Unotelly Review : Best Service To Remove Geo Restrictions

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The usage of internet is growing with the increase of the internet users. We browse many sites on internet and most of the current users search and use internet for entertainment purpose.

There are many sites out there which can offer movies, serials and what not provides handful of entertainment.

But wait have you ever came across sites which show a message "The content is not available in your country" or any such kind of message while viewing the site? 

If answer is "YES" then this post is exclusively for you.

UnoTelly homepage

There are many sites such as Netflix, Hulu and many other which restricts their content such as movies, serials and other stuff to be viewable only by certain countries such as US, UK, Canada and other.

We won’t be able be able to access content of such websites if you don’t belong to their supported countries list.

So the question arises here is how to access such kind of sites which impose Geo restrictions?

I will solve all questions in your mind but before that you need to learn some things which will be very useful to handle the websites which impose geo restrictions.

Trust me I won’t waste your time with unnecessary stuff. Be patient and try to read complete post. What I’m going to cover in this post is about UnoTelly which offers UnoDNS and UnoVPN services, also some concepts associated with them. So let’s start.

What is UnoDNS?

As you know in order to access websites we need to enter site URL. Each website is associated with an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This IP address is used to locate a domain on internet.

Not only for websites, each device which is connected to internet will have an IP address of associated with their location. This IP address will change with the change of location.

Now when you visit websites such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC Iplayer your device such as computer, mobile or table IP address is identified by this websites and as we know these website impose Geo restrictions. So when they identify your IP address which belongs to a unsupported location then they will restrict to view their content.

To remove such restrictions we need to bypass and access the content of such sites, we need to use UnoDNS.

UnoDNS is basically a DNS service but not a VPN service which has a capability to bypass the Geo restrictions by providing local IP address of their supported countries.

Here UnoTelly is transparently creating a network tunnel from your location to our servers.

Any data not directly related to our supported media content is untouched by UnoTelly and is forwarded directly to the Root Name Servers.

Why to choose UnDNS?

UnoDNS helps you to unblock whopping 370+ channels. You can find the list of channels and access those channels. Before that you need to register with UnoTelly and you will get 8 days free access to UnoTelly Gold plan and after that you need to pay to use.

UnoTelly Channels List

There are two plans to choose from, Premium plan and Gold plan. Just choose a plan and enjoy watching any kind of websites without restrictions.

UnoTelly subscription plans

UnoDNS supports all kind of devices and imposes no bandwidth cap with 100 Mbps connection speed. So you won’t experience slow access or slow streaming of channels.

So, UnoDNS never slows your internet speed with its powerful algorithm and Zero speed-loss feature.

To use UnoDNS you need to setup your device with the UnoDNS provided DNS and you will find setup guides for all kind of devices. Just go across those guides and enjoy their service.

The difference between traditional VPN services and UnoDNS is there is no middle-man so there is fast response.

It also has a unique feature called UnoDNS Dynamo that lets our users switch between channels regions. For example, with a US Netflix account, you will be able to stream from any of the 10 regions of Netflix available.

UnoTelly UnoDynamo

UnoDNS Dynamo can be used to switch between different Netflix regions for a better selection of titles.

What is UnoVPN?

A VPN (Virtulal Private Network) is a remote network of computers linked together over the internet. It allows for a secure browsing experience because it encrypts all of your data as it goes through a private network. This means websites won't be able to see your IP address and you can access all of their content regardless if it is geo-blocked.

The basic difference between UnoDNS and UnoVPN is UnoVPN is on all the time so all of your internet traffic will be going through this network. It is designed for users who frequently travel or access our service under networks that block DNS services.

UnoDNS is used for accessing all the channels with hi-speed and UnoDNS is most preferred and much faster than UnoVPN but both of the services have their own features and advantages.


Now here the post is going the end with some final words. UnoTelly is a best website which offers two best services which are UnoDNS and UnoVPN. These services are mostly recommended to the users who want to access Geo blocked websites. You can try UnoTelly Gold plan for 8 days and decide a plan to buy. According to me the Gold plan is most recommended.

LG G5 :Killer Smartphone with True Octa Core And 4K display

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After LG G4 release, we get more chance to talk about LG G5. It is not going to exist soon in the market but still we are taking initiatives through murmuring about the phone. So how can we talk about booking the phone at this early stage? All tech enthusiasts will certainly adore the fact that in coming years LG will do grand jump and will compete Korean rival Samsung.

We are hoping the bookings of this phone will commence pretty before its actual release and the advance bookings aspirant will outnumber the people. It will have something to compete with other manufacturers who are already best.

With time the demand of smartphones is increasing day by day and if there will be lengthy interface in a device then surely no one will admire the phone. G3 is the best smartphone of the 2015 according to the MWC as it offers simple interface along with the Phablet. LG G3 carries what people want from their phone and its unique features made various people long for it. We are expecting the same and more from LG G5.

LG G5 will really do something extraordinary in smartphone industry with its multiple internal storage and color range, better battery backup, powerful processor and bigger screen with high quality display. With these rumors, we are predicting that there will be improved camera, high RAM, good sound quality and waterproof and dust-proof body.


LG G5 Features and specifications
Specification of LG G5 will allow the users to have Octa-Core processor clocked at 2.9 GHz. It could be possible of providing 32GB internal storage that will be expanded up to 128 GB through micro SD card. LG G5 boasts 20 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP Front Camera and the battery may go beyond 3300 mAh along with RAM upto 5 GB. There is multiple Color Variants like Silky White, Metallic Black, Steel Blue, Gold, Copper etc and high resolution (1450 X 2570p) LCD display and will be loaded with latest Operating System Android Milkshake.

LG G Series

It is supposed to be released in 100plus countries roundabout, if you are looking forward of pre-ordering LG G5 later.

Note: Pre-order price is expected to remain between 47K to 50K.

The G5 is having 5.5 inch 3840 x 2160 pixel display (POLED) and 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 128 GB of ROM. There is a Snapdragon 820 14 nm processor at its core and a 21.4 MP back camera with OIS and dual LED flash. It has stereo sound in the mix, with dual speakers which is offering 1 watt of power each.

Eventually, LG G5 offers a 4000 mAh battery that can be fully charges in 1 hour and it will cope to measure just 6.4 mm in thickness. There is an USB type C Port and a fingerprint scanner equipped in the back between the volume buttons.

CouponMama Review: Bring Excitement To Shopping

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When I began couponing, it gave me so much of excitement because of substantial savings that I made, that I started thinking that I should cash on all the deals available at every store. But I was wrong. There was the need to achieve a balance and find a way to work in the daily life. Following points have to be kept in mind to achieve this.

Go Slow

It is essential to start with learning one store at one time. The best way would be to select some store nearest to your home. Since you would be going there quite often, selecting it would be more useful. It has to be understood clearly that on seeing an attractive deal on CouponMama, there is no necessity to forget everything including your family and rush out immediately. It needs to be appreciated that a similar sale would be there for the same product few months later.

Purchase as per requirement

We have a tendency of trying to buy everything available on a good deal for sake of buying whether product is needed or not. Make proper use of Zivame coupons, Amazon India couopn, Flipkart discount coupons and don’t buy just for the sake of buying. You do not have to get involved in purchasing most of the things whether required or not. You should buy what is needed and would be of use to you.


You should prioritize your purchases and should fix a time limit and work out how to save a substantial amount during every week and try to stick to it. Moderation happens to be key to maintenance.

Enjoy the experience

If carried out properly couponing would become way of life and would also be enjoyable and rewarding. is for adding enjoyment to your shopping and not making you crazy. You should be enjoying it. So inhale and relax.

Most of us normally prefer to buy items from those dealers who offer discount coupons and let us save money. Millions of coupons are offered like Makemytrip, Goibibo or Travelguru coupons for travel and other such sites for sports and fitness, beauty, appliances and many more. Customers know well that products are available at most reasonable rates only at using deals at this website.

This website has codes, reviews and feedback for the deals and offers. They also make efforts to provide the updates via emails regarding latest deals and the coupons as per categories chosen by each customer.

Shoppers are notified when discount coupons are offered by various shopping retail outlets for the listed products. These deals are promoted by them and people would try and buy the product soon as they are aware that deal would expire soon.

Always remember to start with us and get access to this site for offers for the most comprehensive online shopping experience. The website is designed keeping in mind the value of your time and money. Their varied offers and fresh deals will make shopping easier and affordable for you.

CouponDekho Review: Shopping Tricks To Save Cash

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It is quite easy and convenient to shop online but can be pricey too. There are various tricks which if followed would result in your saving sufficient money. Some of the trips that would be useful to you while shopping online in getting the best deals are mentioned below.

Coupondekho homepage
  1. Use social networking: “Like” the favorite retailers on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Many merchants offer coupons like, Paytm coupons, Fabrurnish coupons and post special coupons or announce their sales first on their social networking sites pages only which you can avail by liking their page.
  2. Be patient: You need not buy any product straight away when a good deal is available. It would be worth checking daily for period of two weeks to find out whether new coupon pops up or if the item is available on sale. In case you find a good deal available, just grab it straight away because normally it would not be available for a long period.
  3. Get rewarded: It is advisable to join the loyalty programs of your favorite retailers to be a gainer in long run. Whenever you shop, do not forget to enter the loyalty number every time. Money can be earned back by you on purchases made besides using getting other attractive deals.
  4. Sign up for emails: In order to get special offers and coupons delivered directly to your inbox, join email list of favorite retailers for your convenience. For example Amazon, Fashionara, Freecharge discount coupons, and Nykaa coupons can be got by one time sign up and be used for any purchase.
  5. Compare and shop: You should make use of product search and price comparison sites for comparing cost of the products at different online and with local merchants and getting the best deal possible for maximum savings.
  6. Weigh online vs. in-store prices: You should compare retailer’s cost of its product online to the in store price. You would realize that many a times the cost offline is certainly not the best deal and online deals on CouponDekho are much more lucrative.
  7. Hunt for coupons: Before making a purchase, you should make it a point to always search for the coupons at CouponDekho. A very large number of coupon codes are available with this site for various retailers from large chain stores and small online merchants.
  8. Avoid shipping fees: Free shipping is provided by many stores on purchasing products of certain amount. In case you are falling short of this minimum amount you can add some other item that might be needed later, to the list to become eligible for free shipping.
  9. Check the return policy: Many retailers provide free return shipping or have the facility of reverse pick-up. Some of them let you return the items in-store without any payment. In case you are not absolutely satisfied with the product received, you can still save money by making use of return policy of the retailer.

WhatsApp Infographics - All You Need to Know

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WhatsApp is the most popular application with millions of active users and still growing. What makes WhatsApp to become this much popular?

WhatsApp is fast and ads free and works smoothly on slow internet connection. This all things made WhatsApp to stand out in the crowd. The popularity of WhatsApp made Facebook to buy it with whooping $19 billion.

There are handfull of facts you need to know about WhatsApp. So we presented a WhatsApp infographics with some interesting facts about WhatsApp which you never heard before. This WhatsApp infographic covers all interesting facts aboout WhatsApp.


Hide My IP Review: Surf the Web Anonymously

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In today’s fast growing technology everything is done online which may be shopping, transactions and many more. Do you know you may get attacked by hackers?

The online attacks such as phishing and other are very common these days. These things mostly happen when you expose your real IP address online.

If you expose your real IP address then it will lead to attacks because you are directly connected to the internet and most of the websites store and use your IP address for various purposes.

Apart from online attacks, there are many websites such as Netflix and Holo which keep restrictions on the country specific content which means you cannot browse the content of these sites from your country which is not available for your country.

Hide My IP
All the above problems will arise when you use your real IP address online. To get rid of all the problems I found a tool called Hide My IP, which makes you to surf the web anonymously by hiding your real IP address. So let’s know more about Hide My IP.

What is Hide My IP?

Hide My IP is a secure proxy and VPN tool for Windows, Mac and Android which makes you surf the internet anonymously by using a fake IP address which means your real IP address is hidden online which makes your browsing and other online activities safe.

Hide My IP will also allow to access blocked websites which may be blocked within your country or had restrictions in accessing certain websites such as Netflix.

Key Features of Hide My IP

Features of Hide My IP
One of the best thing about Hide My IP is it will provide 14 days free trail which is not provided by many VPN tools which makes Hide My IP stand out from the crowd. You can Unblock Websites with Lifetime VPN account.

Currently Hide My IP supports 80+ IP locations with 1000’s of IP addresses.

Another fantastic feature of Hide My IP is you can select which browser you want to use for hiding your IP address. You can also select which internets applications to use Hide My IP. Hide My IP currently supports all major browsers such as Google chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.
Hide My IP Advanced Setting

Hide My IP will encrypt your internet connection so that you are secure online from malicious attacks.

The best security feature which is provided by Hide My IP is IP rotation. IP Rotation will help you to change your IP address after specific time period.
IP rotation in Hide My IP

How Hide My IP works?

Hide My IP will make your real IP address hidden and instead of your real IP address it will select a fake IP address randomly from 1000’s of IP addresses which is from different IP locations. This means it may choose an IP address from Canada or any other country which it supports.

Hide My IP also provides an option to choose the location. So that if you want to access certain website which is country specific or blocked in our country just change the location to your preferred one and Hide My IP will select an IP from that location and you can now access blocked websites very easily.

As you are surfing the web with the fake IP address you will not attacked by hackers because if a hacker try to hack then he will end up hacking the fake IP address.

How to Use Hide My IP to access blocked websites

  1. First you need to download Hide My IP from your device. Hide My IP is available for Windows, Mac and Android.
  2. After downloading, open the software you will see a home screen as shown below. The tool will shoe your real IP address on the top.
    Hide My IP Interface
  3. Now, to hide your real IP address just click on Hide My IP button. So after that you will notice a fake IP address shown on the top. You can also change the location by clicking on “Select desired location”.
    Hiding IP address in Hide My IP
You can now access blocked websites such as Netflix, Hulu and many other.

Final Words:

We recommend Hide My IP if you are looking for a VPN tool which is cost effective. The tool is very easy to use with minimal interface and powerful features. You can pay a one-time payment of $29.95 USD and use the premium features for life time. If you want to test the software just download the software and use the software for 14 days trail period and then you can buy the software. You can also download Hide My IP on Google Play.

What’s new in Samsung Galaxy S6?

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It seems that people have made a love hate relationship with Samsung. On one end of the spectrum, you will find people who would happily rush to the stores to buy latest top of the line galaxy devices and then there are other kind of people who have started to hate the brand absolutely. The reasons are obvious. They are innovative when it comes to technology and features. each flagship device would bring something that you won’t find on devices of other manufacturers but then the second type of people hate them because despite the huge price tags, the devices look and feel cheap.
Samsung Galaxy S6

What is the deal with plastic devices? Moto X is made out of plastic and no one is complaining. Nokia has been making devices out of plastic and no one said a thing. LG is doing the same thing. So why is Samsung getting all the beating? Well it is more than just the use of plastic. There are more than enough examples mentioned to support the point that people don’t hate the use of plastic. They hate ugly devices with cheap looking shiny backs. On top of that all the devices launched around a flagship device will look like it. For many people picking high devices, the device is more of a premium accessory than a smartphone. They wouldn’t want their 40K worth device to be mistaken for a Galaxy Grand or something that comes at a third the price.

The Motorola Moto X is made out of plastic but it is solidly built and is really nice to hold. On top of that other manufacturers have kept evolving with time but Samsung has been two stubborn in giving up things like physical home key in favour of on screen keys or removable back panel for a better unibody design. Yes we get it that practicality is also important but little compromises can be made. Samsung received criticism for Galaxy S5 as well and it didn’t sell in numbers as good as its predecessor. So this time when they went to the drawing board, they decided to do things differently. We take a look at the Galaxy S6 and tell you what new it brings to the table.

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Unibody design

Oh yes you read it right. Samsung has finally dropped the idea of a removable back panel and instead they have packed the device nicely. Yes you will have to go to a Samsung service centre when you need a battery replacement but that is not going to happen for at least a year or so. And even when it does, the service centre guys aren’t going to take ages to replace the battery. However there is a downside to it as well. Even with unibody devices, most manufacturers try to keep the battery easily accessible when the device is opened. The S6 packs in a lot and that is why the battery is a bit hard to access once you open the device. One would have to remove the cover, the middle frame, wiring for NFC and the motherboard to gain access to the battery. Lot of effort to reach the battery, isn’t it?

Metal design

Metal design
After a very long time, Samsung has got a device that really looks impressive. It has got Gorilla Glass 4 on front and back. The built quality is much better than past Samsung devices and the device looks premium for sure. There is aluminium alloy frame running around the device which looks and feels really nice. This is something Samsung fans have been demanding for ages. The design is an evolution of the design that we saw on recent Samsung devices like Galaxy Alpha and Note 4. The typical Samsung shape is retained and the device is like a rounded rectangle. Not complaining here at all. We are happy with the improvements here. The downside is that the device is no longer waterproof like the Galaxy S5.

Quick charge and wireless charge

Like many other high devices, Samsung has also given the option of quick charging here. The Note 4 came with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 charger which will work with the S6. Quickcharge will give you 30 percent of battery life in just 30 minutes. It also has wireless charging feature built in. they will soon be selling their own wireless chargers though like most other devices, it will support chargers from other manufacturers as well.

Optical image stabilisation

After the addition of OIS on Note 4 and Note Edge, they have added it on the Galaxy S6. Coupled with the excellent camera software, this would result into some really impressive images. The camera has 16 megapixel resolution but the lens has got wider aperture as compared to S5 and many other mobile cameras thus allowing more light. This should result in better camera performance overall, especially in low light conditions.

Samsung pay

Earlier Apple came up with something called Apple pay. Apple pay would allow you to pay at NFC based payment systems and authorise using the fingerprint scanner of your device. This would simplify the overall process and you don’t have to swipe a card and key in passwords or pins to complete the transaction. And this feature brings more safety to the transactions. As you would have guessed, Samsung Pay is Samsung’s version of the thing explained just now. They recently acquired LoopPay technologies and that helped them set up the fingerprint scanner for making mobile payments.

QHD display

QHD Display of Galaxy S6
They should have done this with the Galaxy S5. By the time S5 was launched, devices with QHD displays were around and the S5 was expected with the same. Sadly it came with a 1080p display only with 5.1 inch display size. The size has been retained but the display resolution has finally gone up to QHD. Not that it is going to make a huge difference but Samsung is a manufacturer that likes to be innovative so lagging behind wasn’t justified.

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Author Bio:

The author is an expert in mobile technology and loves to write about different handsets launched. He has listed the specifications Samsung Galaxy S6 for the readers to make an informed buying decision.

Lenovo Laptop Features Under Rs.25000

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Lenovo is one of the leading brands for its high quality laptops with affordable price. Lenovo laptops are high in terms of features and less in terms of cost. The following is the list of top laptops under Rs. 25000 with stunning features with less price.

Lenovo Laptop intro

1. Lenovo Ideapad G50-30

Lenovo Ideapad is the best laptop in terms of performance and design. It is powered by Intel Pentium 2.1 GHz Quad Core processor with 2 GB DDR3 RAM. The screen size is 15.6 inches which is ideal laptop screen size which has a resolution of 1366 * 768 which makes us to view high quality media. This laptop comes with DOS Operating system but you can upgrade to windows 8.1 and higher.


  • Pentium 2.1 GHz Quad Core Processor (1st Gen)
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1366 * 768 Resolution
  • 15.6 inch Screen Size
  • 500 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • DOS Operating System

2. Lenovo Essential B40-45

Lenovo Essential B40-45 is the best laptop in our list because it is powered by AMD 1.3 GHz Dual Core E1 Processor with 4 GB DDR3 RAM and it has 2 GB Graphic Card which makes this laptop as a powerful gaming laptop. Overall this laptop gives high performance but has a less screen size of 14.0 inches. This laptop satisfies the user in terms of performance and price is quite less with this powerful features.


  • AMD 1.3 GHz Dual Core E1 Processor
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1366 * 768 Resolution
  • 14.0 inch Screen Size
  • 500 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • 2 GB Graphic Card

3. Lenovo essential G40-30

Lenovo essential G40-30 comes the second in our list with almost same features as Lenovo Ideapad G50-30 but comes with windows 8.1 Operating system and powered by Celeron 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor With 2 GB DDR3 RAM with lesser price than Lenovo Ideapad G50-30.


  • Celeron 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1366 * 768 Resolution
  • 15.6 inch Screen Size
  • 500 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Windows 8.1 Operating System

4. Lenovo essential G50-45

Lenovo essential G50-45 comes next in our list which is powered by Atom 2.4 GHz Quad Core A8 Processor with 2 GB DDR3 RAM and has a resolution of 1366 * 768.


  • Atom 2.4 GHz Quad Core A8 Processor
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1366 * 768 Resolution
  • 15.6 inch Screen Size
  • 500 GB Hard Disk Drive

5. Lenovo Ideapad S20-30

Lenovo Ideapad is powered by 4th generation Celeron 2.1 GHz Dual Core Processor with 2 GB DDR3 RAM. It has 15.6-inches Screen size with a resolution of 1366 * 768 Resolution.


  • Celeron 2.1 GHz Dual Core (4th Generation) Processor
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1366 * 768 Resolution
  • 15.6 inch Screen Size
  • 500 GB Hard Disk Drive