Engineering as a Wonderful Career Option

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In India, students are made out to be from either of the two professions: doctors or engineers. Becoming a doctor is much harder than when you compare them to become an engineer. However, if you want to become an engineer from prestigious institutes like IIT, the job is much harder. You have tens of thousands of students vying for the same position, and that in itself is in a stress on you. So, what can you do in order to get rid of the stress can actually make headway into becoming an IIT student?

Engineering As A Wonderful Career Option

Well, JEE Main rank predictor free can give you a good head start into understanding that the deposits the acumen or not. Simply going to the website will help you to realize the best way in which you will be able to secure your job, and how you would be able to progress. After all, there is a lot that can actually be told about the people starting from IIT, and how many of them are actually confident that they would be successful in their venture. The life of a student is very strenuous, a student will always need to understand the best at the given moment of time and work accordingly.

The life plan of an IIT student: -
  1. Hard work is very important. There is no temporary fix; there is no appropriate solution that you can find if you get rid of hard work from the prison.
  2. Study as much is your brain can take, and then take a break. After all, overexertion is one of the most common problems for the students, and that can lead to a big problem in the aftermath.
  3. It is very important that you understand the true concepts of the engineering, and work accordingly. This is definitely going to be a good way for you to master the basics, and only then will you be able to take a crack to the JEE examinations.
  4. If possible, have a look at the JEE Main rank predictor free. It will give you an indication on the kind of preparations that you may have done, the ranking that you can score and colleges that you can get into. After all, this can give you an additional impetus and also help you understand how you would be able to get the best possible pronouncement on that particular institution.
  5. Moreover, it becomes very important that the IIT becomes your sole focal point, and that you do not venture out into any other aspect. Yes, so for this timeframe, movies, chatting with friends or girlfriends are simply having to going to take the back seat. Only then you qualify for the IIT and get into that particular institution will you be able to take a sigh of relief. This is going to be the very best thing that you might have prepared yourself for an long amount of time without any kind of problems or issues.

CouponCanny Review : Shop more and save more

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Everything can be done online these days whether it is paying bills/payments or shopping. We can’t save money on bills but we can save money while shopping online. When we hear the term save money on shopping then the only thing that strikes your mind is coupons.

Well, we can get good amount of discounts using coupons. Along with the increase of online shopping sites there is also massive increase in coupons sites day by day.

So, where we can get genuine coupons which gives you maximum discounts?

Not only genuine, we also need fresh coupons. Right?

Yes, we do need best coupon provider. I usually came across various coupon websites but most of the sites have heavy usage of banners and the site loading time make me close that site tab. I know you also faced these issues. Most of the coupon sites these days have hell lot of advertisements and popups which effects the user experience (UX) badly.

The site design must be appealing to the user but at the same time it must be user friendly. Also those sites will not update coupons frequently. So user will end up with using expired coupons

I came across a coupon site called, which impressed me a lot with its simple and fast loading site design which doesn’t have any annoying advertisements and popups. CouponCanny is not only has good design but also has fresh coupons which gives maximum discount available on that products and the coupons are updated frequently.

You don’t need to worry about expired coupon because you can only find working coupons in CouponCanny.

Why CouponCanny?

CouponCanny is very simple to use and you will find everything organized in cooler manner. CouponCanny Offers coupons of almost all shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong,, Snapdeal, Askmegrocery and many more.

How To Use CouponCanny?

Just open CouponCanny then you will be presented with homepage looks like the below one.

CouponCanny Review

Once you are in the home, you can find header and below that you will find accordion which has Brands, Deal Of the Day, Deal Of the Week respectively. In Brands accordion, you will find you will find shopping sites where as in Deal Of the Day and Deal Of the month you will find the exciting timely deals which will expire in day/week.

As you scroll down little you will find featured reviews section where in you will find the popular coupons and just click “Click to Copy Code” button of your desired coupon then the coupon will be automatically copied and the shopping site is opened in new tab. All you need to do is just paste the coupon code which checkout and done. You will get the product at discounted price.

Bonus Tip: Just subscribe to CouponCanny to get exciting and fresh coupons to your inbox directly.

CouponCanny also have two more interesting sections i.e., Festival deals page and Money Saving blog. Festival deal page will feature festival specific deals and where as in Money Saving blog will give coupons and money saving tips while shopping online.


CouponCanny is really a simple and user friendly website which features fresh coupons which will offer you maximum discounted price as possible while you shop. You don’t feel bothered about saving from now after using CouponCanny. Shopping lovers, are you there? Hope they went for shopping :D

What Has Blogging Got To Do With Losing Weight

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At first glance, one might wonder what blogging has got to with losing weight. After all, the case of these two is not even one of comparing apples and oranges, but one of apples and constructing buildings. However, a closer look reveals that these two may have more in common that one would think. In fact, it turns out that this analogy is not as far-fetched as one would imagine and more useful than one would think it would be.

What has blogging got to do with losing weight

It takes persistence, time and effort

Most are well aware how many books are published narrating the tribulations of losing weight and going on diets. The enormous difficulties associated with the task of losing weight and keeping it off are only too well known. Similar is the case of carving out one’s own digital mind-space in a scenario where the market is deluged with information in every area imaginable. It takes an enormous amount of persistence, time and effort to be constantly reviewing which posts strike a chord with the audience and which don’t and adapt accordingly. It’s only this kind of persistence that could ultimately pay off in terms of getting interest from investors, customers and advertisers.

Merely going with the herd will not help

Just like how going for that latest North beach diet just because your neighbour may not work out, hosting your own blog just because “But, everyone has one” is not going to work. Some thought should first go into gaining answers to the questions “What do we need a blog for?”, “What kind of content are we looking to put out there?” and “Who are we trying to reach?”. These answers will constitute the fulcrum of decision to go for starting the blog or not.

Every mile takes a million baby steps

The evolution of most of the top-earning blogs speak of the time-tested, 1-step at a time philosophy. Such blogs almost always were started off by an expert as a no-frills site with a domain-name/hosting package with regular posting of quality content. As the blog gains more traffic, ad links start generating some amount of revenue. Once the blog gains a good amount of traffic and a reasonable amount of ad revenue starts getting generated, the blog typically moves to a more fully-featured platform with increased opportunities for user interaction, downloads, newsletters and services/products/reports for sale. From here on, the growth path of the blog would depend on the vision of the founders and the market environment.

A flood of diets and a flood of information

Just like there is a diet coming into the market every day, ranging from Paleo to South Beach, the amount of information in the market regarding the right approach to successful blogging is endless in itself. Only if a person or organization has clarity on the purpose of the blog, one would be well-placed to sift through this information to decide upon one’s own approach to blogging success.

Are you doing well? Numbers matter

The modern-day obsession with metrics and data also extends to web-publishing and blogging. The basic blogging metrics include Peak user load, Number of hits-overall, Article-wise hits, Blog availability and Comments statistics. All these metrics are closely monitored to build a complete picture of how the blog is currently doing. They would indicate the extent to which the blog has gained a mind-space in the market. This is very similar to how numbers are of key importance in weight-loss. These includes standard workout parameters such as Current weight, Last weight, Time of current run, Distance covered in current run, Weight being lifted, Number of strokes made, Calories burned (Current workout) and Current workout time.

Sunny SF-B 1001 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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This indoor bike provides its users with excellent cardio workout facility which is quite realistic and fun thing to do. The seats on the bike are fully adjustable and are resistant against any kind of variable workouts. Wheels are placed in front of this amazing spin bike, which makes it portable and also easy to store. The manufacturers provide the product with one year guarantee. So customers can trust the product and keep using it for a long period of time.


Features and functionalities of Sunny SF-B 1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

This indoor cycling bike has some of the most amazing features which make it the best in the market. Some of the features have been mentioned below;
  • The indoor bikes have fully adjustable seat and handlebars which can be used as per the convenience of user.
  • It has smooth, quiet and clean mechanism which enables individuals to work on the bicycle easily and thus achieve health benefits out of it.
  • The bicycle is carved out of heavy duty crank and steel frame which keep the bicycle to function for a long period of time. 
  • Transportation wheels are installed on the bike which provides user easy portability.
  • It is light in weight and compact, hence easy to carry and place within your home.
  • The indoor bike is available at competitive price and hence can be accessed by people of different sections in the society.
  • Customised fitness sessions can be organised by simply altering the seats or other functions on your bike.
  • Tension knobs on your bike can be adjusted to switch the intensity of your workout.
  • The manufacturer understands the importance of placement of foot, and hence considering this pedals have been designed in an appropriate way which can enable user to bicycle conveniently and have a good time exercising.

Sunny SF-B 1001 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Customers who have made the decision of purchasing the Sunny bike, they have never regretted to it. They consider this bike as one of the best replacement of machine in gyms. Once you have purchased this bike, you can easily install it at your home and then have some sessions over it twice or thrice in a week. The bike is also well known for its resistance level, wherein users need not have to keep it to the highest level, and still they are able to have a complete workout at their home itself. However if in case you wish to keep your session smooth, then it is favourable to keep it to low resistance level, such that you can have a good and smooth time exercising.

The bike has been designed giving due consideration to its looks and appearance. Hence customers who are quite particular of having only good looking things installed at their home, they can now considering having this bike placed in their house. Along with the amazing looks of the bike, you are also awarded with one of the most appropriate products which shall keep you healthy and fit.

The Good

Sunny health and fitness bike has been serving people from quite a long time and have been treating them well with good health and fitness. The products are produced maintaining highest standards of quality and one of the best things is all these products are available within affordable range. So people can have easy access to the product and keep themselves healthy for lifetime.

The Bad

The only thing which one would ever wish to have modified in the bike is simplified user controls. Although the bike has been designed in the best way possible, but still some users find it difficult to operate and use it for doing their daily workouts.

Final Verdict

Considering the facts mentioned above there are no doubts to the fact that Sunny SF-B 1001 Indoor cycling bike is one of the best spin bikes in the market, which can be purchased by individuals who find it hard to hit gyms. Once you have this bike at your place, you would hardly miss going to gym and you would be able to keep yourself fit and healthy. Hence, with this bike you can work out on your extra pounds and make every effort to get back well into shape.

Why Mobile Optimization is Important for Online Adult Website Businesses

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A decade or so ago, computers and the internet were just starting to go mainstream, and it became a necessity for businesses to create an online identity, because everyone knew that the future is on the World Wide Web. The dot com craze did finally subside, and in its place came the mobile device craze. With devices becoming smaller, lighter and more portable day by day, most users now prefer to browse the internet and get their work done on tablets and smartphones over desktops and laptops.

Mobile Optimization is Important for Online Adult Website Businesses
Internet usage statistics around the world are showing that mobile devices are now the most used to browse the World Wide Web. In the United States alone, mobile internet usage is at an all-time high of 51%, compared to 42% from desktops and laptops.

Considering the fact that high speed internet is getting more accessible around the world, and desktops/laptops are a more significant investment, millions of users are finding it easier to invest in a smartphone with mobile data packages. This brings us to the important question of mobile optimization for online businesses. Similar to any other business, even the adult world has to be optimized for mobile devices because of recent growth. If those statistics weren’t enough for you to really start concentrating on mobile optimization for your adult website business, here’s more information that reinforces this fact:

Quick Loading Means More Visitors

When you have users looking for their porn fix on the go, they probably don’t have the time to wait around for a poorly optimized site to load. If your website is optimized and loads quickly, you’ll gain a lot more visitors than the competitor who hasn’t bothered to work on their mobile site. This way, you’ll also have returning visitors, because they know they can count on your content and delivery speed.

Google Loves Mobile Optimized Sites

The one thing that every website or online business owner wants is more traffic. And the best way to get more traffic is through search engines, specifically the largest one, Google. If, through SEO, your website ranks up high on the first page, you’re pretty much guaranteed high traffic. It’s been observed that more than 90% of users don’t go past the first page of Google’s search results, so you can imagine the traffic loss from not being on the first page. To get to that pedestal however, your website needs to be highly optimized for mobile devices as well. Google is very particular about strong mobile websites, so make sure you’re adhering to all their rules.

Don’t Mistake Responsiveness for Mobile Optimized

Starting an adult site is quite aggressive for the search engines. Now that we’re talking about what Google loves, you also need to know that contrary to popular belief, responsive websites are NOT necessarily mobile optimized. By mobile optimized, we mean websites that are actually built for mobile devices, not just sites that resize themselves. Take a little more time, spend a little more resources and get yourself a real mobile optimized website, the payoffs in the end are much larger.

Ease of Use Means More Business

The entire reason people are using mobile devices more than desktops/laptops is because it’s much easier to use. A device that can fulfill all your needs AND fits in your pocket is obviously more attractive than a device that does all of that but is not portable. The idea is ease of use. Now, if there’s a device that lets them browse the internet, but the content they want isn’t easy to access, the entire purpose is defeated, so mobile optimization should focus on ease of use. Create an attractive mobile website that’s easy to navigate and use, and see your revenue skyrocket.

Mobile Users Are Better Customers

Research shows that mobile users are more likely to spend on items online over their other counterparts, but they spend smaller amounts. Mobile users account for the lowest dollar amount per transaction, and frequently spend on items that are below $10 in value. Larger purchases are usually made on desktops and laptops, but subscriptions, media content and similar items are purchased more frequently on mobile devices, which is what the adult industry pretty much thrives on. Use this information to your advantage!

Mobile Optimized Websites Require Different Strategies

One infallible truth about mobile websites is that there’s a lot less real estate than full-fledged websites, so a half-assed attempt at a mobile website will do you more harm than good. If a large proportion of your traffic is turned off by a lazily made website, they probably wouldn’t give you a chance on desktops/laptops as well. Mobile optimized websites that are properly made concentrate on how to best use the limited space, how to load as quick as possible, and display the business or site’s unique value proposition as prominently as possible.

5 Important Tips For Optimizing Your Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is quickly becoming an integral part of any serious organization’s marketing plan. It seems like everybody has a smartphone and mobile sales are rising every single year. If you want to keep up with the competition, you must start to get serious about mobile marketing yourself.

5 Important Tips For Optimizing Your Mobile Marketing

To help you out, here are five important tips on how to make sure you’re leveraging mobile marketing effectively:

Don’t Treat Everybody the Same

The best way to really excite and engage your audience is by giving them relevant, personalized content. In order to do that, you need to know something about them. Use all the information you have about your prospects to figure out what they’re interested in and where they are in your sales funnel. After you have segmented them appropriately, you’ll be able to create and introduce content that’s valuable and meaningful for them, whether it’s via text message, push notification, email or social media channel.

Send Your Messages When They’re Most Effective

Even the most valuable text messages will get overlooked if you aren’t sending them at the right time. You have to understand your audience and the content you’re sending and figure out when it makes strategic sense to deliver it. If it’s a daily promotion, for example, you should send it as early as possible so that they’ll have time to redeem it.

According to a recent study, here’s some useful information about when mobile messages should be sent: 
  • Mondays tend to have the lowest success rate since everybody is just worried about starting their week.
  • Don’t send messages during a typical rush hour, which is between 6:30 and 8:30 in the morning and 4 to 7 in the evening.
  • Text messages are most successful during typical business hours.
  • Web and application-based messages are most successful during the early evening right after people arrive home.

Encourage Live Registrations

Using an automated SMS platform allows you to attack mobile marketing in a scalable, manageable way. One great option it provide is the ability to manage a database that incorporates a variety of sign-up methods. If you have a physical location, you should be encouraging all of your customers to register for mobile text message updates.

If your business is entirely digital, you can still encourage additional subscriptions by using a web-based form.

Don’t Overlook Mobile Applications

One of the most powerful ways to harness the power of mobile marketing is by targeting mobile applications. If you’re able to develop a mobile application for your audience that provides value, it can keep them extremely engaged. In fact, 79% of all people in the U.S. who own smartphones use their applications every single day. A great mobile application gives you the chance to become a part of your customer’s daily life.

Another way to harness the power of mobile applications is by targeting relevant, popular apps in your audience and advertising in them. It’s a great way to drill down into a target market so you don’t waste paid clicks on poor fits.

Make Mobile Promotions a Priority

If you start offering mobile coupons and promotions, you’ll increase sales immediately. It’s that simple. 2015 was the year of the mobile coupon. Companies found that customers who were sent coupons via text message redeemed them 10 times more often than customers who printed them out online. Beyond that, research found that half of all American consumers decide to make purchases immediately after receiving a mobile coupon.

Best of all, text message coupons are significantly cheaper to distribute than other promotional methods. Simply make sure you’re aligned with the right partner and you’ll be ready to generate more revenue and push marketing costs down.

What's Next?

What do you think of what I've covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for communication? I would love to read your comments below.

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation. Follow him on Twitter(@Trumpia), LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

How to Prevent Cyber-bullying?

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What is Cyber-Bullying? The cause behind more teenage death than influenza and cancer combined. It is a plague that is threatening the living structure of a society, a plague no one is safe from. And, how can you get rid of this plague? Well, there is no hard and fast way to get rid of Cyber-bullying altogether. It is a bit like crime, you can prevent it, but you cannot put an end to it all completely.

Stop or Prevent Cyber Bullying

Besides, there are countless blogs and articles out there that can tell you perfectly well the casualties of Cyber-bullying, the causes behind it as well the signs a child exhibits when he or she is being llied. The only thing no website is ever able to tell you is how to keep cyber-bullying from ever occurring. Nobody dwells on how to nip this monster in the bud. Thus, following are a few ways using which ou can educate children on what Cyber-bullying really is and how negatively it affects them and their peers.

1.  Teach them to be Kind

One thing that any parent can do if they want to succeed at what they are supposed to do is, teach their children to be kind. We need more kind and well rounded individuals in the world who want to make this world a better place. They say that charity begins at home, they also say that parents are responsible for putting out responsible and sensible adults out in the world, thus if parents teach their children to be respectful and kind to others, to never be mean and hurt other’s feelings, the chance of such children turning into bullies and then cyber-bullies reduces exponentially.

2. Owning up to their Mistakes

We are just human, and being human means prone to making humongous mistakes that we regret forever, we all know that. Yet, most of us adults are scared of stepping off of the pedestal of perfection we place ourselves and own up to our mistakes, then how our children can learn its value. Teaching children to own up to their mistakes is part of being a good parent. This way we can tell them that even thought they made a mistake and hurt someone, they can always apologize and make it all better.

3. Healing

Healing, comes right after owning up to your mistakes. Remember that girl you teased in middle school for wearing her hair in pigtails, when according to you she would have looked better with her hair down? Do you remember the regret you feel when you think that you never apologized to her before her family moved away? Save you child from such an experience by asking him or her to apologize to the person he/she had been mean to. Not only will both children heal from such an experience, they’d even remember each other fondly for the rest of their lives, making this memory the one they can draw strength from.

4. Turn the Other Cheek

Some nasty boy called your child fat? No problem. Teach them to turn the other cheek and never dwell on such facts. Teach them to be the bigger person and forgive the one who tormented them. Teach them that it is hard, but dwelling on it is not going to do them any good. Additionally, also tellthem to take lesson from this experience and owe to never make someone as bad as they feel right now. Teach them to be kind even when the world is not kind to them. Teach them that no matter what, their kindness and their positivity will be rewarded.

5. Sharing

Anyone can testify to the fact that having someone who listens to you. To whom, you feel like, you can tell anything and no matter how bad your day was, telling them about it makes it all better. Therefore, try to be that someone you children can rely on, can open up to. Take a minute before they go to bed and talk to them, ask them about their day and have them open up to you. If your child feel comfortable enough to tell you about how he or she is being bullied at school, chances are that you child will be able to overcome the things that follow bullying easily such as depression, compared to child who keeps it all in.

6. Monitor Them

Now this one might sound extreme to a ration adult, but to a parent, it is the perfect way to protect a child from the harmful effects of cyber-bullying. All other ways to teach your child how to be the best version of themselves are important in their own way, but monitoring them using spy applications work like a fail safe in case your child is too shy or scared of what you might think of him or her if he/she tells you that he/she is being bullied. Thus, make use of reliable spy software of keep track of them and their activities online, on the hour, every hour.

Author Bio:
Angelica is tech geek as well as a Content manager and Social Media enthusiastic. She is extremely passionate and result driven professional. She writes for TOS blog - a mobile spy app. Follow her on twitter @angelicadowson2

Download Xender for Laptop Free Guide

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Xender no doubt has revolutionized the way we share files between devices. Now, sharing files has become convenient, as well as fast. Files which took minutes to get shared by Bluetooth now take seconds and the ones that took hours are now shared in few minutes. All this has been made possible only and only because of Xender.

Xender App

Gone are the days when you had to wait for hours for sharing movies and songs with your friends. Xender has made it possible to share files between mobiles and computers convenient. Also, Xender for laptop has made it possible to share files between mobiles and laptops.

Xender Review

Xender is a multi platform file sharing application that has been launched for both mobiles and PC/Laptops. Xender for laptop has made it possible to share files between mobiles and laptops. Sharing files by Xender is not a complex task. For sharing files via Xender, you’ll just need to create a group that your friend must join in order to send/receive files, or join a friend’s group that has already been created. In either of the cases you can share files with each other.

Download Xender for Laptop

Xender is one of the most widely used apps in the world. This awesome app has more than 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.3. It can be downloaded on both android and IOS for android and both Mac and windows for PC. You can easily download Xender for laptop by installing bluestacks in your laptop and downloading the Xender application in it. Here is a download Xender for laptop free guide:

Xender Download

1. Download and install Bluestacks from the official website.

2. Open PlayStore and search for Xender application.

3. Now, download Xender from Play Store.

4. After you download Xender for laptop, open it and send and receive files.

Xender Download Laptop

Stop using the traditional stupid ways for sharing files that consumed lots of time. Because of Xender neither you need to use a card reader for sharing files between pc and mobile nor you’ll have to use your inbuilt Bluetooth for sharing files between mobiles because of Xender. Who would have thought that sharing files would become so convenient? The files that took hours to get shared now take just couple of minutes or sometime even less. Xender provides a sharing speed ranging from 4 mb/s, which no other application does. Xender undoubtedly is the best file sharing application in the market right now. No other alternative is even close to it right now.

Xender can be downloaded for mobile devices running on android or IOS. To download Xender for android, you’ll just have to go to play store, search the application name (Xender) in the search box and after you find the app, click on install, then accept and it’s done. You can also download Xender apk from google if you face any problem while downloading the app from Play Store.

Download Xender for laptop free guide

For downloading Xender app for pc, you can install an android emulator (Bluestacks/Youwave) and install the application in the emulator. If you want to share files between your mobile and your laptop, then go to the official website of Xender, scan the QR code and share the files. Here is a free guide to download Xender for laptop:

Xender Connection to Laptop / PC through Web
  1. Go to
  2. Now, in your mobile, select “connect to pc” option.
  3. You’ll see a QR code on your laptop’s screen and a square in your mobile when you click on connect to pc.
  4. Put the square in such a way that it fits that QR code perfectly.
  5. Now, your mobile and your laptop are connect and the files can be shared between them.

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