It includes Datetime2, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geography data types, datetimeoffset. It also supports ASCII and Unicode XML data types.


Software provides many useful features for users to perform the recovery of MDF and NDF file. The software supports all Windows editions as well as ASCII and Unicode XML datatype. However, the application does not allow bulk recovery of MDF file.


Considering the performance of the application, SQL Database Recovery tool can be rated as 9.5/10. Although the software fails to perform the bulk recovery of MDF files. However, it efficiently recovers highly corrupted files. In addition, its intuitive and simple interface is very useful for users to repair corrupt SQL database. To sum it all up my recommendation for all users is that this application is definitely worth trying.

FabPromoCodes : Best Way to Save Money Online With Verified Coupons

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Everyone will search for coupons before buying anything online because we need to save our money.

But wait..

Are you finding fresh and genuine coupons which actually work?

According to my experience, it’s is big “NO”. These days with the increase in the shopping sites and coupons, all the coupon sites are unable to catch the speed of coupons updated. A coupon which uploaded today may or may not be working the next day. We don’t know whether all the coupons are verified for working or not and we end up trying all useless coupons which wastes our time.

Most of the coupons has this problem in one or the other shopping site coupons and I said “Most Of Them” not all. So here it makes a difference that there are some sites which offer fresh and genuine coupons which are verified by the coupon site on regular basis.

Well, I’m going to tell one of the coupon site among some. I think this coupon site has a great worth and value to be mentioned here among other in terms of priority.

FabPromoCodes Homepage

FabPromoCodes is a coupon site which offers great value to user by offering fresh and verified coupons on regular basis.

Let’s talk about some of the most important features it offers.

All the coupons are verified and working

FabPromoCodes will offer coupons which will be verified daily to check whether they are working or not. You can also see a verified symbol which symbolises the validity of the coupons which ensures that those coupons will work. You can see the below image for how you will see a verified symbol.

FabPromoCodes Verified Coupons

All stop to find all coupons

You can find the coupons and offers of the almost all the popular shopping sites. The best thing is you don’t need to worry about those coupons validity because all coupons are verified. You can find Flipkart coupons, amazon coupons, snapdeal promo codes, myntra coupons, amazon india promotional codes and even tata cliq coupons. So you do’t need to worry about whether a coupon is available or not.

Good User Experience

Most of the coupon sites these days will have unwanted popups and ads which will irritate a user and it will break site user experience. But FabPromoCodes has really good design with no popups and ads. It will also load faster without burdening the user with unnecessary scripts which takes huge time.

How to use FabPromoCodes?

Just visit FabPromoCodes and you will find some of the featured coupons. Click on “Activate Offer” or “Show Coupon Codes” of the preferred coupon or offer and you will be redirected to the shopping site along with the offer if you have clicked on “Activate Offer” and will be redirected to shopping site in the current window and you will see a coupon code popup in the next tab, you just need to click on copy to copy the coupon code and use it on check out.

If you can’t find your preferred coupon on homepage just click on your preferred category in the menu or choose a shopping site and you will able to find your required coupon

Final verdict:

I know you are already using many coupon sites and most of the time you are wasting time in finding working coupons. So, why can’t you once try FabPromoCodes which offer working coupons all time? Do try and let me know your experience in comments.

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