How To Crack Civil Service Exam In First Attempt

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Everyone is well aware of the fact that, the Union Public Service Commission (Union Public Service Commission) initiates the renowned Civil Services exam on a yearly basis to recruit civil servants for various posts lying vacant at the state and national level. The most important vacancies available include the Indian Administration Service (IAS) and Indian Forest Service (IFS).

crack civil service exam

The value would quantum jump for a candidate who has cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam among his friends as passing such an exam is a remarkable achievement. It also implies that the candidate has done a monumental effort to clear the exam. However one has to realize that mere luck or plain hard work would not help one to clear the exam .

The Time table has to be drafted by the candidate in a sophisticated manner while being easy to implement as well. This would certainly be one of the important factors that determine whether the candidate clears the exam in the first attempt or not. The below mentioned points might be helpful to help a candidate crack the civil services exam in one attempt.

Check the UPSC Notifications

It should be noted that, the candidate has to give importance to the notifications issued by the UPSC on various aspects of the exam like UPSC Syllabus (Prelims Exam & Mains Exam). The ideal way to remember the syllabus would be to keep a printed copy of it besides one’s desk for quick reference.

Know the important exam dates

The candidates have to remember the important exam dates beforehand which would help them to tweak their timetables as per the exam demands. The advantage of this would be that the candidates could prioritize on subjects of prime importance and so on.

Understand the Syllabus Well

It would be really worthwhile if the candidate has a clear and precise idea on the contents of the UPSC exam syllabus as it covers each and every subject at both the prelims and mains level

Create a structured and simple time table

A candidate has to have a clear idea about the syllabus and craft a time table accordingly viz. to create a sophisticated as well as simple time table which implies that it should contain every subject and easy to apply. It should be noted that due care should be taken to not make the time table not too tedious and not too simple and remember balance is the key here.

Work with sample question Papers

To clear the civil services exam, the easiest and fastest way would be to work with sample question papers from previous years as they are nothing short of a duplicate of the UPSC question papers. The sample question papers would give a glance of the question pattern followed by the UPSC and provide an idea about it to the candidates on how they should prepare for the exam. Also you can check for UPSC Mains 2016 Test Series only at Byju’s.

From the above mentioned points, you might have understood as to how important the UPSC preparation is. There are various institutes providing coaching for IAS/ IPS exam and the one of the pioneers in this field Byju’s classes are heard to set a new trend in UPSC coaching owing to their quality of teaching provided in this domain. Byju’s have been heard to provide a section in their site titled Free-IAS-Prep which would relieve the burden off from the aspirants. The Free- IAS- Prep section is heard to consist of video lectures, sample question papers, test series, topic- specific articles etc. which would help the candidate immensely for his/her preparation for the UPSC exam.

SQL Data Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt SQL Database [Review]

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SQL Server is a relational database, which stores the information that can be regained by the application when required. However, similar to other databases, database of SQL server is also prone to corruption that results in inaccessibility of data residing within database. Now, the question arises how to repair corrupt SQL database? One such solution to overcome from this situation is to use the third party utility, i.e. SQL Data Recovery Tool, which retrieves the inaccessible SQL database. This review discusses about the same based on the performed software testing.

SQL Data Recovery Tool

Introduction to SQL Data Recovery Tool

The tool helps to repair corrupt SQL database (MDF and NDF file) and export it into SQL Server database. It recovers both primary as well as secondary database in exact form. It is designed in a way that previews all the scanned database items. It automatically detects the SQL Server edition of MDF and NDF file.

Quick View

Developer SysTools Group
Functions Recovers server database
Current version 6.2.1
Size 6.4 MB

Versions of SQL Data Recovery Tool

The tool is available in two versions, i.e. Demo and Licensed. User can choose any edition accordingly.

1. Demo Edition
The Demo edition is fully free to use by simply downloading it from the company’s official website. As it is a free version, so it has some limitations that it allows users to preview all the recovered components but cannot save and export them.

2. Licensed Edition
It is a paid version of the tool, which can be purchased from the official site of the organization. It permits users to recover, store as well as export them into SQL Server Database.

Needed Features of SQL Data Recovery Tool

The tool recovers the corrupt MDF and NDF file and export them to server database. There are some of the features of the tool as mentioned:

1.  Auto detects Server Edition

The utility is programmed in such a way to detect SQL Server edition of MDF file. However, it is recommended to check the suitable SQL Server edition manually in case if user is well alert of edition of SQL Server.

Auto detects Server Edition

2.  Previews all Data items

Software previews all scanned and recovered database items such as column, keys, indexes, triggers, tables, procedures, and functions with item count. It makes easier for users to confirm if the resultant contents are similar to original data.

Previews all Data items

3. Supports all Windows Versions

The tool supports all Windows based Operating system to perform the operation. It is compatible with all edition of Windows such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. It also supports both 32 as well as 64-bit edition of Windows.

4. Export SQL Selective Files

SQL Data Recovery tool exports the selective data items from NDF and MDF file and store it. It helps to save users to save time and effort as user gets the desired data after performing the operation of recovery.

Export SQL Selective Files

5.  Perform Quick & Advance Scan

The application is designed in way that it provides two modes of scanning of data before performing the operation. Quick scan option is for normal database corruption and Advance mode is for file corruption of server database.

 Perform Quick & Advance Scan

6. Supports Advance Data Type

SQL Data Recovery Tool supports the advance data type to perform the recovery of database. It includes Datetime2, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geography data types, datetimeoffset. It also supports ASCII and Unicode XML data types.


Software provides many useful features for users to perform the recovery of MDF and NDF file. The software supports all Windows editions as well as ASCII and Unicode XML datatype. However, the application does not allow bulk recovery of MDF file.


Considering the performance of the application, SQL Database Recovery tool can be rated as 9.5/10. Although the software fails to perform the bulk recovery of MDF files. However, it efficiently recovers highly corrupted files. In addition, its intuitive and simple interface is very useful for users to repair corrupt SQL database. To sum it all up my recommendation for all users is that this application is definitely worth trying.

FabPromoCodes : Best Way to Save Money Online With Verified Coupons

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Everyone will search for coupons before buying anything online because we need to save our money.

But wait..

Are you finding fresh and genuine coupons which actually work?

According to my experience, it’s is big “NO”. These days with the increase in the shopping sites and coupons, all the coupon sites are unable to catch the speed of coupons updated. A coupon which uploaded today may or may not be working the next day. We don’t know whether all the coupons are verified for working or not and we end up trying all useless coupons which wastes our time.

Most of the coupons has this problem in one or the other shopping site coupons and I said “Most Of Them” not all. So here it makes a difference that there are some sites which offer fresh and genuine coupons which are verified by the coupon site on regular basis.

Well, I’m going to tell one of the coupon site among some. I think this coupon site has a great worth and value to be mentioned here among other in terms of priority.

FabPromoCodes Homepage

FabPromoCodes is a coupon site which offers great value to user by offering fresh and verified coupons on regular basis.

Let’s talk about some of the most important features it offers.

All the coupons are verified and working

FabPromoCodes will offer coupons which will be verified daily to check whether they are working or not. You can also see a verified symbol which symbolises the validity of the coupons which ensures that those coupons will work. You can see the below image for how you will see a verified symbol.

FabPromoCodes Verified Coupons

All stop to find all coupons

You can find the coupons and offers of the almost all the popular shopping sites. The best thing is you don’t need to worry about those coupons validity because all coupons are verified. You can find Flipkart coupons, amazon coupons, snapdeal promo codes, myntra coupons, amazon india promotional codes and even tata cliq coupons. So you do’t need to worry about whether a coupon is available or not.

Good User Experience

Most of the coupon sites these days will have unwanted popups and ads which will irritate a user and it will break site user experience. But FabPromoCodes has really good design with no popups and ads. It will also load faster without burdening the user with unnecessary scripts which takes huge time.

How to use FabPromoCodes?

Just visit FabPromoCodes and you will find some of the featured coupons. Click on “Activate Offer” or “Show Coupon Codes” of the preferred coupon or offer and you will be redirected to the shopping site along with the offer if you have clicked on “Activate Offer” and will be redirected to shopping site in the current window and you will see a coupon code popup in the next tab, you just need to click on copy to copy the coupon code and use it on check out.

If you can’t find your preferred coupon on homepage just click on your preferred category in the menu or choose a shopping site and you will able to find your required coupon

Final verdict:

I know you are already using many coupon sites and most of the time you are wasting time in finding working coupons. So, why can’t you once try FabPromoCodes which offer working coupons all time? Do try and let me know your experience in comments.

How to Buy Best Gadget Online Which Fits Your Needs

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Are you planning to buy a new gadget online in next few days?

If "YES", then you are in the right place and if the answer is “NO” then you will find this post helpful while you buy any gadget online.

Finding the best gadget online is a not so easy thing because we only able to know if a gadget is best fit for us by seeing its images and user reviews. But we really can’t go through every review of every product to choose the best one. So, we finally end up buying a gadget which your friend suggested and will be disappointed after sometime.

So, how to find a best gadget that fits your need?

Well, it’s not that easy but not even harder if done correctly. Don’t get confused. I will explain you the best way you can follow to find the best gadget which fulfills your needs.

Now let’s take a real time scenario where I want to buy an earphones under Rs.2000 with good sound quality and comfort. So, I headed to amazon and searched the earphones but ended up with many earphones and I started to read review of some good earphones based on rating but I unable to find the best earphones which fits my need. So I was totally confused and don’t know which is the best.

It’s not your fault mate…These days buying a new gadget is not so easy because there are various models released daily and which offer various specs.

So, now let me tell the best way to find the best gadget for your needs.

Let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever used a price comparison site? I think the answer will be yes from many of you but wait have you ever used an aspect comparison site?

Unfortunately, most of the answers will be “NO” but don’t worry.

What is an Aspect?

According to dictionary Aspect meaning is “a particular part or feature of something”. Here Aspect refers to a features of gadget.

There is a site called AspectWise which lets users to make best purchase decisions by showing them good and bad aspects of every gadget. It will show the rating for each aspect of the device and filter and order the gadgets according to the best rated aspects of the you chose and you can quickly see reviews for each aspect based on the selected reviews from the online shopping sites.

AspectWise uses Artificial Intelligence which will grab the reviews from online shopping sites and group them according to aspects and it will filter the useless reviews from all reviews. So you will get handful of reviews needed.

If you wish to buy comfortable earphones under 2K with good sound quality and comfort then head over to AspectWise and then choose any gadget tab. For this I will choose “Headphone” and set a price range and select the aspects (features) which you prefer most and Hit “Find Best Headphones For Me!”. You can see the below screen for reference.

AspectWise Home

AspectWise Search Page

Now you are able to find the headphones based on the aspects you selected and all the results are sorted accordingly and now you can browse through all the reviews grouped according to the aspects rather than all reviews.

Now i like the first result "Sennheiser CX 275s In-the-ear Headset" and i will click on that result and see its reviews and decide whether it fits my need.

AspectWise Product Page

The most interesting thing you will notice is all the reviews shown are based on the aspects you selected which will make you feel comfortable in choosing the best gadget you love.

AspectWise Reviews on Gadgets

So I think now you can find the earphones which fits your needs.

Bluetooth 5.0: 5 things you need to know

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Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) recently announced the new Bluetooth version “Bluetooth 5.0” which will be available very soon. There is no particular date confirmed officially but this version is going be major update to previous Bluetooth version with really some exiting features as expected for 2017. So, want to know more about. Then read on.

Bluetooth 5.0: 5 things you need to know

1. It will be Faster than Before

Bluetooth 5.0 is major Bluetooth update, so developers claim that it will be 2X faster than Bluetooth 4.2 LE. There are significant improvements in performance and speed underneath. Which means Bluetooth 5 will have transfer rate of 2 mbps (Roughly :)).

2. It will work even for wider ranges

It will work wider range than its previous version. Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) claims it have 4 times the range of its previous version and data broadcasting capacity will increase by 800%. So, now you can transfer date even the other person is at longer distance. This is really a major improvement over previous version.

3. You need a new Bluetooth Hardware

To avail the features of the new Bluetooth version you need to have an improved hardware which is not officially announced but you really need new hardware. Although the older Bluetooth devices will never see any changes when other party has Bluetooth 5 device. Both the devices must have Bluetooth 5.0 compatible hardware to make it work.

4. It will be more location aware

This is really a good news; it is going to have extra navigational features so that data transfers can be done indoor in a particular workspace or environment. For example, you can send files to the person in a hotel.

5. It will be available soon

Bluetooth 5.0 is going to be launched late 2016 and early 2017. You need to wait to see the taste of the new Bluetooth. Meanwhile, you will be able to see the 2017 flagship smartphones will come with Bluetooth 5 installed.

Useful Smartphone Apps You Never Knew Existed

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When Apple opened its iPhone language to developers, a flood of apps began appearing throughout the App Store. This led to the common, and as you will soon find out, very true saying - 'There's an app for that!'. To help you better understand just how true this is, here are three highly useful apps that you never knew existed.

Useful Smartphone Apps You Never Knew Existed

1. Math Help

Have you ever been faced with a math equation that you couldn't solve? How about one where you and your classmates all achieved different solutions? There's an app for that! It's called PhotoMath, and it does just what the name implies. Simply take a photo of the equation, and let the app do its work. In a few short moments, this app not only provides the answer but gives you step-by-step instructions on how it was solved.

2. YouCam Nails

Ever wondered what it would be like to have hot pink nail polish? How about whether or not a red and orange polka dot design would look good? Guess what?! There's an app for that! YouCam Nails lets you take a photo of your hand, adjust the skin tone to ensure it matches your own, and then trial out numerous different patterns, colors, and designs! Once you find something you like, simply take the app into your local nail salon and let them do their work.

3. Slide

Ever thought that your photos looked too two-dimensional, but didn't have a 3D camera around? You know what I'm about to say - there's an app for that! 'Slide' is one of the most useful and simple photo taking apps available. Once you open the app, simply focus in on your subject and slide your phone as the screen requests. Once it has processed the image, you are presented with a GIF or a video which appears to be in 3D and can be easily shared to your favorite social media accounts.

When it comes to apps, the only limitation is a developer's creativity. And with more and more easy to use development tools being released, creating an app of your own is becoming a reality for anyone with an idea and a computer.

CouponCanny Review : Shop more and save more

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Everything can be done online these days whether it is paying bills/payments or shopping. We can’t save money on bills but we can save money while shopping online. When we hear the term save money on shopping then the only thing that strikes your mind is coupons.

Well, we can get good amount of discounts using coupons. Along with the increase of online shopping sites there is also massive increase in coupons sites day by day.

So, where we can get genuine coupons which gives you maximum discounts?

Not only genuine, we also need fresh coupons. Right?

Yes, we do need best coupon provider. I usually came across various coupon websites but most of the sites have heavy usage of banners and the site loading time make me close that site tab. I know you also faced these issues. Most of the coupon sites these days have hell lot of advertisements and popups which effects the user experience (UX) badly.

The site design must be appealing to the user but at the same time it must be user friendly. Also those sites will not update coupons frequently. So user will end up with using expired coupons

I came across a coupon site called, which impressed me a lot with its simple and fast loading site design which doesn’t have any annoying advertisements and popups. CouponCanny is not only has good design but also has fresh coupons which gives maximum discount available on that products and the coupons are updated frequently.

You don’t need to worry about expired coupon because you can only find working coupons in CouponCanny.

Why CouponCanny?

CouponCanny is very simple to use and you will find everything organized in cooler manner. CouponCanny Offers coupons of almost all shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong,, Snapdeal, Askmegrocery and many more.

How To Use CouponCanny?

Just open CouponCanny then you will be presented with homepage looks like the below one.

CouponCanny Review

Once you are in the home, you can find header and below that you will find accordion which has Brands, Deal Of the Day, Deal Of the Week respectively. In Brands accordion, you will find you will find shopping sites where as in Deal Of the Day and Deal Of the month you will find the exciting timely deals which will expire in day/week.

As you scroll down little you will find featured reviews section where in you will find the popular coupons and just click “Click to Copy Code” button of your desired coupon then the coupon will be automatically copied and the shopping site is opened in new tab. All you need to do is just paste the coupon code which checkout and done. You will get the product at discounted price.

Bonus Tip: Just subscribe to CouponCanny to get exciting and fresh coupons to your inbox directly.

CouponCanny also have two more interesting sections i.e., Festival deals page and Money Saving blog. Festival deal page will feature festival specific deals and where as in Money Saving blog will give coupons and money saving tips while shopping online.


CouponCanny is really a simple and user friendly website which features fresh coupons which will offer you maximum discounted price as possible while you shop. You don’t feel bothered about saving from now after using CouponCanny. Shopping lovers, are you there? Hope they went for shopping :D

What Has Blogging Got To Do With Losing Weight

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At first glance, one might wonder what blogging has got to with losing weight. After all, the case of these two is not even one of comparing apples and oranges, but one of apples and constructing buildings. However, a closer look reveals that these two may have more in common that one would think. In fact, it turns out that this analogy is not as far-fetched as one would imagine and more useful than one would think it would be.

What has blogging got to do with losing weight

It takes persistence, time and effort

Most are well aware how many books are published narrating the tribulations of losing weight and going on diets. The enormous difficulties associated with the task of losing weight and keeping it off are only too well known. Similar is the case of carving out one’s own digital mind-space in a scenario where the market is deluged with information in every area imaginable. It takes an enormous amount of persistence, time and effort to be constantly reviewing which posts strike a chord with the audience and which don’t and adapt accordingly. It’s only this kind of persistence that could ultimately pay off in terms of getting interest from investors, customers and advertisers.

Merely going with the herd will not help

Just like how going for that latest North beach diet just because your neighbour may not work out, hosting your own blog just because “But, everyone has one” is not going to work. Some thought should first go into gaining answers to the questions “What do we need a blog for?”, “What kind of content are we looking to put out there?” and “Who are we trying to reach?”. These answers will constitute the fulcrum of decision to go for starting the blog or not.

Every mile takes a million baby steps

The evolution of most of the top-earning blogs speak of the time-tested, 1-step at a time philosophy. Such blogs almost always were started off by an expert as a no-frills site with a domain-name/hosting package with regular posting of quality content. As the blog gains more traffic, ad links start generating some amount of revenue. Once the blog gains a good amount of traffic and a reasonable amount of ad revenue starts getting generated, the blog typically moves to a more fully-featured platform with increased opportunities for user interaction, downloads, newsletters and services/products/reports for sale. From here on, the growth path of the blog would depend on the vision of the founders and the market environment.

A flood of diets and a flood of information

Just like there is a diet coming into the market every day, ranging from Paleo to South Beach, the amount of information in the market regarding the right approach to successful blogging is endless in itself. Only if a person or organization has clarity on the purpose of the blog, one would be well-placed to sift through this information to decide upon one’s own approach to blogging success.

Are you doing well? Numbers matter

The modern-day obsession with metrics and data also extends to web-publishing and blogging. The basic blogging metrics include Peak user load, Number of hits-overall, Article-wise hits, Blog availability and Comments statistics. All these metrics are closely monitored to build a complete picture of how the blog is currently doing. They would indicate the extent to which the blog has gained a mind-space in the market. This is very similar to how numbers are of key importance in weight-loss. These includes standard workout parameters such as Current weight, Last weight, Time of current run, Distance covered in current run, Weight being lifted, Number of strokes made, Calories burned (Current workout) and Current workout time.

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